Somewhere in the Tyrrhenian Sea, almost near the Bay of Naples, praised by poets and artists, is a small island created by volcanic eruptions.Ever since the days of Julius Caesar, he is famous as a holiday resort, able to restore youth and give beauty.To get there, we must first fly or travel to Naples, and from there go on the ferry.There are several cities.Even their capital is Ischia.Review its tourists visited here gives us to understand that in this city should settle the beginner to start sightseeing.After the capital (of the same name with the island) as it is divided into two halves.One of them is called Ponte, and the second - the port.History has left its mark on literally every corner of the island.Former grandeur of Rome and the traces of the Saracen power, the threat of eruptions and Mediterranean coloring - all are waiting for visitors and tourists.

Ischia.Reviewed active travelers about sights

History lovers are advised to visit the local archaeological museum of the capital, where

you can see many interesting exhibits dedicated to the antiquities of the island.However, the most worthy and popular place among tourists, of course, is the castle of the Aragonese kings.This huge complex of almost cramped on a tiny rock not far from the main island.Now there can be reached by a bridge.By the way, the name of the second half of the capital, Ischia Ponte, connected with this place.A friend of her district, near the port, many beautiful and cozy restaurants and free (which is rare for Italy) beaches.The castle is very picturesque, and its castle and the walls seemed to climb over sharp stones.In summer you can visit the beautiful botanical garden "La Mortella".Of course, it is quite small, the island of Ischia.Reviews of people who visited it, however, tell us that there is another interesting garden, which is also certainly need to visit - "Ravino" - with plants, Exotics and living sculptures created from cacti.It is even more attractive to tourists, especially guests with children.Take a real Italian shopping can be on the main shopping street of the capital - Via Corso Vittoria Colonna.

Ischia.Comments about the local volcanoes and their health benefits

course, this island has fire-breathing mountain.As many as three - Epomeo, Trabotti and Monte Bess.They are not high, but still wake up in the sixteenth century.However, campers write that these menacing volcanoes are the main reason that attracts tourists to the island.After all, because of their "latent" activities at any time of the year it is warm.And of nutrients, which many in the local clay and solidified magma, Ischia is famous for its cosmetic and medicinal ointments that treat diseases of the joints, back and nerves.And of course, also famous for its thermal waters of Ischia.Review local baths allows us to urge them to visit.Incidentally, the enormous popularity in Italy, too, they have acquired from the 16th century thanks to the discoveries Calabrian doctors.Some of these waters - such as source Nitrodi - even considered miraculous.In general, there are even entire thermal parks with a variety of services and medical complex.Especially good "Poseidon Gardens" with eighteen pools of different temperatures.

Where to live in Italy, Ischia

hotels, reviews which are generally good, are both in the capital and in small towns.If you wish to travel, not only in the island but also in the nearby regions of Italy, it is better to settle in Ischia Porto.The bonus in this case will not only direct proximity to the sea and restaurants (about local delights with fish and rabbit should write a separate TAC), and ferries.They regularly depart from here to Naples, Sorrento and Capri.And if you want a budget holiday, it is better to take a hotel in the center of the main town.There you can get inexpensive or even half board.Especially since the Hotel food is not inferior to the restaurant, and even cheaper.