Holy Trinity Monastery for women Belopesotsky ( Stupino ) : how to get the schedule of services and the official website

In one of the most picturesque parts of the Moscow region, on the banks of the river called the Eye, located convent history of which is lost in the 15th century.However, the monastery was originally exclusively male haven, and the first mention of it in the annals of accounts for 1498.

Blessed Sergius of Radonezh

Legends associate Belopesotsky monastery named Dmitry Donskoy and St. Sergius of Radonezh.Muscovy in the 14th century was subjected to raids of the steppe hordes of Mongol-Tatars.Don, who with his army had to defend the border of the Principality of Radonezh asked his blessing for the construction of the monastery off the coast of the Oka River.After all, in those days monasteries were also important fortifications on the borders of the country.

St. Sergius blessed the creation of the monastery.According to legend, he had previously passed through the White Sands (the so-called left bank of the Oka) Serpukhov in Kashira, and this place he loved.After his blessings there were two hol

y source.

Built monk Vladimir

Historical information is associated directly with the construction of the monastery monk Vladimir, in the world Basil, who was born in Rzhev in Boyar family.At first he wanted to dedicate his life to military service, as the political environment at that time in the principality was restless.Every now and then the feudal wars raged for possession of land.Rzhev also often changed its owners.
Basil, for a long time served as a soldier in the regiment of guards, then an officer, decided to take monastic vows, went to the monastery and Novgorod became known as Vladimir.But there he did not stay long because he wanted to found a new monastery for monks, and embark on a journey.They brought him in Kashira.

Legends say that the left bank of the Oka River in front of Kashira was secluded place uninhabited.Vladimir decided to found a monastery there and built a church.Soon he began to flock to other monks.This is how Belopesotsky monastery.In addition, around the community of monks began to settle and settle peasants surrounding areas.

Enjoyed grace kings

first time this monastery is mentioned in 1498 in a written source, as the letters patent of the Tatar prince Magmet-Amin.According to this reading and writing, Prince of Moscow, Ivan III complained to his defeated ally inherit Kashira and Belopesotsky monastery received land and forests.

Later, more than once Vladimir Belopesotsky mentioned in charters, which he bestowed repair and villages in Turov and Rostov district.The last such diploma in the name of Reverend Vladimir was issued in 1522
In addition, farms that were formed on the monastery land, exempt from duties prince of Moscow and all sorts of tributes.They prospered, and with them comfortably existed and monks.

However, their some special wealth can not speak, because Belopesotsky monastery during his lifetime abbot of Vladimir was not even stone buildings, and there were only wooden cells so the old church of the Holy Trinity.When
died Reverend Vladimir, is unknown.Chronicles sources only say that "the lives he was 72 years old" and buried the saint "at the Trinity under the porch."

monastery as a fortification

Privileges and growing wealth will soon allow the monks to start a stone building.In 1569 laid the Trinity Cathedral.In the 16th century the main part of the monastery erected fortifications - the east wall of the Gate and St. Nicholas Church, which served both as a watchtower.

It also had a niche through which dumped special lattice-Gers.A little later in the monastery there were stone bell tower and five towers, battlements, and installed on the wall Food and guns.So the Holy Trinity Monastery Belopesotsky outpost has become a strong state.

Tatars from the Crimea many times attacked the borders of the Moscow principality.And it is a reliable Belopesotsky monastery fortress stand in the way of the enemy.The population of the surrounding villages during the raids of the Tatars was hidden behind its walls.Monks of the monastery and the monks had good skills in military affairs.Therefore, the Tartars could not manage to take the fortress, they were not even able to break even once for its walls.At the end of the 17th century, the monastery lost Belopesotsky strategic military purpose, the boundaries of the Russian Empire receded to the south.

continue to build and restored

soon entered the monastery in the Kolomna Archbishop of possessions, then it is attributed to the Trinity Monastery.It is built on the territory of St. Sergius Church.However, in its original form to the present time it does not find a striker.In the 19th century because of disrepair it was destroyed.At this place was built a new church, and then built a two chapels.

restored church in 1852 and was even re-consecrated.Sure, no one has undergone restoration work and the main church - Holy Trinity Cathedral.For the first time this has happened in the 17th century, then in the 18th.The restoration of the 19th century was carried out with the money of the peasant MP Shcherbakov.He donated them to the frescoes, stucco and upgrade the construction of the iconostasis.

Church of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist built at ieromonahe Athanasius (1824-1842 gg.) Money nobility Rayevskys Michael and Ivan.All buildings Belopesotsky monastery were badly damaged in the floods in 1908 spilled water Oka almost reached the level of a stone fence.In 1914, the monastery buildings were restored.

Monastery today

about how today has become Belopesotsky monastery, the official website will tell it to the fullest.But still it must be said that in Soviet times the monastery buildings are not used for other purposes.There the prisoners lived, huddled summer camp, performing artists ...

In 1989, decided to establish a monastery on the basis of historical and cultural center.But not yet.In 1992 the monastery was returned into the possession of the Russian Orthodox Church, and on June 18 in Sergius Church held its first service.

held parallel reconstruction.For example, Trinity Cathedral was restored in the spring of 2002. At the present time each day at the Holy Trinity Monastery Belopesotsky divine services.

believers from all over the world are attracted Belopesotsky monastery.How to get there, described in detail on its official website (www.svtbm.ru).The main shrine of the monastery are now considered relics of St. Vladimir, the icon "Soothe My Sorrows" and "Quick to Hearken", as well as the source of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Service schedule is easy to remember.At 8.30 in the morning - hours of the Divine Liturgy.At 15.00 held a prayer service before the icon "Soothe My Sorrows."At 16.00 vespers.In the days when held all-night vigil, the evening service begins at 15:00.

So you want to have a look at Belopesotsky monastery?How to get here?By public transport available from Paveletsky railway station in Moscow to station Acre, where the bus is going to stop "Monastery".Address: Moscow region, Stupino district, settlement.Belopesotsky.