Northern Spain.

One place resort is famous for an active and varied holiday is Spain, Calella.This small town is located near the bustling Barcelona, ​​and despite the fact that he has the status of the province, there is no need to be bored.Calella has everything you might need for the modern traveler: the warm sea, a large number of night clubs, hotels and restaurants for every budget and, of course, parks, where you can rent watercraft.It is believed that marine vistas in a different light appears to the human eye Spain.

Calella, like most of the coastal towns of Spain, was previously a fishing village.From this place of exported seafood, olive oil and other gifts of nature, which is rich in the region.Calella was only in the twentieth century, and its popularity as a resort began to grow in the second half of the century.Today this charming town attracts tourists from all over the world.And this place is yet another proof of how rich and varied Spain.

Calella, as mentioned above, is in close proximity to Barce

lona, ​​so to get it is through this metropolis.From the airport, drive straight to the resort can be comfortable on the train or rent a car.The road takes in both cases less than an hour.

can say that the holiday season is a standard, and it begins in April and ends in October - so living the whole of Spain.Calella gets into a zone of subtropical climate, so the summer is quite hot, the temperature exceeds the mark of 30 degrees.And in the winter on the streets of the town it becomes cool naturally cools and the sea itself.

Nature in the region is a typical embodiment of Catalunya - rocky shores, golden beaches and the blue sea, which is sometimes worried, but on warm days pleases tourists with its transparent surface.Lovers of diversity and excursions often sent to conquer the top of the local hills, which is located at the foot of the city.Well, most vacationers sunbathing on the beach, which is fully equipped with everything necessary.Along the coastline extends a beautiful promenade, where there are restaurants and beach cafes.Also, at this point a lot of souvenir shops where you can buy yourself something to remember about the rest.

Despite its small area, the city museum is also Calella (Spain).Map of the region will come to the aid of anyone who wants to see the sights of the city.The main historical monument among them is the church Iglesia de Santa Maria.In the center of the city are also many palaces built in the neo-classic and modern.But the symbol of the city is not the handiwork of man and natural heritage, namely - purple acacia.There are many plants here, and they are incredibly highly valued by local residents and authorities.

Here's a memorable, though small Catalan town of Calella.Spain is full of mysteries and unravel one of those you can here, if the rise in small rocks or walk under the shady branches of the lilac trees.