Feldman Zoo in Kharkov: photos, reviews, how to get to the zoo

Many people think that the animals - this is the most lovely creatures on earth.On the other hand, they show themselves as smart, savvy, clever and active organisms.That is why some species can even learn.Like it or not, the animal world is very interesting and unpredictable.It is obvious that we, the people, want to know more about such unusual wildlife.And, fortunately, every person has the opportunity to see some beautiful mammals by visiting, for example, the zoo Feldman in Kharkov.On it will be discussed in this article.

Free Zoo Feldman

Under the wonderful city of Kharkov (near Alexeevka) is no less than amazing zoo, which would be a godsend for young children and their parents.This is a great place to relax with family and friends.Although unique park was founded relatively recently and has the status of "young", it housed the brightest representatives of wildlife.Zoo Feldman, there are only two years, but managed to conquer the hearts of thousands, as it contains the most lovely, beautiful a

nd fascinating animals.

Features Park

wonderful place open to the public from 10.00 to 19.00.The uniqueness of the park lies in the fact that the entrance is absolutely free, which is very tempting for different categories of the population.But the park is still set their own rules, one of which is the prohibition on travel on bikes, cars and other vehicles.It is not surprising, but the desire to see the exotic animals occurs most often on the weekends.Therefore, if possible, it is best to visit the zoo on a weekday.Then the tourists can enjoy the company of animals and walk in a quiet environment.

How to get there?

heard about such an interesting place, wants to know how to get to the zoo Feldman.We offer several options.The first - take a taxi, as a result on the road in two directions (ie, back and forth) required 60 USD.The second option - to get yourself a bike.It takes a little more time, but the trip will turn out richer and more interesting.Of course, there is another way - to walk, but few dare to walk 2 km long.

Note that the park is forbidden to smoke, to conduct a photo shoot and to call on the various modes of transport.Near the establishment is equipped with spacious secured parking.

cozy town

Zoo Feldman considered the biggest in the territory of Kharkiv.Despite this, it is beautifully decorated.In general, it is a paradise for children.Small ponds, interesting sites, fabulous statues and more lead to the delight of kids.And, of course, the inhabitants themselves are truly beautiful.Guide zoo takes good care of them, so the animals feel at home.

Children and their parents will love the park of stones, where the bear, and around him - mushrooms with snails.In addition to holiday destinations, are also located on the territory of washbasins, comfortable pavilions, rides for little pranksters, table football, trampolines and slides.The children can also find cartoon characters, authentic Lama, rock garden, Russian stove, and much more.It is quite natural that every child wants to go to a place like this, and when his wish will be granted, the impressions will last for a whole month in advance.In this case, parents have the obvious question: "How to get to the zoo Feldman?ยป

detailed itinerary

Feldman in the zoo can be reached by a special bus which runs every hour, starting at 9:30 am.The most interesting is that it is totally free transport, which gives the founders of the park to its guests.Those who are satisfied with this way of traveling, you need to look for the route number 1656 (Forest AC - Ecopark Feldman).

If a tourist decided to get to your destination on a bicycle, he should follow this route Alekseevka - Lesopark- grave soldier - Pyatikhatki - Golf Club -Belgorodskoe highway - Zoo Feldman.How to get to the destination by car?Tell on.

tourists who decided to go on your own car, you must use the following route.The course must be kept on Alexis market.Roughly drive through the district toward Saltovka.The driver must pass the Belgorod route and exactly 300 meters turn left.After 200 meters you will see the former summer camp.

the average tourist would take 40 minutes to get to the park.If the driver has a navigator, then the task will be simplified in several times, but should be aware that the zoo is located on the site of the former camp "Sunny Meadow".So do not get lost if the system is to indicate the route of the former children's entertainment facilities.

Animals Zoo

course, tourists are interested in the zoo Feldman (Kharkiv), how to get there, what animals live there and so on.In addition, some visitors, it is important to see something unusual, otherwise the trip is considered to be a waste of time.Let us dwell on the inhabitants of the zoo.

Arriving at the park Feldman, tourists can see the most powerful and the king of animals - tigers.For them are equipped with spacious open-air cages and the animals feel fine.If you walk a little further, visitors will be welcomed friendly rabbits and lemurs.A feature of the zoo is the fact that many animals you can hand-feed.The cells are easy to open (only with a resolution of the employee), and wild goat or small ponies gladly regale goodies from tourists.The park has recently appeared Young raccoons can also be found exotic parrots, platypus, unusual pigeons, cute monkeys.

In general, the zoo - one of the best places to entertain children, but many adults as wild animals are a delight.It is recommended to visit the island of nature, both independently and with the kids to hang out with our smaller brethren.