Entertainment in the Lazarev - are emotions, impressions, adrenaline

Lazarevskoye - it's not a single town or city, as many believe, a beautiful resort districts of the town of Sochi.Humid subtropical climate, flat pebble beaches, clear water, the opportunity to improve your health, get a tan - it all beckons travelers it here.Someone traveling alone, someone with a family, but everyone sooner or later get tired of lying on the beach, want fun, excitement and emotion.That is why today we will talk about what fun is in the Lazarev, it will be interesting to adults, and that children look at each of them in detail.

Waterpark "Starfish»

It is located in the heart of the Lazarev, so while walking through the area you pass by.This entertainment center includes a large number of slides, pools for kids and adults alike.The kids can also frolic in special venues.Trading pavilions, beer tents, cafes - all designed to make your holidays brighter and more interesting.You can have fun here, not only on water but also on land administration regularly organizes shows and perform

ances of DJs and artists.It works complex daily from 10 am to 8 pm.


Entertainment Lazarev so varied and interesting that will not be bored anyone.That only is the aquarium, located in the center of the "Dolphin".Here you will see and reptiles, and mammals, and exotic fish.Only here the inhabitants of the sea proplyvut over your head, and the guide will tell about their life, so that you capture breath.


If you are going on vacation and want to know what entertainment in the Lazarev are the most popular, we advise you to visit this park, where there is almost every visitor.This place was founded in 1975.You are here not only to walk along shady paths, enjoying the aromas of flowers, but also to see such specimens of plants that are sure to want to take a picture.This Japanese acacia, and oleander and rhododendron, magnolia and from North America, Caucasian and lime.Well, where else do you see all this?For those who like a more active holiday there working Ferris wheel, roller coaster.Entertainment for children in the Lazarev is also available, this park is no exception.For kids work here, such attractions as "Daisy", "Wind", there are slides and a playground, a room of laughter and more.

Zoo for children

In no case do not pass by this place, although, of course, all the entertainment in the Lazarev noteworthy.This zoo was opened in 2010 to provide children with the opportunity to communicate with nature.It is home to turtles, guinea pigs, little sheep, donkeys, rabbits, that is, those animals that you can touch, feed, hold it in her arms.It is sure to enjoy not only the kids but also their parents.Where to rest

active youth?

you already knew that did not have to get bored here, but it's not all fun in the Lazarev, who simply can not ignore.If you are a young person who does not want to go to bed at 21.00, and the soul requires fun and drive, then go to the "Panorama".It is a favorite place for all who are "alive" after 22.00.The place chosen for the disco is just perfect - not near residential houses, so we dance until the morning, and do not be afraid to disturb someone.

Another place for such a pastime - club "Cocktail."It is popular and is not a cheap place to have fun.But progressive music, a large selection of all kinds of drinks, professional DJs and bartenders, scanty distance from the sea (3 m) make this club so popular and interesting place, everything else just becomes unimportant.


There is a category of tourists for whom entertainment Lazarev - is, first of all trips.Indeed, all the routes are well thought out, that will be delighted by what he saw.Choose a tour is possible at any agent, and they of the city very much.Come to anyone choose the most suitable option for you and go on a journey.Let's find that offer the most popular routes.

  1. «Sochi."Already from the name it is clear that you will explore the sights of this exciting city.Believe me, there is, what to see!There are daytime and evening routes.They will make you either by boat or by bus.
  2. «Krasnaya Polyana".If you are missing the winter middle of summer, this route for you.It will take a whole day, but you will ride on a cable car, walk on the winter sports resort, rafting on the mountain river.
  3. «33 waterfalls."This is truly a spectacular sight!For you to arrange to visit a huge number of waterfalls, mountain vacation.And you will see the tulip tree and visit the trout farm.

Rest assured, entertainment in the Lazarev (photo you can see in this article) will leave an indelible mark in your memory.And if you can not see everything during the holidays, do not worry, be a reason to return!Enjoy your holiday!