Oceanarium in Antalya - photos, prices, and reviews of tourists from Russia

Mysterious and mysterious underwater world for a long time attracted the attention of people.However, not everyone can, in a variety of reasons, to dive under the water and enjoy the fellowship with the inhabitants of the seas and oceans and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.In addition, many residents of the sea is quite dangerous, and familiarity with them can result in tragedy.Opened in mid-August 2012 Oceanarium in Antalya (Turkey), who during this time one of the most famous attractions of the resort, provides an opportunity for everyone, regardless of age and physical fitness, observe the life of a variety of marine animals and fish.


interior decorating three-storey building of the aquarium, as well as registration of all thematic aquariums, has been developed and designed by the renowned sculptor from Italy Giulio De Benedetti, and a team of experts under his leadership.Before oceanarium allocated a fairly large area, about 500 meters, for private cars and tour buses.The total

area covered premises Antalya Aquarium is 12 000 m2 and the volume of all the water contained in it - 7.5 million liters.Final cost of the project has been more 850 million Turkish Liras.

Before entering into the entertainment center arranged an unusual fountain in a pool, a house the sculpture of a whale in a full-size, squirt water out of his head.On the first floor of a three-storey buildings placed detailed scheme of all the Aquarium, the information about all the entertainment and educational areas, as well as recreational areas.Here, visitors are greeted by a professional photographer offering their services.In Antalya the Oceanarium aquarium and allowed to take photographs, and interiors, but only on one condition - without using the flash, which can scare marine life.

And what is there?

Antalya Aquarium, part of the five world's largest aquarium, is composed of 36 thematic areas, which represent a total of about 20 thousand of the inhabitants of the oceans, seas and rivers.Oceanarium in Antalya offers not only educational excursions, but also lots of fun.On its territory there is a paintball and exhibition halls, a cinema and a children's play area, restaurants and cafes, as well as a diving school.Children's play area is very large and equipped with the latest entertainment and educational attractions.

greatest interest among visitors are two zones: "Maldives," where you can swim in the outdoor pool with a shark safe and friendly sea lions, as well as "Snow World» (Snow World).In this corner, established in Turkey is quite hot, the temperature is maintained at -5 0 C, which allows sledding, snowball and run through snowdrifts.Oceanarium in Antalya - the only one in the world, having a house of Santa Claus, and built of snow igloo (Inuit dwellings).All visitors at the entrance to the topic area provides special insulated suits.It is worth noting that the outdoor pool "Maldives" is located just on the roof of the "Snow World".

creators point out that the main attraction of the aquarium is the underwater glass tunnel, the length of which is 131, and the width - 3 m.

Exposure to the aquarium all the animals are distributed depending on the habitat.There is a zone of jellyfish and moray eels, stingrays sand and coral reefs and their inhabitants, as well as aquariums with freshwater fish, including sturgeon.Oceanarium in Antalya (traveler reviews confirm it) is magnificently decorated themed aquariums - in a variety of styles, with beautiful decor, subject, as a representation of the corresponding region and its history.Here you can see the plane crashed and submerged car, ancient ruins.Downtown Aquarium is a great exposure, which is sunken 20-foot pirate ship.In each aquarium located near the special LED-screens provide information about the animals and fish that live in it.It appears in English, Russian, Turkish and German.

Where is it?

Located Aquarium in Turkey, Antalya, Konyaalti, at Dumlupinar Bulvari, where are concentrated the most visited places of interest Dolphinarium and Aqua Park, Beach Park and Mini City (Museum of Miniatures), as well as a large shopping center "Migros 5M" (Migros 5M).

How to get there?

Many travelers wonder about how to find the Oceanarium in Antalya, how to get to it.If you're heading from Kemer, you can choose the bus and ride it to the stop Beach Park.Then you need to go across the road and move in the direction of the Museum of Miniatures (Mini-City).

From other areas of Antalya can be reached by bus route №5 to stop "Aquarium", a route number 6 or 8 to the shopping center "Migoros" and go down towards the sea.


This large aquarium in Antalya, reviews of which in most cases positive, open to the public daily.In the period from April to November, that is, in the holiday season, it is open from 9.30 am to 11.00 pm.From December to March, opening hours are somewhat different: from 10.00 to 20.00.Recent Visitors allowed in the Oceanarium in Antalya an hour before the operation, and the cash stop selling tickets 45 minutes before the closure of the complex.Superficial and cursory acquaintance with the exposition takes about 50 minutes.

Importantly, Antalya Aquarium is open to visitors with prams.

Price question

buying a ticket, you should remember that for children from 0 to 3 years free admission.For children from 3 to 12 years, the ticket price will be 27 US dollars, and for adults - 35. This price includes a visit and inspection of the main exposure and the tunnel, but for visiting the terrarium, an outdoor swimming pool and "Snow World" will have to payseparately.Therefore accurately answer the question of how much the aquarium in Antalya, will not work, because it will depend on you have chosen to visit the zone.

Exit oceanarium arranged through the gift shop, which is to go with kids "lossless" obtained from their parents often.