Routes and Moscow suburbs - where the best place to ride a bike?

spend time pleasantly and usefully possible, traveling to Moscow and the surrounding area on a bicycle.Such walks are not only exciting, but also help to expand horizons and improve health and physical condition of the amateur athlete.Routes suburbs differ astonishing beauty that is hard to notice in the usual pace of city life.What are the most interesting places where it is most convenient to ride and where you can run into the wild?

scenic route in the village of Island

Cycling Near Moscow move easier than in the city.There are fewer cars and more beautiful species that are pleasing to the eye.We offer to start a "light tour" with a small island village, situated just 5 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, a moderate elevation in the floodplain of the Moscow River.It is located 10 km Kashirskoye, from large settlements near it may be noted Lytkarino.There are quite a few objects to explore, among them - hip church built over four centuries ago, and stables house, the former manor house of the ea


almost primeval beauty is different local nature, meanders of the river, rolling hills, parks and even a fake village cemetery.Getting Island on a bike is possible through Mamonovsky graveyard and a pond, and then right across the cornfield.At the site you can view the source of the river Berezhenki, beautiful and low water stream, the current rapidly among the forest undergrowth.There is also a small pond round shape, which is almost completely overgrown with slime in the summer.

In the wake of the Emperor Napoleon

Routes Moscow and Moscow differ quite strongly.The city walk reminiscent of the original tour, implying familiarity with the city's history, unusual architecture, elegance and luxury.Significant popular route along the city streets and Maroseika Pokrovka.During the War of 1812, in the capture of Moscow by Napoleon, here it was a central part of the capital.The route of your movement will be as follows:

  • Pokrovka 4. House Prince Dolgoruky.The mansion was built in the XVII century in the popular Baroque architectural direction.
  • Maroseyka 17. Embassy of Belarus.The building was erected at the end of the XVIII century at the junction of two architectural solutions, baroque and classicism.
  • Armenian lane.All the buildings represent a significant historical value.The greatest interest is the building of the Institute of Oriental Languages, students who were Turgenev and Stanislavsky.
  • Bolshaya Lubyanka, 14. Chamber Dmitry Pozharsky.
  • Completion of the route - at Maroseyka 2. Previously, there was one of the oldest churches in Moscow, named in honor of the Holy Virgin.

How to spend time outdoors?

Routes suburbs - a great opportunity to spend the day outdoors, in nature.Such a decision may appeal to tourists amateur.How nice to come away into the woods and stay for the night with a tent to enjoy the fabulous charm of the night around the campfire, play songs on the guitar, telling each other scary stories and enjoy a baked potato!To pedal in the country was even more interesting, combine this activity with the collection of berries, mushrooms or autumn herbarium.

Where else can you get directions?

bike trails suburbs If you seem too difficult because of their large distance, pay attention to local parks.Good track laid for high-speed driving on the Sparrow Hills, and in Bitsa Krylatskoye, at ENEA, in the park of the 850th anniversary of Moscow, near Marino.Those who do not have your own bike, but eager to ride, given the opportunity to hire.To move marked a special track with the corresponding markings, which is forbidden to move pedestrians.

Towards the history of literature

Recently, very popular bike trails of the day.Moscow near and far - the perfect place to hold them.You can combine them with not only a campaign, but also a sightseeing tour on any local attractions.Similar walk - a real adventure, in which you can go to a good season.

literature lovers will appreciate the well-known route near Peredelkino dachas.Are they the two highway Borovsky and Minsk.The starting point of travel - Platform Railways Peredelkino.Kolesyaschih on rural roads and paths, you will see:

  • residence of the Patriarch.
  • House of creativity and its beautiful green alleys.
  • summer residence and the house-museum of Pasternak acting today.
  • cool spring in the village and the local pond.
  • House Museum Yevtushenko.
  • House Okudzhava.

few words about safety

Routes and suburbs of the capital in recent years, have enough good equipment, but do not forget about safety, which is so necessary for the health of each individual.Before you go to even short-term, but the journey, be sure to check and verify:

  • route.
  • Availability of necessary things (money, documents, phone, a small amount of food supplies).
  • knowledge of safety regulations and first aid.
  • If you are traveling in a group, make sure that minors and cyclists with a minimum experience of riding in the middle.