Transport links to the resort, or how to get to the train Gelendzhik

majority of Russians and citizens of former Soviet Union prefer to relax in their spas, rather than to go to foreign countries.One of these places since the Soviet era is Gelendzhik.This small town in the Krasnodar region can rightly be considered a true resort Black Sea coast of the Caucasus in the full sense of the word.It is nestled on the shores of the bay of the same name between two picturesque headlands.This geographical position largely determines the characteristics of the climate and makes Gelendzhik one of the most popular resorts on the Black Sea coast.The city is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and scenic Caucasus Mountains.

How to get there than to get there?

Every year tourists going on vacation in Gelendzhik, are faced with a choice: "What kind of transport to use?"Several options.You can:

  • private car use;
  • set to go on the plane, the more so since 2010, the airport is already operating at full capacity;
  • to travel by bus, but in this case it will be necessary to transplant
    in major provincial cities;
  • choose the railways, but then you have to know exactly how to get to Gelendzhik on the train.

City is located near the regional center of Novorossiysk, through which the major transport routes.From here to Gelendzhik no more than 50 kilometers.This path is easily overcome with the help of a taxi, public bus, or trolley bus.Stops are located close to the station and type of transport, one can choose himself.

There is another option of how to get to Gelendzhik on the train.You can go to Krasnodar, if there is no direct transportation to Novorossiysk.But this is - not the best option.Capital Territory is much further and the path to Gelendzhik (170 kilometers) will take about 4 hours on the bus.You can choose a different way of how to get to Gelendzhik on the train.First, you need some way to get to Anapa, and then more than 100 kilometers of travel by taxi or bus.This is also not an easy task.You can, of course, before they get to Gelendzhik on the train, at first to come to Sochi.But the road from the resort center to the small coastal town is able to order to reduce the money supply holidaymaker.

These rules need to know in advance

To finally understand and clearly understand how to get to Gelendzhik train, you have to remember two things:

  1. In the resort city of Gelendzhik is no train station and the communication on the rails is only possible through the nearby villagespoints.
  2. closest to Novorossiysk Gelendzhik is located.It is from here to reach the desired destinations in the shortest possible time.

then need to determine the order and sequence of movement:

  1. arrived in Novorossiysk, you need to get from the train station to the bus station.With bags and suitcases is hard to do on foot.It is better to use the trolley bus, bus or, in extreme cases, by bus.
  2. then to the final destination can be reached by the same means of transport.Previously better acquainted with the timetable and ticket prices.And do not forget that the taxis are always much more expensive than public transport.

quiet road - a pledge of good rest

to determine what train to get to Gelendzhik, you have to know where to be sent.Many of the large settlements of the CIS countries can get to the railway stations the main centers of the Krasnodar Territory.For example, from Minsk, is a direct train number 302 to Adler.It passes through three countries: Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.The road to the resort town will take considerable time, but will not have to do the transplant, and immediately from Adler to go directly to Gelendzhik.Russian cities, in this case a lot easier.Almost any of them formed part of direct appointment of Novorossiysk.Trains, the starting point of the motion which are cities: Moscow, Tambov, Arkhangelsk, Rostov, Perm, St. Petersburg and many others, can without any problems to deliver maximum comfort to the destination of citizens who have decided to spend your vacation just in Gelendzhik.Train tickets can be booked in advance, and a small bus "walk" to the final place of rest will not spoil the way.