Mari El sea eye.

its crystal clear and beautiful lakes have long been famous for the Republic of Mari El.Sea eye (one of the many lakes in the country) it is considered to be the pearl.

Mari El Republic

Republic was established in 1920.It is located in the eastern part of European Russia.As its neighbors is the republic of Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Kirov and Nizhny Novgorod region.Capital - the city of Yoshkar-Ola.

Mari El has always attracted tourists the beauty of its landscape.On the territory of the republic there are more than 200 lakes.They are all different in size - from small to large and majestic.The origin of the lakes is also different.Some of them are shrouded in a veil of mysterious legends and ancient traditions.Each of the lakes has those or other useful properties.One of the most attractive tourist - Marine Eye.


Lake The lake is located in the coniferous forest near the city of Volzhsk (Mari El).Tourists are best to stay in the village Shariboksad.From the lake you can walk (about 200

meters).On the territory of the lake there is a guest house, sauna and cafe.


lake Sea eye - a relatively small lake.Its area is 2000 square meters (40 by 50 meters).In the deepest part of the water column up to 50 meters.It feeds on Sea Eye underground sources and atmospheric deposition.The lake is characterized by the unusual color of the water: it has a greenish tint.In general, transparency of the water is high.The bottom can be seen up to a depth of 6 meters.From the lake follows the creek.The quality of water in it, as in the lake, is very high.Therefore, the locals use it as in the household and for food.The water temperature is low, but you can take a dip.Many tourists say that a dip in the lake, do not feel cold, but on the contrary, the body quickly warmed.The Republic of Mary El in this regard pleases tourists: here is where to swim.

As for the bottom of the lake, it is covered with tree trunks (mostly spruce and fir), which slipped from the slopes of the mountains.Water on the bottom opaque.Scuba divers cave was discovered under water on a hillside near the lake.On this mountain drain into the lake are many streams that meander fancy ribbons and glitter in the sun, creating a spectacle voskhititelnoe.

Sea Eye is located in a cool place, in the shadow of the dense spruce and fir.Because of the relatively low temperature and a small amount of sunlight shore of the lake is not full of various plants.Here you can find lichens, mosses, fungi, arrowhead and the like shade-loving plants.In the water, a lot of inhabitants: first of all the plankton and fish (perch, carp, roach, pike, tench).

meaning of the name

Like many other lakes Mari El sea eye is called in the local language - Mushyl, which means "valley", "failure".

Why in Russian it is called the Eye of the Sea?If you look at a lake with mountains Sharinskoy, it really looks like a giant green eye with fluffy eyelashes, which performs the role of pine, spruce and fir.

Origin Lake

According to scientists, it was formed on the site of the failure of karst.The failure of this relatively young - 20 thousand years (the Ice Age).Next to that there is a high failure ledge (it reaches a height of 90 meters).Just at the foot lake Sea eye most deeply.

Legends of Lake

As noted above, on the lakes blshinstve many legends people of the Republic of Mari El.Sea Eye is no exception.

first legend says that once there was a hill, and it was located on the village.In that village lived man and woman, passionately in love with each other.But on the eve of their wedding wise woman told them that they are brother and sister.Young grieve, but love was stronger.Played wedding.Spirits were angry with the people of the village and flooded it.There was thunder, rain poured, and all the houses disappeared under the water.And a lake Mushyl (as nyzyvayut its locals).

According to the second legend, once there drove wedding carriage.The bride from a neighboring district took to wife a local girl.Laughing people do not notice how the earth has failed on their way.Together they went down.And now at night you can hear the wedding songs are quiet, there was straight out of the water column.

third legend tells that once the local people (peasants) found in the lake remains of ancient sea ship.Supposedly there was the sea in ancient times.Therefore, at the bottom of the lake water is salty sea.

fourth legend is also associated with the wedding ceremony.It is said that at the site of the lake was once a powerful and dense pine forest.In the forest beat spring with pure spring water.And often the travelers walking along a forest road, stopped here to drink the water, rest.And the thick branches of the forest served as a good hiding place for robbers.And once this road traveled coach with the bride and her dowry, and escorted motorcade known in those parts sorcerer.But pirates are not afraid of his murdered bride and took away the treasures.Then they cursed sorcerer.And failed land in this place and filled with water.A sorcerer was left to guard the local places.They say that at night you can see his silhouette in the place where escape from the ledge into the lake creeks.

How to get to the lake?

By car should drive along the route Yoshkar-Ola - Kazan.On reaching the village Pomar, turn the village Sotnur.Already there are signs placed to the lake Sea eye.Follow to the village Shariboksad.

What else can you see in the republic of Mari El?

In order to have a good rest in this country and see many interesting places, need three things: a car, a map of Mari El and a good mood.There really is something to see.All areas of the Republic of Mari El are interesting in their own way.In total they number 14. There is a move on the route Yoshkar-Ola - Kazan in the lake Sea eye, then cross the city district of Yoshkar-Ola, Zvenigovsky District Volzhsky directly.

Yalchik lake and park "Mari Chodra"

At a distance of 75 kilometers from the capital of the Republic in the national park "Mari Chodra" it has the largest lake.Beach is well equipped with all the items needed for a holiday: places for tents, tables, benches, platforms for campfires.Yalchik is a favorite vacation spot of inhabitants of the Republic of Mari El and Tatarstan.Here you can get in boarding houses and sanatoriums (sanatorium "Maple Mountain", health complex "Yalchik").

Generally, motels Mari El are renowned for their treatments.In addition, even the local curative air.The lake is surrounded by pine trees, through which the air is particularly pure.

The park "Mari Chodra" tourists can admire an old oak tree, named after Pugachev.Its height is 26 meters, diameter - 160 centimeters.Grabbed his can only 5-6 people holding hands.The approximate age of the plant - 500 years.According to legend, it was around this oak stayed Emelyan Pugachev with his army on the night before the final assault on Kazan, and from its top, he looked at the raging Posada Kazan.

Another interesting place in the park - Valley Semiozerka.It is a place where there are seven karst lakes, connected by an isthmus.In the center of the valley - a hill, from which diverge once 4 lakes.In Semiozerke there are several parking places for recreation.

village of Paraty New

in the village do Pomar turn left and follow the signs for the new formulations.It is very scenic expanse.There are also quite old Church of St. Demetrius, built in 1861.Stone building looks fascinating.On a hill in the village of Novye Paraty clearly visible expanses of the Volga region.

Azyalsky temple

traces of settlement on the way yavlyatsya car.Already at the entrance to the village is seen Azyalskogo domes of the temple.There is a beautiful river flows Pizhanka.After crossing it over the bridge, we get to the village Azyal.Azyalsky temple of the Holy Gury famous for its mineral springs: the source of the Smolensk Mother of God and St. Seraphim of Sarov.Infertile women with a dip in the water and raise yourself on the lime hill leading to the temple soon to give birth to children.Here comes a lot of pilgrims from all over the country, so the road is pretty crowded with cars and pedestrians.

descended from the Church of St. Guria through villages and Petyaly Yaromor, get into Sotnur.And here is a short step to one of the most beautiful lakes in the Republic of Mari El (Sea Eye).

hotels near lake Sea eye

For those who prefer organized holiday, the locals offer a range of quality hotels.This country club "Manor" hotel "Ak Bars" and a holiday home "Deep Lake".