Boracay Island.

One place where you can really relax fabulously is Boracay Island (Philippines).It is the most diverse, colorful and cheerful area of ​​the state.In it, there are luxury hotels and cottages that will be affordable for every tourist.Sam island is small, but fits on its territory a number of souvenir shops, nightclubs, restaurants and beach bars.So if you are going on vacation to the eastern region, be sure to visit Boracay.

Philippines - islands surrounded by mostly shallow.That is why the process of the way directly to your hotel will be very interesting.First tourists land in the town of Caticlan, from where boats are transplanted to the following to Boracay.However, a kilometer waterway transport stops and all the campers get to land in shallow water on foot.After a short and very funny the way you go to Boracay.

Philippines so attract tourists from all over the world in the first place because of its incredibly warm climate.In winter the temperature here does not fall below 30 ° C in the summer

and even more so the air is heated to 40 ° C.Warm, like fresh milk and water in the sea, given the fact that most of the beaches are equipped in areas of shallow water.It should also be noted that there is no island near coral reefs, and if you wish to look at this miracle of the sea, it is not the problem here is to hire a boat and diving equipment ordering, visit the unforgettable underwater excursion.Corals are located a few kilometers from the island of Boracay.

Philippines is famous for its white sands, which relates directly and discuss the island.The main beach of Boracay is White Beach, which stretches along the largest lagoon.Despite the fact that it is a public place and come here to relax like the locals and almost all visitors, find a quiet corner you'll have forever.Balabog Beach is located on the opposite side of the island and falls under the zone not strong, but steady winds.Naturally, the number of windsurfers and skayserferov then rolls over.Because of this, on the beach were open schools, which taught everyone that water sports.It's funny that many newcomers in this case, in order to improve their own skills, want to get it to the Philippines (Boracay).

hotels in this area has as the most expensive, and it is acceptable for the average tourist.As a rule, luxurious complex is located along a quiet, often private coves.The rest of the stretch across the island, including along White Beach.To rent a house here can also be local residents.They are happy to rent out their rooms and cabins.Therefore, if you are not placing a large number of funds, want to relax in paradise surrounded by nature, welcome to the Philippines, Boracay.

Prices of food on the island as many have noticed, is not too high.Find a cozy place with delicious cuisine and easy accessible financial policy, and this will help the locals.They also will tell you how best to buy a souvenir talisman in memory of the town, and what party will be the most fun.