Sanatorium "Lenevka": photos, prices and truthful reviews

Sanatorium "Lenevka" is located on the shore of the reservoir Lenevskogo, about a hundred kilometers from Yekaterinburg.Guests it takes more than 30 years.Rehabilitation and enjoyable holiday here contributes to everything - the crystal clear pine air, mild climate is healthy, beautiful places (boarding house is surrounded by pine forests).


Holidaymakers are accommodated in comfortable rooms of standard, deluxe and junior suite.The building is designed for 162 rooms.In the medical-health body, as well as in cafes you can go through the tunnel.In addition, realized tours with accommodation in luxury apartments, consisting of three rooms.It's 38 rooms located in the second building.Rooms all classes are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable pastime.As you can see, "Lenevka" - sanatorium (photo in the article confirm it) is very smart and modern.

Infrastructure resort

Anyone who prefers a comfortable holiday, you should definitely buy a ticket to the boarding house "Len

evka."Here you can visit the juice bar and cafe.Active guests will certainly become regulars at a local gym.Also in the resort you can play billiards or tennis (ping and large).Lovers read is to visit your local library.And that's not all it has to offer its vacationers sanatorium "Lenevka."Waterpark, which is to go to the whole family - a high hill, from which you can ski right into the swimming pool, jacuzzi and comfortable more.

addition to rest in a sanatorium opened a beauty salon.You can also visit the hairdresser, beauty and nail treatments.For children in the boarding house has a games room.While mom brings beauty and has been in the gym, the child interesting and usefully spend time under the supervision of an experienced educator.

Finnish sauna

addition to relaxing in the hot tub, a dispensary offers to fans of water treatments Finnish sauna.Bath - a great way to rejuvenate both physical and emotional.Under the influence of increased temperature enhanced the flow of lymph and blood, as well as accelerating metabolic processes.After a visit to the sauna of the body displays all the toxins and excess fluid.Water treatments in the bath allows to train the heart and blood vessels tone.In addition, such swimming - a good prevention of cellulite.

Medical profile of the sanatorium

Sanatorium "Lenevka" offers a comprehensive treatment program aimed at reviving and rejuvenating the entire body.Visit this resort is, for example, those who want to get rid of excess body volume.The procedures that you'll pass in a boarding house, are primarily aimed at splitting and excrete excess fat, restore the water-salt balance, drainage tissues, strengthen cell, improve digestion and normalize metabolism.In addition, the sanatorium specializes in diseases of the respiratory, nervous system, musculoskeletal system, and heart.Treatment is carried out using the most modern of expensive imported equipment.

Which diseases should be treated come

Sanatorium "Lenevka" certainly worth a visit if you want to eliminate diseases such as:

  1. Overweight.
  2. All sorts of allergies.
  3. Atherosclerosis.
  4. neuroses.
  5. chronic pancreatitis (remission phase) and nekalkulezny cholecystitis.
  6. Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, neurodermatitis).
  7. Arthritis and arthrosis.
  8. Digestive diseases.
  9. menstrual disorder.

pension doctors also help you if you have problems such as:

  1. bad dream.
  2. Increased irritability.
  3. fatigue.


amendment to the health of tourists provides the following procedures:

  1. therapeutic baths and massages under a shower.
  2. circulation shower.
  3. Carbonic dry bath.
  4. solarium.
  5. ozocerite baths.Ozokerite - mineral wax with a fairly low melting point.From it you can do to warm up plates, which are superimposed on the sore spots across the oilcloth.
  6. Treatment vacuum.
  7. Visit the sensory room.
  8. Aromatherapy.
  9. Mud.
  10. Electrosleep.
  11. therapeutic blanket.
  12. Shockwave and pressure therapy.
  13. Hirudotherapy and hypoxic "Mountain Air".

Dining & Entertainment

Sanatorium "Lenevka 'offers vacationers meals.Breakfast is served at the "buffet".Lunch and dinner are prepared to order.It can also be designed individually controlled power.

Very nice to sunbathe and swim at the beach, located in close proximity to the towers.The coastline is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable pastime.If desired, you can rent a boat or catamaran.For children in the resort playground.In winter you can skate or ski and snow-cats or rent a sled.

The resort, among other things, implemented a variety of excursions.Hikers can walk through the local forests in search of berries and mushrooms.Many vacationers catch the fish in the reservoir.Fishing is possible in both summer and winter.

at a local gym (an area of ​​528 m2) held a variety of events - basketball, volleyball, mini-football, tennis.The gym is furnished with the latest technology.

Corporate events and holidays

The resort features a spacious lounge, where you can order any celebration.Dispensary staff can arrange corporate, anniversary, wedding, etc.Your friends and acquaintances will appreciate the high quality of food served, and will be able to look at the performance of vocal, dance or theater groups of the Middle Urals.

Prices for tickets


Main place


Mother and Child

1-bed first category without air conditioning








2-seater first category




2-seater three-




1-bedded studio




Twin Studio




rates are for 2014 to 28 December inclusive.According to the program "Mother and Child" serves children up to 14 years.

reviews dispensaries

Most of the guests have already visited the sanatorium "Lenevka" speak of him very well.Even in the network, you will not find negative reviews about this institution.Vacationers say comfortable, modern accommodation, excellent service, professional chefs.I like the visitors center and the fact that all the building of the hotel connected by covered passages.This is especially useful in winter.Vacationers recommend to all my friends and family be sure to visit the sanatorium "Lenevka."Comments about leisure guests in this pension as positive.

How to get to the dispensary

from Ekaterinburg should get to Nizhny Tagil.You can go by train, taxi or bus.All transport departs from the train station in Yekaterinburg.In Nizhny Tagil should find a cafe "Tagil Evening" and wait for the arrival of the bus is owned by sanatorium-dispensary "Lenevka."Causing loss of holidaymakers it twice a day - at 7:45 and 19:00.Flights provided both on weekdays and weekends.

In that case, if you want to get to the dispensary on private vehicles, you need to follow the highway Ekaterinburg - Serov.Approximately 120 km from the regional center, close to the n. Lenevka, you will see a pointer to the dispensary.At the resort has its own secure parking.

sanatorium Address: Sverdlovsk region, Lenevskoe Reservoir, p. Lenevka.

full range of therapeutic and recreational services - that offers modern sanatorium Sverdlovsk region."Lenevka" in this regard is no exception.Bought tickets offers comfortable rooms, high-class services, effective treatment and all kinds of entertainment.