Kirishi, Leningrad region.

City Kirishi (Leningrad region) - the center of the petrochemical industry.Before 1965, he had the status of the village.In 2013, there lived 52 996 people.Distance to St. Petersburg - 160 km.


first mention of Kirishi refers to 1693.Significant development of this village were in the 1920s.At that time it was built a bridge over the River Volkhov, organized by the movement of trains on the line "Leningrad - Mga - Sonkovo" and built w / d station.After some time, work began on the construction of a match factory and lesohimkombinata, but they were interrupted by the outbreak of war.

As of the year 1936, Kirishi Village Council consisted of eight settlements, five collective farms and 534 farms.

Kirishi (Leningrad region) during the war were destroyed almost to the ground.On the right bank Magus formed a bridgehead, the holding force of the eighteenth enemy army.

In 1960, the Soviet government decision was made on the construction of fuel and energy complex at Kirishi ground.The main prob

lems encountered in this construction became difficult living conditions, labor shortages and lack of roads.Three years later, the construction of fuel and energy complex has been declared impact youth and Komsomol building.Then came the young builders of the twenty-seven nations.

In 1972, the city started construction of Boichemical, producing BVK - protein and vitamin concentrates, and was opened Museum of Local History and electrified railway from Mga in Kirishi.

coat of arms, flag

City Kirishi, Leningrad region gained flag and emblem in 2006.This was by order of the Board of Deputies.The coat of arms is in the shape of the French shield azure color.It depicts two rooks.They are a symbol of ancient trade routes, which took place on the river Volkhov - from the Vikings to the Arabs and from the Vikings to the Greeks.Between rooks is circle.At its center - two azure figures that embody the unity of the fuel and energy complex Kirishi and indifferent hearts the flame of the first builders of Komsomol.

Emblem has been developed for the reason that came into force a new law on local self-government.According to this document, each municipality is required to have its own coat of arms and flag.Last Kirishi authorities was based on the coat of arms.He is considered a symbol of the municipality and the sign of the unity of the local people.

Sport life

City Kirishi (Leningrad region) - one of the main development centers in the country water polo (female).The local team called "KINEF-Surgutneftegas" - a ten-fold champion of Russia.

Palais des Sports "Oilman" hosts major tournaments world-class water polo and are training the national team.

How to get there?

Kirishi (Leningrad region) is located 160 kilometers from the northern capital.Prior to that, the city can be reached by road "St. Petersburg - Moscow."After turning at the village of Zuyevo need to overcome another forty kilometers.In addition, from the Northern Capital to the Kirishi walk and electric buses.First sent to Ladoga and Moscow stations, and the second - from the bus station, located on the waterfront Bypass Canal.

Where to stay?

in Kirishi (Leningrad region) operates four hotels.All of them offer different in price and comfort options.Let us examine them in detail.


This business-class hotel at 4 stars.It is located near the bus station and train / station."Youth" offers its guests 129 rooms of different categories.In addition, the hotel has everything you need to conduct business - with five conference rooms and a business center with office equipment and telecommunications demand.


star business hotel is located ten minutes away from the bus and railway stations.It has 111 rooms.Apartment suites are additionally equipped with a minibar.In economy class rooms with a TV, wardrobe, shower.All rooms have bathrooms with under-floor heating and water filters.


This hotel is located near the sports complex "Neftyanik".She was awarded the Star.Each room is equipped with a reliable safe, refrigerator, TV, minibar (fee), a telephone and a shower.In addition, it is given the opportunity to enter the World Wide Web.The hotel operates a laundry, so to wash and minor repairs of things do not have to worry about guests.


this hotel - three-star.It was erected in 2004.Number of rooms - 22. Each one has a refrigerator, telephone, bathroom with shower, access to Wi-Fi.On the fourth floor of a café where you can not only square meal, and drink a cup of coffee, tea or something stronger.

Kirishi Regional Museum

It was opened in 1972.Exhibit Museum of particular interest to those interested in archeology.The unique collection is silicon tips for spears and arrows, ancient stone axes, weights and many other objects of everyday life of our ancestors (pokers, tongs and sickles).It also provides an opportunity to examine in detail the amazing zahozhskoe lace, bearing the features of an authentic peasant art, which minimally affected overseas trends.

On the basis of historical museum organized several windows, allowing to learn more about the Decembrists Bestuzhev.A small estate of the family previously was located on the banks of the Volkhov in the village Soltsy.

Visitors with special interest considering china famous master Kuznetsova.

Another section of the museum is dedicated to the notorious period of 1941-1945.It presents the materials found in the field of fighting - bombs, anti-tank weapons, rifles, ammunition and household items - glasses, wedding rings, coins, razor and other things.

Other cities of Leningrad region.Background

conditional division of settlements of this region is as follows:

- Vintage, with a long history, such as Kingisepp Vyborg, Yahvin.

- Young, educated by the development of industry in the Soviet period - Volkhov Boksitogorsk, Slates, Kirovsk, Podporozhye, Pikalevo.

- Cities, directly related to the construction and further development of the Northern capital: Lodeynoe field, Lomonosov, Gatchina.

oldest town - Vyborg.It was founded back in 1293.The youngest - Volosovo.The city appeared in 1999


Map with the cities of Leningrad region includes many places of interest for travelers.Among the most famous - Vyborg.In it you can see an old castle (13 in.), The Horned fortress (17th c.), The monastery with its Gothic church (14th c.), And more.

Tikhvin Mother of God are invited to admire the ensemble of the monastery and to wander through the house-museum of Rimsky-Korsakov.

Priosersk interesting well-preserved ancient fortifications - a round tower with ramparts and defensive walls, as well as the Old and New arsenals of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries of construction, respectively.


If you are attracted to the interesting small towns of Russia, head to the Kirishi.Photos of the city, its history and sights described in this article will help to finalize the direction for the next trip.