Daewoo Leganza Car

car Daewoo Leganza is considered one of the most comfortable models in their class.Despite the fact that the release is suspended a few years ago, it has a certain demand on the secondary market.The machine is available for many motorists.According to experts, the model has proven itself in Russia and several European countries.The car has a spacious interior and attractive appearance.

Development was carried out in conjunction with ItalDesign.This gives the car a modern and stylish look.Model "Daewoo Leganza" is first set up their own concern, not copying the development of other producers, as has happened before.The idea originated from producers in 1993, the year.Immediately release the car Daewoo Leganza was launched in 1997, and was completed in 2002.Production of the model was carried out in South Korea, Ukraine and Russia.

By equipping and completing the car Daewoo Leganza (Testimonials confirm this) competes similar machines Class E European manufacturer.

The standard assembly includes dis

c brakes mounted on all wheels, driver airbag, ABS.Extended equipment includes various technical innovations, which are to some extent influenced the final cost of the model.

The front seats are equipped with combined adjustment: the pillows are installed electrical, and on the back - mechanical.The steering wheel is trimmed with full leather.The column is adjustable for tilt.Model Daewoo Leganza equipped installation, automatically regulating the climate and equipped with an air filter.In addition, the package includes a digital stereo system and electric drive to the rear-view mirrors.

suspension vehicle is relatively soft.During the movement of the machine running quite smoothly.

Daewoo Leganza car equipped with engines, which volume from 1.8 to 2.2 liters.It depends on the modification.The motors are installed by the manufacturer's model "Opel".These engines are characterized by excellent technical characteristics, which fully complies with the parameters of the machine itself.The package may include or automatic or manual.The maximum speed that can develop the car, ranging from 180 to 260 kilometers per hour.It depends on the capacity of the motor.The car takes about ten seconds to accelerate to 100 km / h.

Quite a wide range of modifications allows users to choose the optimal equipment.Motorists are available from the basic version to the most advanced.

During the first years of its production model Daewoo Leganza won great popularity not only in Korea but also in other countries, particularly in Russia.Then the machine was highly appreciated by both professionals and owners.Currently available car on the secondary market, however, and in this case it is highly competitive.This helps to maintain a sufficiently strong demand for the model on the part of consumers with different income.