Car Chevrolet Lacetti Sedan

car Chevrolet Lacetti Sedan is very popular among Russian motorists.It attracts not only the look but also the technical and operational characteristics, roomy trunk and spacious interior.Car Shevrale Lacetti considered relatively affordable cars from the "Golf class".The machine is ideal for families, business trips, travel.

technical platform of the car Chevrolet Lacetti Sedan from the Daewoo Nubira.The design of cars was created by Italian specialists.

four-car Chevrolet Lacetti Sedan is somewhat stricter than the hatchback, and seemingly more relaxed - it lacks aggressiveness.

Interior cars in both versions is made by a European.If you do not take into account that the Chevrolet Lacetti Sedan is included in the "Golf class", it is possible to think that the level is much higher.The decoration applied mostly expensive plastic, decorated with aluminum inserts.Contours on the deflector, and airflow path in the instruments panel is also decorated with metallic elements.Additional insertion of alum

inum are provided as standard.The car Chevrolet (sedan) distinguishing feature is the presence of a leather covered steering.Extended equipment includes leather trim and seats.This velor padding and used mainly light colors visually increase the amount of space.

Lacetti Saloon car offers a spacious.The luggage compartment can hold four hundred and five liters.This figure is close to the standard machines of the middle class.For the front passengers are provided a variety of pockets, compartments, stand.At the same time in the back seat are only pockets on backside of the seats located in front.

must be said that the cars being in his "C-class" have a very impressive standard.For example, seat height adjustment and tilting back and front of the cushion, generally available only in the extended version.However, manufacturers of these supplements provide for a minimal cost.The car from the beginning equipped with electrical actuators for the side windows, front airbags and ABS.

machine is equipped with engines 1.8, 1.6 and 1.4 liters.The most popular is the average power and volume (1.6 liters and one hundred and nine "horses") model of the motor.In the basic configuration provides five-speed transmission (manual).

For the hatchback provides enhanced sufficiently stiff suspension.It is felt on rough roads.The design features front MacPherson struts, rear mounted double wishbone independent suspension equipped with stabilizer (transverse).Moreover, ventilated disc mounted rear and front brakes.

Thus, the vehicle is considered to be bright enough in its class.Moreover, according to experts, a model for all parameters is deservedly considered one of the best in its class.The car feels good on the Russian roads.In addition to all the other advantages, the car is available to the general mass of the population with average incomes.