Solar Spain.

If you are looking for an active and varied simply unforgettable vacation, the resort, which is sure to draw attention - is Spain, Almeria.It is this part of Europe, according to weather forecasters and geography, is the warm and sunny.You can rest here almost all year round, as the cold is rarely visited country called Spain.Almeria also, though located in the autonomous region of Andalusia, is significantly different from the nearby resorts, and this is now we will try to understand in detail.

striking is the nature and landscape of this region.The city itself is located on the low cliffs that slope towards the waters of the sea, or severe silhouettes hovering over them.Some of the hills are covered with an incredibly rich flora and walking on them, you can go mad from a variety of herbs and flowers, shrubs and low tropical trees.It should be noted that such instances can boast, not the whole of Spain.Almeria has on its territory entirely "naked" rocks that against the backdrop of the sea and wide b

eaches look bizarre and wildly, like a land untouched by man.

Almeria The main difference from all the other cities of Andalusia are the white sands, which then stretched along the Mediterranean coast.Sami beaches are clean and wide, so every tourist can get quite comfortably on one of them.In the city are municipal recreation areas, which are equipped with deck chairs, canopies, and all sorts of attractions.This is an ideal place to relax with the kids, then they will be able to roll freely on the water slides.For adults there is a special parking catamarans and jet skis.Also in Almeria you can rent a boat and take a cruise on the Mediterranean.In the course of this trip will be very interesting to see how a sea vistas looks Spain.

Almeria in ancient times was conquered by Arab immigrants, so in its territory, there are several monuments of this people.Among them are the ruins of a mosque popular Aldemina.Near them are Spaniards built a cathedral, it was in the era of late Gothic.Also in the Middle Ages it was built the Alcazaba, which survives to this day, but not completely.Not far away is another monument of church architecture - the monastery of Santo Domingo, which is a great value for the whole country.Next to it is the striking beauty of the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Encarnacion.

Despite the fact that on the map Spain, Almeria is not in the most southern part of the country, this city is considered to be the warmest.There is a low level of humidity, and the sun warms the earth literally year round.Temperatures above 20 Celsius held from March to November, and the three months of winter descends only to the level of plus 15. Therefore, even if in January you can not bathe here in the warm sea, tropical tan will get quite real.

Now any agency you can book tours to Almeria.Spain - a country that is very easy to get on vacation, without spending a lot of money.