Chalet "Pushkinogorye" - photos, prices and reviews

cozy country chalet "Pushkinogorye" located in the most beautiful place of the Pskov region, in the picturesque village with the poetic name of Pushkin Hills.The complex began to function in the Soviet years (in 1976) and by far the most popular in the region.Doors boarding house open all year.Here on rest and recovery are coming in droves to enjoy the picturesque valleys, rejuvenate and breathe clean air.

Lump Hotel can accommodate more than 400 people, including children from the age of two.Often there are organized guided tours of the Pushkin district, lakes and parks.It is here fully felt the greatness of the Russian land.Strolling along the shady alleys, you will touch the ancient history, you will see the ancient fortress of Pskov, Izborsk and Pechora.

Change the rhythm of life and the environment after the hustle, bustle of the city and be able to give a lot of pleasant moments, relieve tension and restore emotional balance.A pure nature, virtually untouched by man-made civilization, fill

the body with positive energy and strength.


modern hostel "Pushkinogorye" (photo attached) on the green area has three residential buildings with different categories of rooms and several wooden cottages.All rooms separated bathroom with shower.In case number 1, 2 there is a kitchen and bedroom areas, as well as cable TV, in the presence of a fireplace and a relaxation room.

in building number 3, 4 and 5 - two bedrooms and a living area with kitchenette.For the rest of the budget single rooms with private facilities offer hostel "Pushkinogorye."Prices start from 1500 p.per day.The most expensive would cost two-room cottage - 5900 p.For a double room with shower, toilet and cable TV will have to pay about 2200 p.


For an additional cost, you can order a three-time diet or just a morning meal for 180 p.Chalet "Pushkinogorye" invites guests to dine in a festively decorated dining room for 250 persons.The friendly staff will talk in detail about a particular dish and recommend the best.A varied menu will please the excellent quality and volume.

And those who do not want to rush for breakfast or dinner, always look in a cozy cafe.In pleasant surroundings and a relaxed atmosphere, you will be treated to delicious food.If you decide to prepare their own meals in his room, the required products can be purchased at your local grocery store.

Tools and Services

There will be entertainment for every tourist in the sanatorium "Pushkinogorye."Chalet reviews regularly receives praise from satisfied customers.Attracted customers with quality accommodation, the internal regulations, the purity of the territory and an abundance of recreational activities.Especially good rest here in the summer when everything is blooming and fragrant.

on the local area has its own pond - in warm weather you can swim.Tourists coming here for a measured and calm, will be pleasantly surprised by the presence of a library with a rich fund of literature of different genres.After a hearty breakfast you can take a walk along the quiet trails, listen to birds singing and enjoy the solitude.

sure to visit Russian bathhouse with this stone oven and birch brooms.After healing steam room offers a useful herbal drink.Also rustic chalet "Pushkinogorye" offers a glimpse into a Finnish sauna and a swim in a cool pool.Recover lost strength will help you in the medical center, it employs massage room and beauty treatments.

most important entertainment - tours of outstanding historical sites of the city.The local travel agency offers trips to ancient Pskov.Being in this place, a sin not to visit the museum-reserve of the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

Active Life

for athletes and fans of active rest hostel "Pushkinogorye" is pleased to offer a range of exciting entertainment.During warmer months, outdoor sports grounds where you can play volleyball or badminton.Rent a bicycle and explore the local scenery.In winter, the box office has sleds and skis.Year-round functioning gym and billiard room.The hotel has a disco club.Children's entertainment

Want your kid having fun, informative and actively spent vacation, then bring it to the village of Pushkin Hills.Chalet "Pushkinogorye" - is clean air, natural beauty and excellent conditions for diversified children's entertainment.In this amazing corner of your child will receive positive emotions, playing tennis, football, badminton and swimming in the pond.

winter, the pension granted to children sled with skis.Sporting outdoors, the child not only to work up an appetite, but also healthier.As is known, active leisure in nature has a beneficial effect on health.In summer, the whole family can go camping with tents, visiting cultural and historical sites of the Pushkin Reserve.The child will get acquainted with the history of Russia, will raise the intellectual level and remember the journey of a lifetime.

for business tourism

created in pension decent conditions for corporate travelers.On the basis of business travelers offer technically equipped conference room with 50 seats.Solemn or business event can be held in the banquet room.Quality and professionalism to organize a meeting, or a corporate holiday feast with experienced staff happy to help.In the presence of high-speed Internet access and private parking in the boarding house "Pushkinogorye."

Chalet reviews from travelers receives positive.A lot of good words to say to the attentive and courteous staff.Liked leisure neat rooms and good nutrition.Particularly pleased with the guests infrastructure.Many mentioned in a review of the safety of living - the whole area is fenced and guarded.Almost in a homely atmosphere can be cultural, interesting and informative to spend your vacation at a reasonable cost.