Samet Island - Paradise lost

Unlike Samui, Phuket and Phi Phi, the island of Koh Samet in Thailand known to few Russians.But it has long been popular with European tourists.It is a three to four hour drive from Bangkok.Then you will find a ferry.In fact, it is one of the national parks of Thailand - Khao Laem Ya Mu.Therefore every vacationer should lay an additional amount for entry.But it does not really matter, because the very presence on the island - it's a pleasure.Sunbathing is seeking not only foreign tourists but also residents themselves of the capital like to spend the weekend here.

If you look at the island of Koh Samet in Thailand on the map, you will see that it is located in the Gulf of Thailand.It is very close to the continent: some ten kilometers and you are there.This arrangement ensures that there is weakly expressed during the rainy season, both in Pattaya and Hua Hin.Therefore, you can actually come here all year round.Although the winter and early spring of people, of course, more.And come here with only one

goal - the sea, the sand and the underwater world.The most "untwisted" and popular beaches, such as Diamond, located in the east of the island.They are wide, sandy and very comfortable.Auvongdyan coast in the Bay of perfectly round.There are many night clubs, bars and discos with foam parties.But if you come to the island of Samet in search of relaxation, then your service - the southern beaches.They are not as big, but scenic and secluded.If you live in an exclusive palace of a boutique rather than in a modest "three rubles", most likely, you will rest on the west coast.The local beach has Aoprao to peace and meditation.And from there you can go on a variety of boat trips.

Samet Island and the small archipelago at his side, as already mentioned, part of the National Park.So here you can find many different kinds of exotic animals.This, for example, "ikayuschie" geckos, lizards huge two-meter size and monkeys.However, with the recent need to be careful.They are like people: some individuals may have to divert your attention, while others pulled something.However, the joy of contact with wildlife is complete, if you are familiar with the safety measures.Samet Island (reviews confirmation) called a paradise for divers and snorkelers.Of course, the underwater world of Thailand is not as bright as in Egypt, but flocks of bright yellow fish-bananok who eat fruit right out of your hands - is an unforgettable sight.

Tourist offices also offer local routes along the paths of the jungle and trips to several Buddhist temples.You can explore the unusual shape stones that have become so bizarre sight because of the wind and sea waves.They are located on the beach of Ao Pudsa.And if you still like the diving, and you want to continue to explore the depths of the sea, go to the smaller islands.There's huge depth you will see colorful corals, tens of thousands of old gray sea urchins with large needles, giant shells, which open and close the shutters and many other wonders.Samet Island - a true paradise lost!With the only difference being that the holidays it can regain.