Aquapark "Serena" in Helsinki: description, entertainment, prices.

If you go to Finland, we recommend that you include in your travel route and a water park, "Serena" in Helsinki.His visit will certainly bring you a lot of fun and new experiences, it will remain in memory for a long time.So, today we offer a closer look at this water park, as well as to find out what other places of this kind are available in Finland.

What is a water park, "Serena" in Finnish?

First of all, it should be noted that the water park is the largest indoor tropical water amusement center in the whole Scandinavia.Located "Serena" in a place called Espoo, a suburb of the capital - Helsinki.So get to it from the city center is just a half hour.

Aquapark "Serena" in Helsinki at a glance amazes visitors.After all, it is located in a cave, surrounded by forest.Entrance to him, as well as restaurants and changing rooms are located directly inside the rock.I must say that it looks very impressive.

As for value for money and quality of services, then this indicator water park is one of the bes

t not only in Finland, but also in neighboring countries.

What to do in a water park?

Aquapark "Serena" in Helsinki, has in its arsenal all that will allow visitors to have a great time.There are hot and cold pools, waterfalls, whirlpools, Finnish sauna and Turkish bath.It is also necessary to allocate separately and water features "Serena".Among them stand out the two hills - "Tornado" and "Black Hole."Be sure to visit hav-pipe, which is a descent from the water slide on mats or inflatable cushions.Of course, few people can stay on this craft, but this is the beauty of the attraction.

Aquapark "Serena" in Helsinki and has a number of different restaurants and bars where you can eat, gather strength before the next descent.Also on the territory of the water park, there are shops where you can buy all the necessary beach accessories, if you happen to forget something at home, and snorkeling equipment.

Hours water park

«Serena" welcomes guests all year round.So, in the summer the water park is open every day.In September, he closes on prevention.In the off-season "Serena" opens its doors only on weekends, but during the school holidays, a water park is open every day.If you plan to visit the center for water attractions from autumn to spring, keep in mind that the function will not be all the rides, but only those that are not located outdoors.With regard to working hours, the water park is open from 12 am to 8 pm.

Perhaps the only inconvenience which you may encounter when visiting the "Serena" in Helsinki, is a very large number of vacationers.Moreover, most of them in the summer make our compatriots.Thus, the Russian language you will hear almost everywhere here, so it can create a feeling that you are not in Finland, and in the water park of Anapa and Sochi.During the weekend added to the stream of tourists and locals who also want to take a break from the heat and have fun on the rides.Therefore it is recommended to opt for a visit to the water park on weekdays.

Aquapark "Serena": prices

This amusement park evaluates its services as follows:

  • day ticket system All inclusive cost you 25 euros;
  • for an evening ticket (from 16 to 20 hours) All inclusive will have to pay 20 euros;
  • family ticket for two adults and two children costs 94 euros, while for two adults and three children - 117 Euros.

The entire food and beverages, except beer and other alcohol are free.During a visit to the water park kids under four years do not take money.

How to get to the water park?

«Serena" is located at - Espoo, Tornimäentie, 10. The easiest way to get here from Helsinki by car.However, you can easily do it, and by bus.So, to "Serena" you dovezut following routes: 21, 82, 71 and 339T.On average, the trip takes about an hour.

Where to stay?

This water park in Helsinki does not have its own hotel, where they could accommodate visitors.So if you want to live close to the amusement park, you can rent a cottage directly in Espoo or book a room at Korpilampi, located just half a kilometer from the "Serena".However, most travelers do not see the point, as far from the water park in Helsinki is only 25 kilometers.Thus, on the road, you'll spend less than an hour a day.

Rating waterparks Finland

wonder that this country of our countrymen have bad associated with water recreation.Meanwhile, water parks in Finland are worth a visit.After all, the quality of their services is at the highest level.Regarding the ranking of water parks in this country, the first place in it confidently takes "Serena".In second place is the "Holiday Club Caribe" in Turku.His name is not accidental, because this water park stylized exotic islands of the Caribbean.It is situated at a luxurious hotel and spa.In addition to fun and dizzying rides, and here you will find a variety of Spas.

In third place is the water park "Flamingo" (Helsinki).It is located in the largest shopping mall in Finland.This water park its scope to impress the discerning audience.So, here are seven pools with gushing geysers, water slides and a dizzying downhill (the length of the most extreme of which is 150 meters).It also provides "Flamingo" offers platforms for diving, hot tub, saunas, playgrounds for water polo and t. E.