Castle of Oldenburg Princess - the most unusual place Voronezh region

forty kilometers from Voronezh, in the village of Ramon, is a masterpiece of architecture of world importance.This Castle of Oldenburg Princess.The building was built in the old English gothic style and looks a little unusual in the picturesque expanse of Voronezh land.

With 70s lock is on restoration, which is still not finished.Many areas declared emergency, but still this place attracts tourists.Many specifically for this travel to Voronezh.Castle of Oldenburg Princess is unusual not only architecture.On it goes a lot of myths and legends, it is believed that ghosts live there.

This place was donated by Emperor Alexander II to his niece Evgenia Romanova.She was the granddaughter of Nicholas I on his mother and paternal - granddaughter wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.Having been a wedding gift Eugenia and her husband Alexander Oldenburg.Scenics spouses very much, and they began to actively equip them.

Castle of Oldenburg Princess was built in just three years by the architect Christopher Neyslera.B

ut the owners are actively involved in the design, and even the design of the premises.For example, the princess herself expected opening width stairs and burns oak pictures on the tiles to the ceiling.She was a woman very active, so the estate has equipped a large scale.

Castle of Oldenburg Princess - a few red brick buildings, standing on a hill.From the observation tower offers a picturesque view of the river Voronezh and surrounding fields.Access gates decorated with beautiful towers, one of which is decorated with a Swiss watch.Hit the wall meter-wide, arched windows and beautiful twisted fencing balconies.

interior decoration was also fine, but now the little that remained.Beautiful twisted oak banisters, graceful tiled stoves, ceiling, lined with wooden hexagonal tiles ... unusual and that the lock was heated by a furnace in the basement, but still it was a shower.To this end, the princess ordered the construction of a water tower.

Around the castle was defeated by a beautiful park with fountains.Especially beautiful grotto in the backyard.There are still a fountain in the form of fish, from the mouth of the water that should flow, as well as a long staircase leading down to the river.

couple Oldenburg launched in Ramon active: smashed fruit orchards, the railroad opened a candy factory, whose products have been widely known in Russia and abroad.Eugene was fond of hunting, so in the basement of the castle kept wild animals.Menagerie was and the river, it marked the beginning of the Voronezh Reserve.

After the revolution, the estate was plundered, it was a school, a hospital and a library.During the war, the Germans did not bomb the castle princess of Oldenburg, so it is preserved to this day.Restoration it is very slow, probably due to lack of funding.But it is believed that the name of the black witch put a curse, in love with the princess.They say that the castle could not be birds and cats, but at night we hear unusual sounds.

Despite this summer, you can visit the Castle of Oldenburg Princess.Opening hours during the warmer months - every day from 10 am to 17 pm (except Mondays).Now open to the public on the first floor and basement.Before actively restored castle park, since it is planned to make the estate a tourist complex designed by Olivier Dame.