"The Baltic Coast" (spa): leisure, reviews, prices and the official website

«Baltic Coast" - resort, which is very popular.It attracts people from all parts of the country, and visitors from neighboring countries also prefer to take a course of improvement here.This health resort can offer not only superb accommodation and quality therapy, but also a lot of fun and pleasant experience.

«Baltic Coast" (spa): location

course, tourists are primarily interested in questions of where is also the wellness center.It is located in the famous spa town - Zelenogorsk.It is an incredibly beautiful place with beautiful nature, because the health center was built at the Gulf of Finland, in the territory of the forest areas in the Karelian Isthmus.

course, now very popular health resorts of the Leningrad region."The Baltic Coast" - one of the most colorful and comfortable resorts.Yes, and here it is relatively easy to get, because the distance to St. Petersburg is 56 kilometers.By Zelenogorsk constantly ply the train and from the city to the sanatorium you can get one of the taxis.

Short description resorts

Not everyone knows that the sanatorium "Baltic Coast" first opened its doors to tourists in 1980.Of course, since the health center has undergone a lot of changes, as there have always tried to keep up with the times.For example, not so long ago, in 2008, there was a complete reconstruction, in order to ensure decent treatment for holidaymakers and comfortable accommodation.

resort is a large building with 14 floors - it is there to stay rooms are located, dining rooms, treatment rooms, rooms for entertainment, and so on. D. Naturally, the health center has a well thought-out infrastructure.But for travelers with their own transport there is ample parking with a modern security system.The very same resort area is also well decorated and bright flower beds.

What diseases are treated in the sanatorium?

Actually sanatorium "Baltic Coast" is a wide-institution that deals with the treatment of completely different diseases.For a start it is worth noting that the spa therapy, depending on the program, can last from 7 to 21 days.What is included in the tour cost?

The resort has an impressive diagnostic center.So to start a patient on a full inspection is sent, after which the doctor defines a treatment program (which includes at least four types of treatments) and selects an appropriate diet.

carried out on the territory of the sanatorium treatment of diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, heart and blood vessels, nervous and cardiovascular systems.In addition, there are special relaxation and anti-stress programs.Televisions and special regimen for the correction.

proposed treatments

What therapies offers resort "Baltic Coast"?Official site places (www.baltbereg.info) states that the territory of the sanatorium held different procedures.

Of course, one of the most popular methods is the mud.In addition, it used various methods of physical therapy.Patients also recommend a massage, both manual and underwater.

to the list of services include dry carbon dioxide baths, ozokeritotherapy and various termoprotsedury, including cryosauna.There are also infrared cabins and spa capsule.In addition, the health resort offers a variety of methods of laser therapy, mud baths and invigorating showers and inhalation.If necessary, patients recorded on a monitoring purgation.Also regular classes and aqua aerobics and physical therapy that simply must be in some diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

On the territory there are upscale beauty parlors.Proposed and herbal medicine, and treatment in this case is individually.Aromatherapy and other relaxing treatments.

Conditions for patients

As mentioned above, the health center has at its disposal a large fourteen-storey building in which the rooms are located."The Baltic Coast" - health resort that can fit as many as four vacationers.Patients are asked to check in single- or double rooms with a high level of comfort.

Each room is designed for accommodation for two adults.Naturally, in-room furniture set, including new beds with comfortable mattresses, coffee tables, bedside tables and a mirror.In addition, the room is equipped with necessary equipment.For example, you can always relax watching TV.There is also an electric kettle and set of dishes.There is also a built-in refrigerator.

bathroom has new fixtures intact.There is a spacious shower, sink, wall mirror and shelves, as well as a toilet.

It should be noted that the rooms are always in excellent purity as well as cleaning and changing of towels are carried out every day.Linen change also occurs frequently.

Power scheme

Immediately it is worth noting that the sanatorium "Baltic Coast" (pictured) offers nutritious food.For the convenience of tourists on its territory are working just three spacious dining rooms that can accommodate all patients.The rooms are beautifully decorated and the service is performed by experienced and attentive waiters.

Menu for clients quite a lot - every day and offers a range of meat, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables.In addition, there are special diet menus.It is a power circuit for each patient selects the attending physician.Do not forget that good nutrition speeds up the healing process.

Leisure and entertainment in the resort

health resort organizes not only the treatment of travelers, but also their leisure time.For a start it should be noted here that the fans will find something to do outdoor activities and sports.For example, in the resort has a swimming pool and a well-equipped gym.In the summer, you can also rent a bike, play badminton or billiards.In winter it offers ski rental and toboggan.

In addition, every night opens its doors to a cinema where they show different movies.There is also a library with lots of interesting books.Moreover, almost every day held a variety of recreational activities, including concerts and performances, dance parties and discos.

resort also specializes in organizing corporate leisure, as well as various conferences, business meetings, lectures, and so on. D. There is a well-appointed, spacious conference hall with all the necessary audio and video equipment.

«Baltic Coast" (spa): reviews

Of course, today, many people are looking for opportunities not only to relax and have a good time, but also to strengthen the body and get rid of various diseases.And this health resort is in demand.Reviews of the sanatorium "Baltic Coast" for the most part are positive.

First guests celebrate cozy and always cleaned rooms.Naturally, the treatment here - at the highest level.The only drawback, perhaps, is that the full settlement of the sanatorium not everyone can get enough of the procedures.However, the level of service are satisfied with all the tourists.In the dining room the food is fine - even diet foods are delicious.The ratio of staff are also at the highest level - all employees very polite and friendly.And, of course, live entertainment simply will not let you get bored.

financial side

As for prices, they may also be pleasantly surprised.Of course, the cost of the permit depends on many factors.On the average day on the territory of the sanatorium will cost 2000-3000 rubles.The price includes good nutrition, and wellness treatments prescribed by the doctor.But it should be noted that the medication, as well as some additional types of therapy have to pay separately.