Pension "Cassandra" Annunciation

Krasnodar region annually receives more than one hundred thousand guests.One of the favorite places is the Anapa and suburbs with their beautiful beaches, clear waters and plenty of entertainment - for both children and adults.There is a wide range of services that meet the needs of all categories of guests.For example, supporters of quality vacation at an affordable price can opt for the sanatorium "Cassandra", located on Bugaz spit.This place is attractive, spacious beaches, as well as the infrastructure, which is preferable for a family holiday.


Pension "Cassandra" (Annunciation village) - the only one on the entire Cape, located near the edge of the Black Sea.Local residents informed about the best bathing areas, I stop here for the unusually clean water and the feeling of space and freedom that occurs during walks along the sandy beach.At a distance of 50 m from the "Cassandra" is Kyzyltashsky bay.His mud used in all health resorts resort.Largely thanks to them so popular Annunciation.


"Cassandra" has all the conditions for a great experience with children.On the territory there is a playground and the beach - a slide and a trampoline.At 20 meters from the buildings stretched beach area, where all services are provided by different prices.Guests are also offered a pool, a bar and a sauna.In addition, the local infrastructure is quite advanced.The cost of tickets to the pension "Cassandra" (Annunciation), taking into account three meals a day is 1000-1440 rub. / Person.per day.

Available services

Sanatorium "Cassandra" (Annunciation) has everything you need.There are bars, sauna, pool, playground and trampoline located on the beach with a slide, for cars equipped with a guarded parking lot (50 rubles. Per day).For variety, you can go on trips.A choice of a trip to Utrish Dolphinarium, the Taman mud volcanoes, waterfalls on the river.Janet, Gelendzhik Safari Park and others. Another feature is the presence of a boarding house rooms allowing to welcome guests with disabilities.There is a shuttle service.

Getting here

to arrive in the sanatorium "Cassandra", you can take a train, heading to Novorossiysk - to go to the station Tunnel (Anapa).You can fly in an airplane.Flights to the airports of Krasnodar and Anapa.Guests are greeted by a car and the resort dovozit directly to your destination.This reduces travel time, eliminates the direct, which, of course, very convenient.The most common point of arrival becomes Anapa.Annunciation ("Cassandra" is one of the most popular resorts here) is located approximately 40 km from the city.Bus goes up to 10 times per day.The village will have to transfer to a taxi.If you are traveling by car, the main reference is the village of the Annunciation.Here, take the street.Taman almost to the end, then turn left into the lane border, and after 200 meters - right on the street.Black Sea.After leaving the village after 6 km you will see pension.It is at the end of the road, it is only one further movement is prohibited because of the dunes.Car can be parked in the car park in the courtyard, which is guarded round the clock.The price of 50 a day.

transfer fee is determined by a meeting place for tourists, arrival time, number of people and so on. D. So, during the day (6: 00-22: 00), it is 800 rubles., If you arrived inAirport, and 900 and 1500 rubles., if you come by train to the station of Anapa and tunnel, respectively.The meeting place in the first case - near the gate in the area of ​​"Exit to the city", in the second - on the platform next to the train car.The driver always holds a sign on which is written the name of visitors.From 10 pm to 6 am the price is increased by 30%.When ordering transport remember Maximum occupancy in passenger cars - 4 guests, in Vol. H. Children from 1 year, minivan - 5-8 passengers, minibus - 12. The cost when selecting the second option is increased by 1.5 times and the third- two.If you have a bulky baggage in excess of the volume of the trunk of a sedan, the challenge will require large machines.Shuttle cars made by domestic or foreign cars of a class "economy", some of them are air-conditioned.


The sanatorium "Cassandra" (Annunciation) rooms are reserved in advance and confirming.For this purpose, the connection will employee pension, which will tell you the account number consisting of 12 characters.When adjusting plans booking data changes are allowed.The first two times free and subsequent costs corresponding to 1% of the amount of service.If you need to save room for the guest no longer paid back the money by wire transfer to the p / s client.And the closer to the arrival this occurs, the greater the percentage retained: up to 3 days before the expected arrival - 30%, 3-10 days - 20%, more than 10 - 10%.


Anapa is of particular interest as the ancient city and the largest resort of family and children's activities.Using a specially designed route, you can learn more about it.At the sanatorium "Cassandra" (Annunciation) has a tour desk.You will be asked to walk on the shady streets of the resort.The guide will tell about the events of centuries of history, show memorials and monuments to famous people of different ages.You look at modern resorts and the first sanatorium, which was at the forefront "of the resort era."In addition, the tour included hour boat trip.The spurs of the Great Caucasus from Anapa rich nature can be viewed in landscape and floristic marine reserve "Utrish."There are rare plants listed in the Red Book, valuable shellfish and animals that live in the unique dolphins - in the open sea.For fans of extreme sports, and spectacular scenery suit rides with instructors in a mountain valley Succo, located 15 km from the city.This trip will long remain in your memory as one of the highlights of the holiday.

Sanatorium "Cassandra" (Annunciation).Reviews

First guests celebrate convenient location places.In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there is a beach.Next to the sanatorium there is also entertainment.Active guests enthusiastically talking about the time spent here.Especially pleased with the family tourists who come with their children.On the territory there is everything to a child rest and frolic.From the windows of residential building with beautiful views.All rooms are equipped with everything necessary.Appreciate the tourists and service.According to those who had to go for help, the staff quick and responsive to requests.Employees of sanatorium prompt where you can go for a walk, what places to visit in the first place, how best to reach them.Staying in a boarding house in the memory will leave only good memories.