Park "Fili".

Park "Fili" has a history that begins in the distant past.The unique landscape and the spectacular nature of the place always create creative atmosphere.

favorite place of Russian artists and writers

Where today a park "Fili", in the western part on the right bank of the Moscow River, on a promontory formed by two ravines, was the oldest in the capital earthen fortress.Here we walked writers Herzen, Karamzin, Tolstoy, Turgenev Ogarev, the composer Tchaikovsky.In this place I was giving P. Tretyakov - founder of the eponymous art gallery where many have lived for a long time well-known artists of the nineteenth century - Savrasov, Kramskoi, Perov.

Open Air Museum

Park "Fili" - is not only a historical place where there is peace, but also the unique plants, animals and ancient manor and a great range of entertainment, including outdoor activities.It is not for nothing called a separate state in Moscow.


Older Muscovites park "Fili" map which shows the most detail on its officia

l website, offers to visit a club called "Silver Age".There are daily musical evenings, workshops in historical dance, computer-based lessons, yoga and gymnastics, as well as meetings with interesting people for this generation.

children and young people, as well as those who love the adrenaline, is especially popular hanging rope attraction "Panda."Park "Fili" - one of the few places in Russia where fans of extreme hover above the ground on the ropes at a height of twenty meters.Rope adventure complex "Panda" is perfect for the competition.It consists of five routes with a total length of nearly six hundred meters.At the highest route in Russia - climbing wall - the average time of the two and a half hours.

Here acts and "mega-city".This so-called children's park "Fili" - a playground, there is also a tubing-track, zorbing and 5D-cinema.

come here and many outdoor enthusiasts.It is for this all conditions: yoga, Nordic walking, bicycle rentals and skates in the summer and skis in the winter.

The Art Studio, "Shary" organized leisure for all those who are already tired
sitting before a computer.Here you can come and alone, and the whole family, including children.

dance lessons, drawing, marathons, yoga, jogging - all of this distracts from technological progress.And recently opened a school here where train these Jedi.Studio saberfaytinga gaining wishing to different age groups.Classes in all studios are free of charge.

In the central part of the park there are attractions and sites.In many cafes you can eat or drink a cup of espresso.On the territory there are also equipped beach with boat station.Everywhere grow limes and pine, oak and birch, elm and even.

the park outdoor cinema showing the best Russian and foreign films.

With pier on the boat every day you can drive on a circular route from the park "Fili" by Mnevniki and Western Port to the bridge "Bagration" and the Moscow City and back.

For animal lovers

The park "Fili" there is a real stable.Anyone who loves riding, can not only pogartsevat them, but take care to please and take care of it.

In addition, it has a mini zoo with pets is possible even up close and personal.Park "Fili" one of the first organized movement under the slogan "Feed the squirrel!".Since these animals can not be fed roasted salted nuts or seeds in the many cafes and stalls selling on the territory of special food.

Ā«cursed placeĀ»

One of the attractions of the park is Kuntsevskaya settlement - one of the oldest fortified settlements found on the territory of Moscow.Excellent preserved its ramparts and moat.During the excavations were found not only traces of the stockade and the remains of various buildings, including residential, but also earlier findings relating to the further Dyakovo culture.

on the territory of the settlement, called "cursed place", archaeologists have found metal ornaments, tools for casting, as well as bone artifacts.In the eleventh-thirteenth centuries, the area was inhabited by Slavs vyatichi what they say and preserved until today mounds.Later, from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries, it is operated Protection of the Virgin church.However, in the early seventeenth century the settlement was ruined as a result of the Polish invasion.

Manor Naryshkin

current park "Fili" in the middle of the seventeenth century was safeguarded hunting ground of sovereign Alexey Mikhailovich.In the late eighties Peter conveys the land to his uncle.As many as one hundred seventy five years Naryshkin clan owned them.

Here is the famous estate of this famous family, whose last owner was K. Soldatenkov - rich publisher.Over the years it visited Alexis and Empress Catherine II, who came here even the Prussian King Frederick William III.

Park "Fili": how to get

It is a place where many Muscovites are happy to come to relax, located in the Western district.You can reach it by metro.From the station "Fili" to him only ten minutes walk on the street Novozavodskiy from "Bagrationovsk" - only a quarter of an hour.

Nature Park "Fili" is considered the largest array of broad-leaved forests in the western part of the existing capital.There are perfectly preserved rich flora and fauna.In the park are growing centenarian linden sesquicentennial oaks and maple and birch stands.From these places in the sprawling pine forests still preserved the old-timers, whose age has passed for one hundred and thirty years.There are also a
year old elm.Well preserved apple orchard.In addition, in the park are abundant and "outlandish" plants, more than one hundred twenty species of mosses and ninety species of birds and animals.

Park today

Park "Fili", photos of which can be seen on the official site until 1964 was the environmental reserve.And here after work began on the creation of a national cultural, historical and natural landscapes.Up until the seventies of the last century in its territory even met moose, and many Muscovites specially came here to collect the mushrooms, of which there were very many.But in 1978, the park was declared a monument of garden and park art.

In the year marking the fiftieth anniversary of Moscow in eight place of the old fort discovered historical and ethnographic center, named "City of Masters".

Today the park "Fili" completely transformed.Seedlings of the rarest trees and shrubs pleasing to the eye.Every year breaking new beds or lawns, open children's playground and fitness equipment are added.Constantly being improved as the forest paths and destinations.

Infrastructure park "Fili" organized so that visitors choose activities for every taste: from passive contemplation of nature and the environment to the active rest.

This allows Muscovites and visitors to get rid of everyday stress and get away from the everyday hustle and bustle.Many find new friends here, engaged in a favorite hobby, feeling all the beauty of the park.