Amazing Bulgaria reviews.

Sozopol (Bulgaria) is one of those ancient settlements, which make it possible to escape from the usual everyday life and at the same time feel the "smell of history."It is the oldest settlement on the Black Sea coast attracts the charm of the ancient city streets and giddy intoxicating smell of the sea and the flavors of the local cuisine.The Greeks, Thracians, Turks - many have chosen this country called Bulgaria.Reviews (Sozopol are not alone, you say the same thing about this resort is Nesebar) filled with admiration for the opportunity to spend time "civilized" and usefully.You can leisurely walk along the cliffs and admire the raging waves, you can bask on the beach or travel to nearby islands (especially that one of them - St. Cyril - is available for trips on foot, it stretches to the breakwater).

Bulgaria reviews.Sozopol - the old and the new

If you enjoy history, you can visit the local museum and the ruins of the old Thracian fortress.It is located on the peninsula and Atia made without

fastening material - simply because prilazhennoy stone blocks.But before that there was an ancient settlement, as evidenced by the many artifacts.Ancient Greek vase paintings with amazing black and red-figure style in huge quantities stored in the Archaeological Museum.It is very picturesque peninsula where the resort.They are proud of all of Bulgaria.Reviews Sozopol describe how amazingly beautiful and brings peace of mind.No wonder the Greeks called it "a place of salvation," by which happens the very name of the village.The old town is separated by a new beautiful park.To go shopping and souvenir shops, enough to walk on its alleys.Incidentally, in the oldest part of standing before so many windmills that even now she is nicknamed "Harmenit."In the old town there is a very nice beach, closed to all winds, cliffs, white sand and a gentle entrance.Here, like children.And young people choose to come here in September, at the "Apollonian" festival when the city comes musicians, artists and art lovers.Beaches of the new city is huge, with lots of water activities, and even entire amusement park.

Bulgaria reviews.Sozopol - What to see near and not so

Those who want to explore the area, visited here travelers should go in Duni.Around this area are the most beautiful beaches on the Black Sea - the wild, golden, desert and uninhabited.Here you can enjoy just the nature, the sun and swimming.And fans of exotic like a real tour of the jungle.It is a strange forest on both banks of the river Ropotamo reserved.Its very name sounds like something in the African, and when you swim in a boat on the surface of her slow, and it seems that nowhere among the lilies seem real crocodile ... Although seals and dolphins near the mouth of the river - not at all uncommon.On the Cape, where it flows, there are beautiful caves and for those wishing to "ponudet."Underground caves and rocks of the local coasts attracted not only by cavers, but travelers eager coastal beauty where you can walk, not very straining.In short, Sozopol (Bulgaria) reviews every possible praise, and not one word of the traveler gives himself to come back here.