Mazda 3: reviews and features

Mazda 3 - a car produced by the Japanese company Mazda Motor Corporation since 2004.Available in 2 versions: a sedan and a hatchback.

main characteristics of the vehicle Mazda 3 sedan

four-car, five-seater.Its length is 449 cm, height - 146.5 cm, and width - 175.5 cm. The machine has a roomy trunk to 413 liters.Vehicle weight 1165 kg, the maximum allowable gross weight - 1675 kg.Mazda 3 sedan consumes around 6 liters of gasoline on the highway, in the city of consumption increased to 9.3 liters.Consumption in the combined cycle is 7.2 liters per 100 km of road.Up to 100 km / h the car is dispersed for 11 seconds while the maximum speed is 185 km / h.

Features Mazda 3 hatchback is slightly different from the sedan

This car with five doors and seats up to five passengers.Its length is slightly less than the sedan - 442 cm, and the height and width are the same.Significantly larger trunk - a minimum of 300 liters and a maximum of 635. Fuel consumption is virtually the same - 6.1 liters per 100 km

with a free track, 8.8 liter when driving in the city and 7.1 liters on the combined cycle.Hatchback accelerates a little slower - up to 100 km in 14.3 seconds, top speed is also less than -169 km / h.

How behaves Mazda 3 - reviews of the owners

first note that the drivers of foreign cars - good handling.The machine immediately and accurately responds to steering, roll when cornering at speed allowable minimum, there is no need to slow down on the turns.Such ease of management - a big plus for the car the Mazda 3 owners reviews indicate that it no problem to go around numerous pits and ditches, which are found in large numbers on the Russian roads.In addition, nimble and maneuverable machine easily passes in heavy traffic during rush hour.

Second, many attracted by design - rounded, flowing lines, stylish, modern look of the car the Mazda 3.

Reviews owners say that this machine is quite reliable.Among the frequent substitutions can be noted in the repair of replacement of the clutch slave cylinder, rear lights, front and rear brake pads.It should be borne in mind that accessories for this rather expensive foreign car.

Many note the excellent brake system.As the reviews, the Mazda 3 inhibits confidently and quickly fails and emergency braking - stands rooted to the spot.

Another plus - in the winter time the machine runs well on snow-covered roads and start up without problems, even in extreme cold to 30-40 degrees below zero.Excellent ergonomics - all at your fingertips, buttons and controls are intuitive.

However, apart from the pros, the car has and cons.The main disadvantage, which is celebrated every single car owners - Low noise isolation.Before the driver in the cabin can hear all other sounds: squeaks, voices, noises, creaking roar of the engine and tires.However, if you compare it with cars domestic auto industry, especially with the "classic", the Mazda 3 has won overwhelmingly.

Some say low-slung car, the car sometimes "strike sharply" for a small bump on the road, especially when the room is filled with people.On uneven urban and rural roads particularly felt inadequate soft cushioning of the car the Mazda 3.

reviews suggest that even one small drawback of the car - a soft metal, which is easy to bend under conventional pressing and immediately crushed even after minor physical impact.

Many say a good head unit and excellent sound quality.

Paint does not differ resistance to mechanical damage.

Overall, the Mazda 3 - modern, beautiful, comfortable and reliable car, worth the money that he asked for salons.He will not fail on the road, does not make its owner to invest in endless repair and will allow the use of pleasure.