Fairy Montenegro.

most southern region of Montenegro, where the beach season is a record for the country seven months - a city of Ulcinj.Montenegro has long attracts Russian tourists visa-free entry, beautiful nature and, not least, low prices.In fact, you can relax there are much cheaper than in other European countries.

Nature Ulcinj unusually good.Lush vegetation covers most of its area.He himself is located on several hills.Like all of Montenegro, Ulcinj, reviews of attractions that do not leave indifferent, has a rich history.Hence the abundance of cultural and historical values.Its history goes back more than 25 centuries ago.Then people first settled here.The city was the port of pirates, then a long time was known as a center of the slave trade.Some time over him dominion of Venice, and after the Ottoman Empire.Each of these periods left its mark on the architecture of Ulcinj.The length of the beaches of the city is 30 kilometers away.Like the rest of Montenegro, Ulcinj (reviews confirm it) has a clean shorelin

e, connects to the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea.

The city itself is divided into 2 parts: the Old and New Ulcinj.Major attractions are concentrated in the old part, which, in turn, is divided into Upper and Lower Town.There were traces of long-standing domination of the Ottoman Empire - East market and the local museum, which was once a Turkish mosque.The most unusual attraction of the city - Ada Bojana.It is an island formed when some of the sunken ship in the middle of the river.Over here it brought a large amount of sand, and the ship became a piece of land.

beautiful beaches - that's what attracts Montenegro.Ulcinj, reviews of which are filled with admiration, two such famous beaches: Large and Small.The first is one of the largest in the country, it stretches for 12 kilometers.A small or as the locals call it Korzo, is a small cove in the town center.Just here that all the nightlife is concentrated.Bars and restaurants, clubs and places of entertainment - there is everything you need to rest a big company.

Climate Ulcinj

most favorable time to relax here - summer.Average air temperature - 27 degrees, the sea warms up to 26 ° C.In summer, there is almost no rain.However, spend a good holiday and sunbathe there can be as early as April, and ends with the beach season in the last days of autumn.In this climate zone grow kiwi fruit, peaches, apricots, olives, figs, almonds and many other fruit plants.In general, the city is very diverse flora.

favorable location of the city has caused its popularity among tourists.It attracts people, perhaps even more than the rest of Montenegro.Ulcinj (reviews about it sometimes contradictory, but generally positive) - it is not only the beach, but also a cultural holiday.Tours of the historically significant places in the city will not leave anyone indifferent.When all of this can be combined with discos, clubs, beach and admiration of the beauties of nature, there is nothing more valuable.