Modern Gursuf: rest.

Even in Soviet times, co-workers and neighbors started to envy those who left (on vacation or on the ticket) to Gurzuf.Activities, which listened to the reviews afterwards, was considered not only "beach" and special.After Gurzuf - this was our Italy.There is in addition the main elements of a successful holiday, sun and sea, were also stunning views.Beautiful nature (one Bear Mountain is worth), the proximity of Artek, winding streets, hanging over the water, "Genoese" houses, giving Chekhov, picturesque rocks - all this caused enthusiastic sighs.

but promises there really modern Gursuf vacation?Review about him now - whether it is just as rewarding?We will try to analyze, the more that this settlement was equally alluring for tourists, especially the "summer", as in the old days.Firstly, there was still the same Ayu-Dag and rocks twin Adalary.And people are not alien romance, claim that they can enjoy forever, because these natural features, even change their color depending on the weather and time

of day.Secondly, the same endless steps from the sea and the sea.For some it is the lack of, and active people and sports, on the contrary, only rejoice.And old houses with porches, and the smell of coffee in the streets ... To each his own, unique offers Gursuf rest.

Reviews swimmers generally positive.Beaches in Gurzuf, as in most of the South Coast resorts, pebble, but quite acceptable.And those who are not afraid to go far, can even bathe on the beaches of Artek, where pebbles are so smooth and "licked" the sea that you can lie on it without any litter.In the evening - along the waterfront promenade, the moon over the sea, as in the paintings Kuindzhi, restaurants, the famous Crimean wine (especially since the White Muscat red stone grown directly over the village, not far from the ancient capital of the Principality of Gothic Teodoro).In general, eat in Gurzuf is where, and very well.Especially good fish and meat barbecues.Restaurants on the beach if the wind blows in from the sea, provide visitors with blankets, so that it is warm and cozy.So it is possible for life to love Gurzuf!

Leisure, reviews of which leaves a lot of tourists in these places is a nostalgic tone.After all, these places loved poets, writers and artists.However, to go to the territory of the military sanatorium, to admire the two centuries of the park and the fountain "Night" is not very simple, as in Soviet times.But it is possible.From the village also organized many trips - to Yalta on the Ai-Petri in the Swallow's Nest.Often this boat trips, sometimes - bus tours.Cheaper to buy them on the dock, and not from touts.Accommodation here is very expensive - it's Gurzuf!Holidays 2013 (prices of accommodation) treated for at least one and a half thousand rubles for a room.That is, if in season.The same can be said about the food, so more economical to cook at home if the owners allow.However, if the price for you - no problem, the village is better to go to the dear old restaurants.In their quality it is immediately evident that it was a luxury resort.

clean sea and beautiful, almost does not require getting used to the climate - this is important than good rest in the Crimea.Gurzuf, reviews of which even if they complain about the high prices, still celebrate the beauty and comfort of this resort, recently began providing not very expensive, convenient and comfortable private pensions.Unlike conventional hotels and resorts, there is, as a rule, have a kitchen with all facilities, Internet, modern appliances, swimming pool ... So for those who have a child thinks Gursuf second home, there is a good prospect that he eventuallyIt makes a real European resort.