In Europe, by car.

Today, more of our fellow citizens decide on their own to go to Europe by car.At first glance, it seems that it is quite simple: take a vacation, I loaded the trunk - and forward, toward adventure.In fact, such a journey requires serious preparation.So, you must take care not only about the presence of your documents as may be required abroad, but also to check the serviceability of your car, as well as to elaborate the route.So, today we offer a detailed look into how to go to independent travel to Europe on their own cars.To do this, we consider the main points which should be paid special attention when planning a trip.

Develop route: by car through Europe

First of all, you need to consider the approximate travel plans, and then to elaborate all its parts.Of course, in this case, everyone is free to follow their own preferences and financial capabilities.However, we give the main recommendations.First of all, we should not lay too long in your travel route: the car ride to Europe, though nice,

but very tiring.As a result, wanting to reach more cities and countries for the holidays, you will be very tired, so that will have to spend more time on vacation than for walks and sightseeing.In addition, planning the time you spend on the road, be sure to consider stopping for a snack, and so on. D.


planning a journey by car through Europe, it is desirable to use the service "Google Maps" or the navigator towhich you can create a route in accordance with certain input parameters (for example, excluding toll roads).If your vehicle does not have a full-time GPS, we recommend that you purchase it, the more that the price of these devices is now publicly available.And when you find yourself in a completely unfamiliar country where people speak a language you do not understand, this little device can be your real lifesaver.After all, he will not only show you the way, warn about the permissible speed mode, but also inform about the nearest gas stations, ATMs and cafes.On paper maps is better not to count, but to throw a couple in the glove compartment, just in case you can.

Book hotels

Going to Europe by car, you should take care to reserve rooms in the hotels where you stop on your journey.For the selection and reservation of suitable hotels is very convenient to use popular sites.Please note, you will charge the hotel you like payment in advance.After all, when applying for a Schengen visa Embassy will likely require you to confirm one hundred percent pre-payment of hotel rooms for the duration of your trip.Also try to find out whether at the hotel where you will be staying, a private parking lot.Do not worry, even if it is paid.On arrival, it is desirable to park your car at the hotel and go for sightseeing on foot, by public transport or taxi.The ride to the city center on your own car makes sense only if you are sure that you can find a parking space.The fact is that the situation with parking in all more or less large and popular tourist cities of the European situation is pretty bad.Besides, it is fun is not cheap.If you can not find a parking lot and leave the car in the wrong place, then rest assured that you will impose considerable fines, and possibly even the iron horse will be transferred to the car pound.

to Europe by car: documents

Once you have developed a plan for a trip, book hotels and got the visa for all participants of the trip, it is worth remembering, and other necessary documents.So, going to Europe by car, be sure to bring a passport with a valid visa, health insurance (is it inexpensive, but in an emergency will save you a tidy sum, for health services in the European countries is not cheap), the international car insurance (Green Card), vehicle documents (registration certificate and, if necessary certified power of attorney), driver's license.

In addition, it is desirable to have a printed confirmation of reservation, a copy of the pages of my passport with a visa affixed, international driver's license.Next offer elaborate on the insurance on the vehicle and an international permit, as these issues often cause a lot of questions from people planning to go to Europe by car.

International insurance for the vehicle

Most of this insurance is known by its English name - Green Card."Green Card" is a kind of analogue of the familiar to us insurance in force in the territory of all European countries (with a few exceptions).This policy insures the civil liability of the driver.Thus, the payment of it getting hurt in a traffic accident the party in accordance with the law of the State where the accident occurred.

As for the cost of "green card", it is the same in all insurance companies and regulated by the Ministry of Finance.On the cost of the policy is influenced by three factors: its duration (minimum - 15 days, the maximum - 12 months), the vehicle type and area of ​​use.On average, "Green Card" for 15 days will cost you fifteen thousand rubles.

International Driving Permit

Many travelers believe that they require the international rights for the trip to Europe.This term refers to an international driving license (or IDP), which is a translation of a national driver's license and confirming your right to drive a given category.In Russia, the IDP has the right to issue a traffic police.Keep in mind that the international driving license is valid only in tandem with national law.

fair to say that traveling by car in Europe in most cases does not require the driver of IDPs.It is enough to have a national driver's license.However, in countries that have signed only the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic, adopted in 1949, and since you are now able to request international law.In Europe, these countries are Albania, Ireland, Andorra, Iceland, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey and the Netherlands.Of course, the requirement of an IDP in most cases, is a purely formal one, and local police rarely punishing foreign drivers for the absence of this document.However, in order not to experience once again and protect themselves from potential problems, it is better to spend a little time and get international law.Especially since it takes only 20 minutes (in Moscow) and will cost an average of one thousand rubles.

Prepare your car for a long journey

I want to say that if the agenda is a trip to the car in Europe, the question of training your iron horse should be one of the primary.Be sure to remember what you wanted podremontirovat in his car and everything postponed.Also check that the plan should be carried out following THEN.And if it is to little time, it is better to do it in advance.Whatever it was, the diagnosis is not superfluous, because not all car problems can be detected by external examination.

After you make sure your iron horse is completely technically sound, and that a trip to Europe in a car will not end in one of the service, you can start slowly complement it with all necessary.For example, to enter the territory of the European Union in your car kit is to be a European-style, warning triangle, fire extinguisher and reflective vest.Moreover, these articles are not only necessary in emergency situations.Their presence can also check and police the border.

We dealt with the necessary items.Now let's talk about the optional but highly desirable things that you need to have with them, going on a long journey by car.So, do not interfere to put in the trunk of a compressor for tire inflation.Also check the condition of the spare tire, or your "dokatka."If you are planning a trip in the autumn and winter, keep in mind that the use of studded tires in Europe is prohibited.

Do not miss the sight and tow rope.Of course, in which case you can use the tow truck, but often much easier to tow the car stalled, especially if you go on a journey by several cars.It is desirable to capture all the vital fluid for your car on topping.After all, in which case it can help you get to the nearest service, and perhaps to Russia that seriously save repair costs.In addition, bring a set of basic tools: pliers, wrenches and screwdrivers.Also superfluous are plastic clips, tape and electrical tape.All of these items do not take up much space in the trunk, but in some situations it may be literally irreplaceable.

Crossing the border

So, any trip to Europe starts at the border crossing.As the price of gasoline abroad is quite high, it is recommended to fill a full tank even in the CIS.On the border with the European Union you can record the number of liters in the tank, but worry about it not worth it, and the money in the form of fees for it with you, no one will.

When dealing with border guards and customs behave correctly and politely.Follow all the requests coming from their side.For example, they may ask you to open the trunk, hood or show the contents of the bags.Surely border guards asked about the purpose of your trip.It is not necessary to invent some stories, answer as is.

If your vehicle toned front windows, keep in mind that this can cause problems at the border.The fact that in Europe, such tinting is prohibited.It can reach up to what you are asked to remove the film that can be quite difficult, especially in winter.However, even if you successfully will enter the EU territory with toned glass, you should not deceive ourselves and think that all the problems behind.After all, you can easily stop the first available police.And in this case, not only will you have to get rid of toning, but also a pretty decent pay a fine.

By European roads

So, you have successfully overcome all the formalities, and your iron horse frisky wind the first kilometers on the roads of the European Union.But relax, and there should not be.First of all, it is recommended immediately pay tolls on motorways.In Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria you need to buy a sticker to be attached to the windshield.It will mean that you pay the fare on the Autobahn.Sticker Price may vary depending on the country, but on average it will cost about 15 euros.

now to ride for cars in Europe has brought you only positive emotions, it can only carefully observe all traffic regulations.Before entering into each country outside the EU, you will see an information board indicating the speed limit for the city, country roads and motorways.It is important to remember these numbers and do not exceed them.After speeding even a few kilometers per hour can result in a minimum fine of 30 euros.For more serious violations of the fine can be several hundred or even thousands of euros!And to avoid punishment is unlikely, since all roads has modern equipment videofiksatsii.If you are stopped by the police, do not even try to give him a bribe.Not only did he not take the money, so more and can bring you to justice for attempting to bribe an official.

However, making a journey by car across Europe and focusing on compliance with speed limits on European roads, we should not forget about other traffic rules.So, very carefully watch for signs, traffic signals and markings.By the way, the latter is applied in most cases very well and can not not confuse, but rather to help the driver correctly cross the junction or intersection.Of course, as a rule, the first kilometers on the roads of Europe, accompanied by a slight stress our drivers.Gradually, however, you get the hang of a very surprised manner of driving of our compatriots upon returning home.

cost of travel by car

It would be naive to assume that tourist trips to Europe by car is much cheaper than when traveling by plane.Therefore, the expenditure part is an important point in planning your vacation.We offer a brief to find out how much it can do the same trip to Europe on their own "iron horse" and which articles of consumption should include your budget.

  1. costs registration of necessary documents for the driver and the car.This item includes the purchase of "green card" and, if necessary, registration of IDPs.It will cost about 2500 rubles.
  2. costs for health insurance and a Schengen visa.The average clearance of these documents will cost 4000 rubles per person.
  3. preparation costs for the road car.It all depends on the brand of your car and its condition.Also in this point we will include the acquisition of the navigator.So, a good device with preloaded maps of Europe will cost about 8000 rubles.
  4. costs for gasoline, you can calculate just having the final plan for the trip.On average, if you go on the route Moscow - Warsaw - Berlin - Brussels - Paris, you have to spend about 18 thousand rubles.Do not forget to put in the budget for the purchase of fuel for the return journey.
  5. costs of toll roads and parking lots.It will all depend entirely on the country where you make your way, as well as on whether you plan to leave the car in the parking lot of the hotel and walk around the city on foot, or anywhere you want to move on his "iron horse."
  6. Spending on accommodation, food and entertainment.Here, everything is purely individual.After all, someone is not against stay in cheap hotels away from the center, but someone will certainly need 4- and 5-star hotels in the heart of the city.The same goes for food with entertainment.