Estonian town of Narva: sights and attractions

In northern Estonia, on the border with Russia, stretches the beautiful city of Narva.Such location of the border of the village in the past has been both positive and negative sides.Here was the intersection of important trade routes, which could not but affect its prosperity.However, Narva in any military action has always provided one of the first targets of the country.It is for this reason, most of the rulers of a period of the city tried to protect him, raising a variety of defenses, many of which have survived to our time.

What to see in the first place, having arrived in the city with the name of Narva?Landmarks of the village, as well as other - is the historical architectural structures, including Narva Hermann Castle, dated the 8th century.The face of the complex is the tower "Long Hermann", the height of which - over 50 meters.Another interesting building is the Narva Town Hall, whose construction began in 1868 and lasted more than three years.After many restorations, the original appearan

ce of the building has changed.Town Hall today - a three-storey building with a high plinth.It covers the roof dome, on top of which is mounted crane is a symbol of the city.

Continuing to explore the most interesting buildings, which is famous Narva attractions can be supplemented by religious buildings, including the Cathedral of the Resurrection.The temple was built in the early 19th century in the Byzantine style.The outside of the building is lined with light and dark facing brick.If you look at the plan of the cathedral, it is impossible not to notice that he resembles a cross.Belfry consists of three small and three large bells.Within the set three-tiered iconostasis, made of oak, which was used in the decoration, among other materials, and gold.

Speaking of religious buildings, which boasts Narva attractions can be completed in such a structure as Alexander Church, dating from the 18th century.Value is a historic temple bell.In addition, interested visitors are stained.

But that's not all the attractions.Narva has many other interesting places.One of those is the dark garden.It is considered the oldest park in the city.It is located in the bastion of Victoria, which is still at the end of the 19th century, it lost its defensive significance.The most visited park is a monument, which is a cast iron monument in the shape of a cross.It is set in the Northern war dead soldiers.Apart from him, in the park there is a mass grave, which is dedicated to the dead soldiers, but during the War of Independence in 1918.Swedish Lion - is another sculpture, installed here on the hilltop.

The more notable Narva?Attractions (or rather a list of them) can be supplemented with more names of many places, visiting which will be quite interesting.One of the oldest museums in Narva Estonia is considered to be a historical collection that tells the story of the city since the 13th century.It is recommended to visit the art gallery, which is located in a former armory, dating back to the 18th century.And finally you can visit the famous Estonian restaurant - tavern "White Horse", which went down in history thanks to the fact that here were filmed scenes from the famous film "The Three Musketeers."