Which beach in Vityazevo?

Vityazevo - holiday village in the south of Russia, which is located 11 kilometers from Anapa.This town is located along the estuary Vityazevskogo.

Why is it called?

Beach Vityazevo good, so here comes a lot of tourists every year.Locality is named in honor of Major Knight, made the feat in 1809.This extraordinary man heroically fought the Circassians and died of wounds received in battle three days after the battle.

After a while there appeared Cossack village Vityazevskaya and then settlement of Pontian Greeks - Vityazevo.Until now, they also make up a large part of the population of the village.


Beach Vityazevo spacious (about two hundred meters in width), and he stretched out along the coast to as much as 5 km.Clean it every day.At the coast there are hotels, entertainment facilities, restaurants, amusement parks, bowling.A taxi to Anapa runs every five minutes.On sale there are many different gifts, are cosmetic services.Such a good SPA-salon, in Vityazevo, there is probab

ly nowhere else on the Black Sea coast.SPA «Niga" provides a variety of treatments, the best fish peeling, chocolate wrapping.You can make masks and anti-aging, and Thai massage.But for fans of extreme sports produced a variety of excursions - ATV safaris, mountain climbing in the mountains and waterfalls.

can also swim in the estuary Vityazevskom, but there is a narrow beach, shoreline fickle, and the streets are pulled virtually on the beach.

Sand or gravel?

This medium-sized town, rest there is more suitable mothers with children and pensioners.For those who like to spend days on the beach - it's just perfect.Many people are interested in the question: "Which beach in Vityazevo - sand or pebbles?"Who will give the answer.The beach there is sandy, although all beaches on the Black Sea coast of Russia are usually composed of small pebbles, run-surf.

Sand is a mixture of quartz rocks and crushed shells.Also on the coast a lot of dunes.This is a very beautiful small dunes in the desert of this by nature.It is interesting to slide on such hills, sunbathing on them.Kids love to play with the sand.He then large, golden, waste not, after each storm will be cleaned with a good technique.Sometimes it helps the volunteers.In Vityazevo can get a job as a cleaner beach.That is, every night you will need to take the garbage left by visitors.Many people who have come to rest, so earning - only an hour a day, by the hour.

Referring to the beach, I want to say that it is very beautiful.In these waters you can swim or scuba mask.And divers professionals also choose this area of ​​the sea for a dip.You can visit the diving wreck "Odessa City Council", which the Germans had sunk during the Great Patriotic War.

tourists prefer the beach in Vityazevo beaches in Anapa and Novorossiysk."Why?" - You ask.Probably because that was comfortable.If you come to the beach in Vityazevo at sunset, you can see the dolphins - they're often displayed at this time.

But there is this beach and cons - the sea, as in Anapa and Novorossiysk, the coast is very shallow.Therefore it is necessary to go to a depth of one hundred meters.Although, of course, that's a plus for the children - the shore is formed a kind of spacious "paddling".The sea temperature 20-27 degrees, it is almost perfect for swimming.

private beach

Most beaches belongs Vityazevo Hotels, Motels - "Pearl of Russia", "Aquamarine", REDROSE.They are free, as you know, only for hotel resorts.These citizens have free use of deck chairs, bars and cafes on the beach.But travelers will have to pay an entrance fee (but within reason).Beaches hotels where better public, and the people on them less.Good service, clean, cultural and entertainment programs - all you need to relax.


There are two public beaches - "Dune" and CPV (central beach Vityazevo).They are equipped with almost everything you need - a volleyball court, cafe, rescue, medical care."Dune" - the most popular beach in Vityazevo.Visitors reviews about it, by the way, basically only positive.

There is also a beach LOC "Vityaz".It is closed, fenced with mesh, and the entrance to only a pass, but the conditions for the rest there is remarkable.Perhaps the most deserted beach in Vityazevo.In August (the end of the holiday season), all beaches are busy with holiday-makers, sometimes is nowhere to lie down.But the beach LOC, which occupies a considerable area, is never fully engaged.


Aside village Annunciation stretched unsettled wild beaches.There you can drive the car right on the beach.These beaches are perfect for those wishing to relax at one with nature and to live "savages" without the benefits of civilization.The length of the wild beach is about twelve kilometers.There are parking lot, fireplace, campsites.


do in conclusion is that the beach in Vityazevo - a great option to spend an unforgettable holiday.Here you can have a good time with the kids and families, and gay friendly businesses.