Playa de Las Americas - a modern European resort

Tenerife always very popular among Europeans, but if earlier it was a fairly simple leisure trips, then eventually tastes and requirements have changed.In the 70-ies of the last century, the authorities realized that we needed to change something to attract customers who want to swim is not certain months, but all year round.The island is divided into two parts of the ridge.In the north, the temperature is always slightly lower rains a lot, so there is lush vegetation.In the south a long time there was nothing, because the area resembles a semi-desert.But precisely here the mountains do not miss the cold trade winds.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the resort of Playa de Las Americas it was resettled in the southern part of the island.The authorities had to build the entire infrastructure from the ground up, because here, except for the Canary euphorbia bushes and fishing villages, there was nothing else.Foreign and Spanish investors immediately interested in the project to build on a des

erted plot of land of a modern resort, thanks to the Playa de Las Americas rose just over two decades.

Today, the city has everything your heart desires: both hotels with modest, and with luxury apartments, entertainment, shops, bars, restaurants, small cafes.The resort is only for tourists.Local residents do not live in the heart of Playa de Las Americas, and nearby, they come here only to work.The resort is called "The Beach of America" ​​is not in honor of the United States, and once again to recall the heroism of Columbus and his crew.

Tenerife Playa de Las Americas is the most popular destination among foreigners, though, apart from him, there is the Costa Adeje on the west and Los Cristianos in the east.Each year it attracts millions of tourists from all over Europe, there are Russians, but our countrymen a little - about 3% of the total.Despite this, at the resorts offer a huge selection of excursions with a guide, the stores are actively recruiting Russian sellers.

Tourists, starting from his temperament and personal preferences, can choose exactly where to settle in Playa de Las Americas.In the central part is always a lively atmosphere, there are a lot of discos, clubs, restaurants, youth walks until late at night.In the West is better to settle for those who prefer to relax in peace and quiet, this area is very respectable.The eastern part is the "golden mean", the day is crowded, tourists go shopping, visit the entertainment, but by nightfall all closed, the area falls asleep.

striking a huge selection of restaurants and bars in the area of ​​Playa de Las Americas.The card does not allow to get lost, and will quickly find the right places.The kitchen is not the Canary Islands and International, as it is aimed at tourists.Scattered throughout the resort, "McDonald's" trading business lunch, you can taste creative cuisine at a good hotel.For vacationers prepared 8 beaches, swim in the ocean all year round, provides all kinds of entertainment: boat trip, hire catamarans and sailboats, fishing and more.