The remarkable underground station "Orekhovo"?

Among the many stations of the Moscow Metro will be those that have been built recently.And although some of them are not of particular interest from a historical perspective, the capital's residents still consider them family.For example, take the metro station "Orekhovo", which is located on the Zamoskvoretskaya branch.People living near Orekhovo-Borisovo likely to consider it the best.Hearing the familiar name from the lips of the speaker in the train, they understand that a few minutes will be at home.

History of the metro station "Orekhovo┬╗

As part of the plot "Kashira" - "Nut" on the eve of the New 1985 earned the metro station.But just after a short period of time on the segment "Tsarina" - "Nut" the accident occurred.Due to violations of the tunnel insulation at the site run trains flooded.In the aftermath of the accident and recovery took more than a month.So that passengers were able to again set foot on the platform station "Orekhovo" only at the beginning of February 1985.

course, every construction has its own history of origin of the name.Where did the name of the metro station "Orekhovo"?Map of the capital will help to answer this question.It turns out that in the area where today is laid underground, before there was a village of the same name, and there was a close and Walnut Boulevard.

General description and technical characteristics

Metro "Nut" - a typical station is shallow, its depth is only 9 meters. The lobby is decorated in the style of themes related to the environment.It catches the eye when looking at the bronze sculptures decorating the station.

walls and columns along paths lined with marble in white and gray.But the central hall is constructed of monolithic structures.In the center of the ceiling are located xenon lamps.In the hall you can count 52 columns arranged in two rows, spaced 6.5 m.

for the station located deadlocks, which in the past used to turn trains.And after Zamoskvoretskaya line was extended, it is settled designated service location and parking for the night trains.But during the morning hours due to the heavy load train station still turn around at this point.

At the station "Orekhovo" only one hall.And get out of the metro through the underpass onto the street or Bazhenov Shipilovsky travel.

Each day the station begins its work at 5:35 and stops at exactly 1:00.Fans talk on the phone can do that while waiting for the train, known as the mobile operators MTS, Beeline and Megafon work here.


The sleeping area is remarkable station "Orekhovo"?Local infrastructure at this point is quite developed.Near the station are many cafes and shops, there are several medical facilities, including the Dental Center.But there is still a secondary school, a college of hotel management, a hotel complex "Orekhovo" and the hotel.

And most importantly, from the metro station "Orekhovo" is very easy to get to the famous park Tsaritsyno palace times of Catherine II.