The park "Hermitage".

Garden "Hermitage" (see below photo) is a monument of landscape art.It is situated in the heart of Moscow.Residents of the capital appreciate this island green nature, situated among the noisy and polluted streets of households.There are walking young mothers with strollers, lovers meet and make couples promenade.

you choose your holiday destination park "Hermitage"?How to reach it?It should be borne in mind that it is located far away from the street and the number of Carriage metro stations "Chekhov" and "Pushkinskaya".

story of

park "Hermitage" was the first pleasure gardens in Moscow.It was opened in 1830 in the old days was located the garden is not at the current location, and Bozhedomka.The park "Hermitage" offered the services of their visitors coffee and pergolas, pavilions and theater.Peak of popularity he achieved in those years when it was owned by a well-known entrepreneur MikhailLentovsky.

In the past he was an actor of the Maly Theater.The garden is arranged skating on the pond

in boats, water fireworks, processions of military bands and other entertainment events.The park "Hermitage" came to rest not only all the inhabitants of Moscow, but also foreigners visiting the capital.

After Lentovsky ruined the place gradually fell into disrepair.Somewhat later, built up area of ​​the garden houses.

park "Hermitage" got its second birth in 1894, when the Moscow merchant YVShchukin was bought mansion, located in the coach number.Just over a year launched the territory into a blooming garden.On the vacant lot were broken flower beds, paved paths and planted trees and bushes.In the garden there was also a theater building.

Cultural events in the park "Hermitage" 05/26/1896, there was a significant event.This day is a public session held on the Lumiere Brothers movie.Two years later, the park was opened theater, whose leaders were V.Nemirovich-Danchenko and KSStanislavsky.10/26/1898 staged the premiere of the play called "King of Fyodor Ivanovich."At the same stage of the Moscow Art Theatre were played publicly such plays as "Uncle Vanya" and "The Seagull" APChekhov.

In the theater of the park "Hermitage" advocated by many celebrities.Among them, FIChaliapin and SVRachmaninoff, Anna Pavlova and Sarah Bernhardt, Ernesto Rossi and others.

«Hermitage" - the garden, which was built Shchukin saving construction, Mirror Theatre.In the future planned construction of a new building.He was supposed to be a winter theater for up to a thousand spectators.However, the implementation of plans prevented the First World War.

Soviet power

After the 1917 revolution park "Hermitage" was nationalized.Somewhat later, in the period of NEP, it passed into private rental.

In 1924, the building, located in the park "Hermitage", was given to the theater of the Moscow City Council of Trade Unions.Later, it was renamed the theater Mossovet.

War period

During the Soviet era park "Hermitage" was also one of the most popular places where they could relax the capital's residents.In the autumn of 1941 it was closed.Work park resumed in April next year.In 1943 production of the play was performed here.To do this, from evacuation to Moscow returned to the artists.Putting the theater was not heated.However, neither the audience nor the actors it does not stop.

postwar period

the summer of 1945 was reconstructed garden "Hermitage".In 1948, the park was built a summer concert hall.His stage performances were KIShulzhenko, AIRaikin, LIRuslanova.Here you can listen to the Orchestra LOUtesova.

In the fifties and sixties of the last century Muscovites to play chess, read, just take a walk and listen to performances of favorite artists, came to the garden "Hermitage".Cinema summer type was opened in the park in 1953. It soon became a popular place among Muscovites.A large number of people came to see the paintings exhibited in the open air.

about the popularity that enjoyed the park-garden "Hermitage", say the statistics.So, in 1957, the green area in the capital attended by 1.5 million people.On stage, the park played Kartcev R. and V.Vysotsky, foreign theatrical and musical groups.Mirror Theatre garden "Hermitage" was chosen as a place where the shooting took place on the first of the game "What?Where?When? ".In 1980, the theater passed theater of miniatures, the head of which was the AIRaikin.

Modern life garden

In the 1980s - 1990s, the park "Hermitage" survived the time of desolation.Fortunately, it has already passed.In 1991 the park was opened to guests theater "Novaya Opera".Work is theater "Hermitage" and "Sphere".By the 850th anniversary of Moscow park was renovated.Restoration work touched many historic buildings.

Garden "Hermitage" is now a wonderful place to relax.During the day you like to walk, young mothers with their babies.With neighboring households resorted sometimes students.On warm summer days directly on the garden paths or on the outdoor stage act unprofessional dancers studying the art of classical dance.

As the evening park "Hermitage" is the venue for various events.In summer it is presentations and exhibitions, concerts of stars from abroad, as well as the Jazz International Festival.In winter, the park operates a large ice rink.

available from the garden club and a nightclub tea culture, as well as several restaurants.

Theatre "Novaya Opera»

In the 21st century the park "Hermitage" has experienced a great shock.On its territory there was a fire.As a result of the fire has destroyed part of the historic buildings, which leased the club "Diaghilev".The rest of the garden continues prosperous life, he as before remains one of the favorite places of Muscovites.There may be happy to spend the whole day off.First, just take a walk, enjoy the flower show or dance with non-professional dancers at the summer open air, and a little later for lunch, visiting a restaurant, and to watch the spectacle.

To date, the "Hermitage" garden are three operating theater.One of them - "New Opera" - opened in a converted room.Previously located here Mirror Theatre.In 1997, for the "New Opera" new building was constructed.

Theater gained popularity immediately after opening.Thousands of spectators eager to get him to listen to classical works in innovative productions.The most famous of them - "Eugene Onegin", "Ruslan and Lyudmila", "La Traviata" and others.Productions, the first artistic director of the theater Yevgeny Kolobov, still are sold out.

know and love the theater far beyond the Russian capital.In recent years, he was awarded some very prestigious awards.They list the diploma "Star of the Week", established by the German newspaper «Abendzeitung», Russian opera prize «Casta Diva» and others.In addition, the theater became a member of the European Community Opera «Opera Europa».


This is another theater garden.Founded by Michael Levitin, has existed for decades."Hermitage" is valuable for theater that is performed on its stage production of the play created by the writers of the 1920s.

among them Nikolai Oleynikov and Yuri Olesha, Isaac Babel and Alexander Vvedensky.
Recently, on the stage of this theater show performances of Latin American authors.


This small, but at the same time unusual and very interesting theater in the park "Hermitage" designed for a mass audience.It was created in 1981 for the public is appealing his openness, for the audience in a small room, which is located in the middle of a scene often become participants passing plays.

Tea Club

Moscow park "Hermitage" offers visitors an unusual pastime.In the garden is a unique club, which presents a whole collection of elite varieties of Chinese tea, and gourmet utensils for tea ceremonies.

found in this club you can, and with the specialized literature.Visitors to places off their shoes and outer clothing, lying directly on the soft carpets in small cozy rooms.Only then begins tea ceremony, which takes place under the guidance of experts, which give new insights into the usual drink.

Walking through the garden

green corner in the heart of Moscow - the park "Hermitage" - welcomes its visitors a cozy and well-groomed territory.In the summer here working fountains.Across the park poplars and oaks, maples and lindens.Between trees lined walkway with benches set along them.Pleasing to the eye planted rose bushes, lilacs and honeysuckle.

In 2000, there were two avenues of the park sculptures.One of them was donated by the city of Paris.This bust of Victor Hugo.Its author - L. Markest.The second statue - a gift to the Italian government.This figure of Dante Alighieri.Author - R. Piras.In 2004, after the restoration of the garden was lit the first electric lights in Moscow, which was manufactured in 1880 at St. Catherine's factory.