Volkswagen Golf Plus is attached to the open spaces of the automotive market

Motorists around the world can confidently say that German cars are an example of reliability, quality and comfort.All of these characteristics is not without reason can be attributed to the car Volkswagen Golf Plus, has withdrawn from the assembly line in 2005.Initially, the model was released in the European market, and then lit up by his presence and the global podium.

platform to build this machine served as a notorious previous 5th Volkswagen Golf.A distinctive feature of the new model is the increased height of the body.Compared with its predecessor, Volkswagen Golf Plus is now 95 mm higher.The increase in height is directly related to established standards of control.Therefore, to balance their manufacturers had to tighten the suspension.In addition, the modifications undergone front end: become more streamlined bumpers and fenders.Modified front optics.The back door was also modified.With her were installed LED lights.The front panel also has changed.Four round ventilation deflector located on

a higher and more massive console attached to the front panel and shape the character of a minivan.

new Volkswagen Golf Plus boasts a more spacious interior, which increased legroom is not only the driver and co-driver, but also for rear seat passengers.In addition to much-needed comfort and beloved people, engineers and designers to equip the huge variety of pockets, compartments and compartments for storage and transport of necessary things.In addition, the seats are equipped with comfortable armrests: front equipped with height adjustment and even niche for cooling food or drinks (mini fridge), rear - fixed.

passenger seat Volkswagen Golf Plus transformed and able to take on different positions, according to the desired height adjustment and tilt back.However, they can be completely decomposed, forming a trunk smooth surface and increasing its volume up to 1450 liters.In addition, the average seat is transformed, and in an instant it can change its purpose and turned into a table, armrest or additional storage compartments.

the Russian market Volkswagen Golf Plus "rolled" with the engine equipped with a turbine.This engineering marvel is the "heart of steelĀ» TSI, which amounts to 1.4 liters.This "authority" is operated by the German 122 "horses".Harmony and in unison with the engine running an advanced seven-speed (it is clear that mechanical) box shift DSG-7.

In 2006 at an exhibition in Paris Paris Motor Show German company has provided to the public the new model Golf - Cross Golf, gathered the excellent off-road qualities and is a modified generation Volkswagen Golf Plus, the reviews of which spodvigli designers to new experiences.For car owners say quality, comfort, comfort and space as the main advantages of the German beauties.The downside is the low noise insulation and excellent "appetite" four-wheeled friend.