Bagration Bridge: why you should visit it?

One of the most famous in Moscow Bagration Bridge is located in the business district.It is built in a contemporary style, and especially interesting is the night, lighted.This bridge, which actually is called "Bagration", was opened in 1997 to the 850 anniversary of Moscow.The bridge is 214 meters, width - 16, and the height above the river level - 14.

For 17 years Bagration pedestrian bridge has become one of the favorite places for photo shoots lovers, newlyweds and just models.Still, it offers a great view of the "Moscow City" and other scenic areas.Especially here is crowded during the cold season and in the evenings, when the backlight turns on.

Inside glazed galleries are shops and boutiques, so you can not just take a walk and admire the panorama of Moscow, but also to go shopping, combining business with pleasure.In addition, there are close to a large shopping center - "Afimall" so that, if carried away by shopping, you can move there.

convenience of this facility is still in the locati

on, which occupies Bagration Bridge.Metro, and major highways are nearby.There is a relatively newly discovered "Exhibition" and "International" and located away "Street 1905", "Kiev" Kutuzov "and" Student ". In good weather, you can walk along located near the quays, go to the parks" RedPresnya "and Botanic Garden MMA Sechenov.

Someone, however, believes that a visit to this bridge is not worth wasting time, much better to visit, for example, pedestrian Patriarchal bridge, located just behind the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, or Luzhkov Bridge -traditional places to visit the newlyweds, who hung on the grille and a special "tree" locks with their names. A beautiful tradition, followed by fun to watch. But, once in the vicinity of "Bagration", especially with a camera and in the evening, it is better to pay the bridge athalf an hour.

In general, one visit will be enough to get enough impressions of modern architecture and surrounding Bridge
skyscrapers downtown.So do not be amiss during a visit to the capital to look at Bagration Bridge.How to reach it?The easiest way to the subway station because "Exhibition" is right in front.The main thing is not to go to the "Bagrationovsk", which is quite far away.Anyway, you need to carefully read the scheme and a map of the metro.

Another bridge, very similar to the "Bagration" - Pushkin - is not far from Gorky Park and the metro station "Frunzenskaya".He also glazed, a pedestrian and beautifully illuminated at night.It is a pity that while he was not so popular.

general, in Moscow quite a lot of interesting bridges, though they are located far enough from each other so that they can devote a separate study trip.Still Bagration Bridge occupies among them some special place, so neglected his visit, perhaps, not worth it.