Visa for Ireland : independent design , documents , profiles , time and cost .What kind of visa is needed to Ireland ?

Ireland - beautiful country attracts tourists from all over the world.And no wonder, because the emerald island hides a lot of mysteries and magic opens.Here towering castles and fairies hiding in the woods, elves, dwarves and other creatures from fairy tales.To visit this wonderful place, the people of Russia need a visa.Experiences show that it is possible to draw on their own or with the help of travel agencies that offer this service.

in Ireland with the UK visa

important to understand that there is an island of Ireland, and is the state of Ireland.These are completely different things.The State does not belong to the whole island, the north-eastern part belongs to the UK.Owners of existing British visa can travel through it to the south of Ireland from 2011 until the end of October 2016, but only under one condition - if only just need to go before the UK.

remainder of this article will be discussed only visa Republic of Ireland.

Visa for Ireland - Schengen?

the Republic of Ireland are n

ot part of the Schengen zone, so for Schengen visa to visit the country is impossible.Conversely, the Irish visa is not valid in the Schengen area.

Visa Types

Before starting the collection of documents, you need to decide which visa is necessary for you to Ireland.They are divided into several types.

1. Travel.Consulate of the country issue such visas to those who want to visit Ireland as a traveler.

2. Guest.Consular officers draw up such visas friends or relatives of citizens living in Ireland.

3. Transit.Use if you go to any country, and your way is through Ireland.

4. Workers.Such visas are given to those who have found a job in Ireland.

5. Business visa.Consulate provides them for business trips at the invitation of the Irish partners.

6. Students.Issued to those who intend to study in Ireland.

There are two types of visas: short-term and long-term.The first are valid for 3 months (a tourist, guest and business visa).Long-term issued only for training, employment or family reunification.

Step visa

1 step.Fill in the questionnaire for a visa to Ireland.This can be done online on the official website.

step 2.Then you need to print a short version of the questionnaire, sign and date.

step 3.Gather all the necessary documents.Their list is provided below.

step 4.Consular fees are paid.

step 5.All the collected papers are sent to the Embassy of Ireland.

6 step.If done correctly, a visa approved, you can take it away.

As you can see, there is nothing supernatural.We need a little patience, attentiveness and knowledge of the nuances, and you do it yourself.You can be proud of yourself that you have framed a visa to Ireland on their own without any help.

form should be filled in English.All other documents, too, it would be nice to attach translations, confirmed the signature of the notary.But practice shows that the Embassy receives documents without assurances.

for a visa to Ireland

1. The questionnaire, filled out online.

2. Two color photos, size 35x45 mm.

3. A passport with an empty place for the visa label (requires at least 2 blank pages).He must act for at least another 6 months after returning to Russia.

4. Copy of old passport, if any.Looking for pages that have information about visas.

5. A photocopy of a Russian passport.We need all the filled pages on separate sheets of A4.

6. Copy of medical policy, insurance must cover the sum of 30,000 euros.

This is a standard set of documents for a visa to Ireland.Below is a list of additional documents for tourist and visitor visas.

7. Statement of accounts of the banks, we need information about ongoing operations in the past six months.

8. Help with work income, length of service and position.Embassy employees have to be sure that you have sufficient funds to live in Ireland.If you are traveling with family, and someone in the family is not working, you need to specify in the letter that you take care of all the expenses.If you do not work, you must attach a letter from the sponsor and a certificate of his work.Pupils and students is enough to make a certificate from the institution, and pensioners - pension certificate photocopy.

9. A letter of application stating the reason for a visit to Ireland.If you go to someone for a visit, you need a photocopy of the passport of the man and invited him, which listed its address and length of the visit.

10. A photocopy of the marriage certificate and the birth of children.It is necessary to confirm their marital status, if you are traveling with your family or without.Sometimes a visa to Ireland is not given to unmarried women, it is believed that they are planning to find a husband abroad and stay to live with him.

11. Confirmation of booking the hotel, if you live there.You can send an e-mail from the hotel, which shows that you are really a hotel room, or to make the original booking, the hotel staff sent by fax.

Additional documents for pensioners

1. Photocopy of the pension certificate.

2. Photocopy of passbook.

3. A photocopy of the credit card.

4. Statement of accounts of the banks.

If the trip pays sponsor, you need the following documents:

  • statement from his bank account;
  • certificate from the employer sponsor indicating the wages;
  • statement written by the sponsor, in which he shall indicate the amount allocated for the trip;
  • photocopy of the pension certificate.

is advisable to translate documents into English.

Additional documents for students

1. Statement of student bank accounts.They have to cover the costs of the trip.

2. Certificate of employment income parents.

3. A photocopy of the certificate and other evidence of education.

4. Autobiography.

5. A photocopy of documents proving that living and training in Ireland is paid.

Additional documents for individual entrepreneurs

for a visa to Ireland for Russian entrepreneurs need little other documents.

1. A photocopy of the certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur.

2. A photocopy of the certificate of tax registration.

3. Help with work with details, phone number, and the average monthly income of the entrepreneur.

4. Copy of tax return on the income received during the past year.

Additional documents for children

1. A photocopy of the birth certificate.

2. Photographs of the child.

3. Letter of parental consent if the child is traveling alone or it will be accompanied by other relatives.If your child goes on a trip with one parent, that requires the consent of the latter.

4. Children under the age of 14 entered in the passport of parents, it is not necessary to fill in the questionnaire.

5. With 14 years in adolescents has to be your passport.In this case, it is filled with a separate profile, signature poses one of the parents.

Depending on which visa is necessary in Ireland, you will collect the relevant documents.

Photo requirements

1. Two identical color photographs.

2. Photo size 3,5x4,5 cm.

3. The background should be bright.

4. expression neutral, it is not necessary to smile, the hair should not turn a blind eye.

5. The third part of the photograph must be a person, and the rest - the background.

6. On the reverse side should be legibly write your last name, first name and number of your form.

The picture should not be:

  • frames, red eyes, glare;
  • headdress;
  • sunglasses (allowed to be photographed only in transparent glasses).

Turnaround time

Normally visa to Ireland is made within 10-15 days.But this is only approximate terms, it can arrange earlier or later.It all depends on how busy the embassy staff.For example, in the summer they will be slower, because this time of year is the biggest influx of tourists.Therefore, on the visa should take care in advance and not at the last moment.To nothing to worry about, it is best to apply for the month.This option would be the most optimal.If you go to a travel agency, so that they themselves have issued you all, please note that in this case the terms will increase by a few days.

cost of the visa fee

visa fee - a fee that takes its work for the embassy (visa).Price for the provision of such services established in the euro, but need to be calculated in rubles at the exchange rate.We accept only cash.

To date, the cost of the visa fee depends on how long is a visa to Ireland:

  • for single entry visa - 60 euros (about 2,900 rubles);
  • for a multiple entry visa - 100 euros (about 4,900 rubles);
  • for the transit visa - 25 euros (about 1,200 rubles).

In case you did something wrong or you have been refused a visa for any reason, the amount of fee is not refundable.To guarantee was a visa, you can seek the assistance of experts in the travel agency, but then to have to pay the above sum is still about 5-8 thousand rubles.As you can see, to prepare documents will be much cheaper.

What if denied a visa?

If you are refused a visa for 2 months you have the opportunity to file an appeal in writing.

To challenge the decision Embassy staff can not only when they are found in the documents of explicit forgery.For example, if the data are far from reality, or you have forged a document.Of course, you can accidentally make a typo, but rules are rules, and the embassy are very strict.Just because no one is issued a visa to Ireland Visa Center carefully suited to checking the market, so you must also come to fill them with the utmost care.As they say, better to be silent about something than to lie.Carefully read all the requirements and follow the instructions, then you will be able to avoid problems.

Irish Embassy in Russia

In Russia today there is only one diplomatic mission of the Republic of Ireland, it is located in Moscow.In other cities consulates in this country are not available.Visa Section receives all Russians.Documents can be brought personally to the Embassy at Moscow, Grokholski lane, the house 5. The visa section is open Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 17.30.But it is better to clarify the reception in advance by calling + 7- (495) -937-5911.Employees politely answer all your questions, but sometimes it turns out not to get through the first time, especially during the holidays, so be persistent.No time to call?Then you can ask your questions by e-mail.At the embassy has its own email:

If you can not reach the capital, do not worry, the embassy is not used the system of interviews.Specialist of the visa officer will review your papers and make a decision.If it is positive, then a visa to Ireland you will have on hand, and you can easily go on a trip.All documents you can send by mail at the above mentioned address, pointing to the letter code 129090. Or you can do this by using the services of a courier service.In this case, you will write a letter of attorney for the courier to the embassy had taken your documents.

As you can see, to collect the documents for a visa under the force of each.But you always have a choice: do it yourself and save the family budget a few thousand, having studied all the requirements of the Irish embassy or lazy and refer to specialists in the travel agency, while spending a considerable amount.