Vehicle Mitsubishi ASX.

car Mitsubishi ASX represents a more "scaled» Outlander.It should be noted that the only change the outer dimensions.But at the same wheelbase millimeters.

Mitsubishi ASX.Features

turbodiesel have a working volume of 1798 mm.The diameter of the cylinder and stroke 83h81,1 millimeter.

car is equipped with an engine shestnadtsatiklapannym 4N13, it has a relatively low compression ratio - 14.9.According to many experts, this figure can be considered a kind of record for diesel cars.The lower the compression ratio, the softer will be the work of the engine.Previously, the level was increased in accordance with the terms of cold start and regulations of the host 21-22,5.In general 14.5-15 enough to completely self-ignition of fuel compression.In the engine device is present «Automatic Stop & amp;Go ».It is at a convenient drowns out the engine automatically (to save fuel).

Mitsubishi ASX (Comments of experts confirm this) is the default front-wheel car.However, the version of the AWD, equipped with

all-wheel drive transmission, is also provided.In this case, the rear axle is connected automatically.This is facilitated by an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch.

Considering customer reviews Mitsubishi ASX and Outlander, it must be said that the characteristics of the chassis there are no fundamental differences.In the first model, the front strut McPherson.The back of the Mitsubishi ASX (Testimonials prove it) to cross the double wishbone set cinematically perfect design ("spatial diagram").There are, of course, and the transverse stabilizers, and coil springs.Tires size 215/65 R16.For a surcharge, the design will set a 17-tidyuymovye wheel.Model Mitsubishi ASX is equipped with rack and pinion steering with elektroservousilitelem PAS.In the "basic equipment" includes software ASTC and ABS.

car Mitsubishi ASX (Comments of experts and motorists confirm this) has good aerodynamic coefficient of air resistance - 0.32.The length of the vehicle 4295 mm, height - 1615, and the width - 1770 millimeters.In the simplest configuration of the unit weight of about 1270 kg.Machine weight with transmission AWD turbo diesel 4N13 - 1525 kg.

Mitsubishi ASX (reviews motorists to this point) - quite a dynamic machine.With all-wheel drive unit is able to place ten seconds to develop a speed of up to one hundred kilometers per hour.The maximum speed that the designers promise, - 198 km / h.Average fuel consumption, the manufacturer, of the order of 5.7 liters per hundred kilometers.Many motorists believe it is an excellent indicator for that all-wheel drive "Crossover".

infotainment equipment Mitsubishi ASX is also quite "rich."The package includes a CD-player (with MP3 player), six speakers, Bluetooth-headset.

not forgotten manufacturers and the comfort in the cabin.The machine is equipped with a "climate control" typical "power accessories", cooled glove compartment.Security cabin and at the appropriate level: it is a lot of pillows (knee for the driver as well).The cabin also has a belt pretensioners and attachment for child seats.

With four thousand revolutions unit capable of developing up to 150 hpThe greatest amount of torque - 300 Nm.A modern machine is equipped with a manual six-speed gearbox.

manufacturer provides traditional engine series, including 1.6, 1.8 and two-liter engine 117, 140, and one hundred and fifty horsepower, respectively.

Externally the car looks quite nice.The manufacturer offers a new wheel design, a modernized form of false radiator grille, new bumpers, body color gamut.Niches for fog lamps decorated with decorative elements.

should be noted that in North America Mitsubishi ASX is sold under the name Outlander Sport, and in Japan - as the RVR.