Gorky Park, Kharkiv.

Where to spend a free evening?How to entertain children?Or maybe you want to go to the theater or a good tickle the rides?It invites you to the largest entertainment center - Gorky Park.Kharkiv is rightly called a green city, however, the biggest area of ​​nature is considered Gorky complex.

little history

its history, this entertainment center starts back in 1893.Then, the first trees were planted, and they became the foundation of the future park area.In the 19th century the square was named Nicholas, he was not in the city.The grand opening of the park made in 1907, by now small trees turned into a majestic plant, which formed the corner of nature.

idea of ​​creating a green complex belonged to the citizens - they wanted to equip the area where you could rest comfortably.Together, the authorities and local residents were planted about 98 hectares of forest plantations.Long alley separated the plants came together in a single center, which had the appearance of a circular platform at the entran

ce to the park.Subsequently, the complex was named in honor of the writer Maxim Gorky.

Fate favorite park

Locals love their park and awe belong to history.He became the symbol of the victory of the people over the troubles and tribulations of different times.The complex survived the Great Patriotic War, although most of the buildings were destroyed.But citizens have not thrown a favorite vacation spot: the volunteers and local authorities jointly restored and renovated Gorky Park.Kharkiv has always been famous selfless people, who created the wonderful monuments of nature.At the entrance colonnade was built, which is engineered E. Sviatchenko and A. Krynkin.At the end of the central alley built a large beautiful fountain.Construction granted guests cool in the hot summer days.Nowadays, the park is thriving and takes every day thousands of tourists and locals.The complex is completely changed its look: a modern entertainment center has become a real "Disneyland" in Kharkov!

new life modern complex

miraculous metamorphosis that has undergone a green corner of nature, embodied in the life of city Mayor G. Kernes.The modern metropolis of entertainment for adults and children - such was the Gorky Park.Kharkov seen as a center of concentration of the most ambitious entertainment: in 2012 opened a new park, which is surprising in its scale.The basic idea was to create a measure of the center of family type, where every visitor will find entertainment for the soul.Now, in the park in more than 40 different attractions.By the usual entertainment Add completely new device that will stimulate your mind young and older visitors.

fleet renewal project were developed and experts from abroad, and all the new attractions are made in Canada, Italy, France and Germany.

Zoning Park

Nowadays area of ​​the park is divided into functional areas with different themes:

  • Children.
  • Extreme.
  • Retrozona.
  • Medieval.
  • French.

This division was coined to people of all ages were able to find entertainment to taste.For example, it equipped with a special retrozona covered overpass, where a daily evening cheerful atmosphere reigns in the creation of which is not the last role played by live music.It is a favorite vacation spot of retirees who like to remember the old days.But the French zone is suitable for young mothers with baby carriages: it is very quiet, a French carousel, and a pleasant smell of fresh croissants lures and attracts visitors here.

What else can offer Gorky Park (Kharkiv)?Pretty interesting extreme zone.It is a popular place for young people, where there are fans of extreme sports.Medieval area is ideal for family holidays: interesting attractions, small cafes, entertainment for all tastes.Kids Zone designed specifically for little fidgets who want to go to a variety of roundabouts, to conquer the heights.

small "city»

Gorky Park (Kharkiv), a photo which you can see on our pages, turned into an isolated town, where a party atmosphere.Successful infrastructure turned the complex into a cozy place that abounds in cafes and other sitting areas.You are invited to: bike rental, fotokomnaty, shooting ranges, tents with cotton candy and popcorn present.In the alleys of the little shuttle trains, cars rushing past.Flower beds and beautiful fountains immersed man in the fairy atmosphere of peace and pleasure.Bronze sculptures are reminiscent of fairy tales characters, who are ready to come to life at any moment.Getting to this place, man forgets that he is in the heart of the metropolis.

For movie lovers

addition to all kinds of entertainment and grand attractions in the entertainment complex has an excellent cinema.Kharkiv (Gorky Park in particular) invites movie lovers enjoy the best films.Comfortable, the most popular paintings, low prices, modern rooms will not leave anyone indifferent.DOLBY SURROUND system provides surround sound and sharp images, allowing to plunge into the wonderful atmosphere of the movie.

Also in the cinema, you can comfortably spend time at the bar or in the cozy little cafe.In 2011, the hall was opened 3D.

Amusement Park Gorky, Kharkov

This wonderful entertainment complex is known throughout Ukraine.Want to get in at the local "Disneyland"?Go to Gorky Park. Kharkiv able to surprise their guests the most spectacular attractions.For example, the popular Ferris wheel is 55 meters high - this is the biggest "Ferris wheel" in Ukraine.When you are at the maximum height, you will open stunning views of the city.One gets the feeling that you are hovering in the air.Suitable for extreme roller coaster - trailers rising to a height of 20 m and falling down at a speed of 60 km / h!Its length is 400 m.

What about entertainment that will make nervous even daredevils?This is an attraction called "Catapult".Kharkiv (Gorky Park) has prepared for you a real surprise: a person is placed in a safe cabin, and a mechanism for throwing such a device, like a cannon.Impressions weight, and the adrenaline just rolls over.

only daredevils

park features unique attractions that evoke strong emotions in its visitors.Here are the most popular:

  • «Crazy bench" - an attraction for those who want to soar into the heavens.The platform is equipped with benches, fixtures, she soars high and at high speed starts to rotate in different directions.
  • «Air flight Rise" - perhaps the most spectacular ride around the park.Small planes are rotated around the axis at a speed of 6 rpm!Additionally, the mini-board rotates for 360 degrees in the vertical plane.Ready to experience overload to 3G?This attraction exists only in New York.
  • Carousel chained "Arabia" - is the only entertainment for the brave.You pick up on dizzy height - 28 m. You can not only enjoy the sensation of flight, but also beautiful views of the park.
  • «Salto" - and this requires a special entertainment exposure.Two gondolas rotate at a tremendous speed of 360 degrees, you take off on 18 meters and see how heaven and earth to change places.
  • «Tower fall."If you are ready to rise to 40 meters, and then quickly fly towards the ground, be sure to visit this attraction.But remember feeling very strong, they are not suitable for people nervous.

House of Horrors

pride of the entertainment center is a modern room of fear.This is one of the attractions that once enjoyed great popularity.During Soviet times, there was also a sort of a prototype - a room of laughter.Unfortunately, these attractions, there are fewer and fewer.Remember the old times will help Panic Room (Gorky Park). Kharkiv became one of the few cities, in which the complex is not inferior to the equipment of the best European standards."House of Horrors" - is an attraction that is in the form of an old abandoned mansion, where you can meet the most terrible monsters.Legend: In the old days this estate owned by Professor A. Kozlov, who practiced black magic.But during their experiment, the scientists made a mistake ... and disappeared without a trace.A mansion took over the dark forces, ghosts, and even zombies.So if you are going to visit the room of fear, be prepared for a scary adventure and chilling encounters with the fairy-tale characters.

How to get to the park

If you want to see this wonderful complex with his own eyes, head to the charming Kharkov, Gorky Park.How to get to this place?Several options:

  • metro station "University".From Freedom Square runs a trolley bus number 2 and №№ 78, 65, 296, 202, 78. Stop "Gorky Park".
  • Railway Station: Tram number 12 or the metro station "South Station" to the station "University".
  • central bus station.From the metro station "Prospect Gagarina" reach "Soviet" Stop "Constitution Square" take bus №№ 202 or 78.
  • International Airport.Hop on a bus on the route № 119.

Dear tourists, if you are going to have fun and how to relax - be sure to visit Gorky Park (Kharkiv).Photos grand complex presented in the article show a variety of entertainment offered.Here, everyone will find something unusual and exciting.Great holiday in a beautiful location in immersing you into a pleasant holiday atmosphere.You will love this corner of nature and always want to come back.