The new Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback - an improved version of the old crossover.Why this car is worth paying attention to?This will be discussed in this article.

Subaru Outback 2013 was created based on the slogan "functionality - in the first place."For example, a four-cylinder car is horizontal in order to improve the stability of his work and lowering the center of gravity.

Subaru Outback, released in 2013, received a more powerful engine torque, the new parts of the interior, modified transmission with a variator without steps.Now it uses less fuel in mixed mode - up to eight liters per hundred kilometers.This car is available with an engine capacity of two and a half, or 3.6 liters.

New cars Subaru Outback is now six and a half centimeters higher, and its ground clearance is now twenty-one centimeter.On the roof adorn the black rails.The appearance of the model has become more elegant thanks to new headlights, grille and front bumper.

Salon Subaru Outback

Interior of this car is very roomy.Its functionality i

s only increased: in the back row legroom has increased by ten centimeters, and over the head - six centimeters.Subaru Outback Front seats provide good lumbar support.But in the back seat now safely fit three people.

luggage compartment of the car Subaru Outback

Behind the rear seats is a large luggage compartment volume of nine hundred and six liters.When folded seats, its volume increases to 2010 liters.According to this indicator Subaru Outback can be compared with the crossover known as the Honda CR-V 2013. If something does not fit into the luggage compartment, it is possible to quietly immerse the roof.

Specifications car Subaru Outback

creators have made sure that the crossover was no worse than its main competitors.It can be equipped with engine capacity of two and a half liters and equipped with a navigation system with voice control.There is a sound system with Bluetooth-interface, USB port and POD-management.As additional options may be available to the system that controls the rocking car, cruise control, and a system of warning of the descent of the machine from lane.

DDVS Subaru Outback has a capacity of 167 hp and a maximum possible torque is 234 H * m.This power unit is able to be paired with a CVT or a six-speed gearbox.With CVT Subaru Outback consumes 9.8 liters.the city, 7.4 liters.the track, nine liters of a mixed mode.With manual gearbox fuel consumption is 11.2 liters.the city, 9.8 liters.- The combined cycle and 8.4 liters.- On the highway.

Subaru Outback SUV in 2013 established a system EyeSight.It uses a special stereoscopic devices that are behind the rearview mirror.Where appropriate, this system may provide emergency braking.

Subaru Outback: reviews of the owners

Pros: good dynamics, an acceptable consumption of gasoline, the car uninteresting for thieves, prilekatelny appearance, quality odelka interior, good handling and permeability, low price, easy travel, four-wheel drive, the center of gravity low, ratherroomy trunk, reliable, powerful engine, comfortable, doors without frames.

Cons: expensive spare parts and repair, not a very good insulation, no traction control, bumps on the back of the car jumps, resource brakes too small, a small trunk.