Amazing nature of Borneo

Many people wonder about where you can get acquainted with the unseen before animals and plants to relax in the lap of the mysterious and the unknown nature, to plunge into the world of romance.It should be noted that such a place can be found in different parts of the world, but most of them in the tropics, where every day is poured showers was hot scorching sun and humidity reaches 100%.After becoming acquainted with the nature of Borneo tourist nothing can surprise, since there lives such a huge number of endemics, which are not found anywhere else.The majority of them are safe, except for poisonous snakes and crocodiles.

Borneo is the third largest in the world among the largest of all the islands.It is located in the South China Sea, at the confluence of the Pacific and Indian oceans, between Australia and Asia.The entire island of Borneo is divided between the three countries.The biggest of them belongs to Indonesia, but it has not yet been landscaped, so tourist routes unusable.Very small area

belongs to the Sultanate of Brunei, but the rules of entry and residence are so severe that there are very few travelers.Tourists are most suitable Malaysian part, because in this place you can find everything for an active and relaxing holiday.

Borneo Nature is very diverse.There are white beaches, high mountains, jungle, deep caves, coral reefs, swift rivers, swamps.There is every reason to believe that on the island are the oldest forests in the world, until now there are areas which have not gone before.Prolonged isolation has affected the appearance and abilities of local residents.Most of the fauna of the island of Borneo are distinguished by their harmless, but there are predatory species, even among the plants.

Only in this part of the world can meet the smallest rhinoceros, pygmy elephants, bears the size of dogs, monkeys Nosach, the longest snakes - retics, very beautiful and absolutely safe clouded leopards.In addition, on Borneo grow very interesting flora: several species of Rafflesia flowers that reach a meter in diameter and "fragrant" rancid meat and Nepenthes - the largest carnivorous plants that can absorb not only insects, but also a mouse, a lizard or a rat.

lot of pleasant emotions and new experiences will give travelers the island of Borneo.Malaysia warmly welcomes foreign tourists, its island territory is divided into two provinces: Sabah and Sarawak.The first is richer variety of entertainment, so most travelers stop here.In Sabah is the biggest mountain of South Asia - Kinabalu.Ascending and Descending from it takes about 2 days, but provide an opportunity to enjoy life in the forest and nature.

To visit the orangutan rehabilitation center, to visit the island of turtles, take a walk on the suspension bridge in the jungle, diving on Sipadane also offers charming Borneo.Island tours that can be purchased at any travel agency, will produce only the most positive impression and introduce new species of flora and fauna.