The stadium "Spartak" (Moscow): construction and opening.

football club "Spartak" (Moscow) is one of the oldest and titled in Russia. Throughout its history it has frequently been the champion of the USSR and Russia, as well as the owner of the Commonwealth Cup and the semi-finals of prestigious European tournaments. In 2006, the yearbegan construction of the home arena for the club, which is often called the most popular, and after 8 years of the new stadium "Spartak" (Moscow) has accepted the first spectators, who came to the match with the Belgrade team "Crvena Zvezda". The first photos taken at the stadium "OpeningArena "allow to imagine how much work has been done for those 7 years, is continued construction of the complex.


Despite its numerous regalia club" Spartak "has never had its own arena, and its home matches held in various capitalsstadiums, such as the "locomotive", "Luzhniki", "Dinamo", "Olympic" and others. The first attempt to build its own stadium was made by the leadership of the club until 1994, the year, but as the land all

ocated Municipality capital for its construction,secured the "green", the work has not been started.For unclear reasons, not successful, and another project on which the stadium "Spartak" (Moscow) have been erected at the intersection of the street with Michurinsky Lobachevskian prospectus.

Where is and how to get there?

new stadium "Spartak" - "Opening the Arena" - is on the Volokolamsk highway.Those who want to get there by car can park in one of the three parking lots, designed for more than 2,000 cars.It is expected that after the commissioning of all planned technical installations architectural complex number of parking spaces will be over 3000.

second, and probably the easiest way to get to the new stadium "Spartak" (Moscow) - on the subway, the morethat was recently opened station of the same name, which was in caretaker status since the early 70-ies.However, fans should know that by the decision of the Moscow authorities in the days of mass actions to the "Opening of the Arena" by the end of their entrance to the metro station will be closed, in order to avoid the crush.So after the match spectators will have to get home by road or through the station "Tushinskaya", located 700 meters from "Spartacus."At the same time they will not go directly to the subway, and the first to reach the underground passages, which are the only option for crossing the extremely loaded Volokolamsk Highway.

Stadium Spartak (Moscow): construction

ceremony of a new sports arena bookmark was held in June of 2007.Its construction was entrusted to LLC "PozhEvroStroy" SK "BiznesTehProekt" and "APC Engineering Co. Ltd".In February, 2013. held an unprecedented in the history of Russian trade worth 1.208 billion rubles, according to which the stadium was named "Discovery of the Arena."It can not be changed within six years.Around the same time, the club's owner - Leonid Fedun - said the 80-tiprotsentnoy readiness of the sports facility.Work on the construction of the stadium "Arena Opening" lasted for seven years, and as a result, their total cost will be about $ 500 million.

first match at the new stadium of FC "Spartak"

joyful event of finding their own "home of football", whose faithful fans of the "red-white team," waiting for more than 90 years, was held September 5, 2014.However, a week earlier at the stadium "The opening of the Arena" was held a match between veterans of Spartak team of "red" under the guidance of coaches O. Romantseva and G. Yartsev and "white", which became mentors ageless N. Simonyan and V. Ye.In the end, victory went to the "red" Spartak, and the audience enjoyed the game of their idols past years, especially since most of them previously seen the new stadium "Spartak" (Moscow), only on the photo.Author of seven goals scored become immortal stars of yesteryear Shmarov, Kechinov V., E. Titov E. Moore and D. Popov.Moreover, the first two players scored doubles.

opening of the stadium "Spartak" (Moscow)

As for the opening ceremony of the stadium "The opening of the Arena", the organizers did everything to turn it into a colorful event, which would be long remembered by those present.For example, long before the friendly match with the "Red Star" on the scoreboard began flickering footage of triumphant games with the participation of "Spartacus" in different years, and has performed on stage DJ Fisun, joined by Ruslan Nigmatullin.Then came a small concert with rapper ST, Oksana Pochep and Nikolay Timofeev, former soloist in the group of "Disco Crash".Very successful was the idea to use a kiss-chamber, came to us from across the ocean.And in a joke even attended some of the players Spartak.

course, not without the official speeches.In particular, it made the club owner Leonid Fedun and Sports Minister Vladimir Mutko.

opening match, "Spartacus" - "tservi Star"

match, which saw the fans who came to the stadium "Spartak" (Moscow) September 5 ended with a score - 1: 1. Of course grandstand owners would be more thanis pleased to win, but the battles of football has been so spectacular that disgruntled almost was not. So it can be stated that the opening of the stadium "Spartak" (Moscow) failed, and the most popular in the Russian club has its own football house, photos of which already adorn sitesdedicated to the most beautiful sports arenas of the world.

Description Stadium "The opening of the Arena"

stadium "Spartak" (Moscow), a photo of which, unfortunately, can not give a complete picture of the magnitude of this facility, it has already been certified footballUnion of Russia and found to comply with all the requirements and regulations of UEFA and FIFA. Its area is over 52 000 sq. m, and height - about 52 m. The stadium has a capacity of 42,000 seats, all of which are under the roof.The shape of this structure resembles a diamond and corresponds to the symbolism of FC "Spartak".The new arena is a pure football, so the grandstand on it are located as close to the playing field.The pride of the new stadium are considered to be two giant panels, which, in fact, are HD-plasma high-definition fantastic proportions, through which fans will not escape from any one particular match.

infrastructure and plans for the future

creators of a new sports arena and take care about the convenience of the fans.In particular, at the stadium on match days will run from store Spartakovskaya symbolism and food courts.In addition, at Moscow, Tushino, the stadium "Spartak", is now a museum of the football club, which presents exhibits that tell of the glorious pages of the history of the famous team.

Although the opening ceremony has already taken place, and her photos were replicated in the Russian press, the project is not considered complete.The fact that is also expected to build near the stadium "The opening of the Arena" indoor multipurpose court for 12 000 spectators, the base of FC "Spartak" from 6 football fields, a children's theme park (from the Volokolamsk highway) and 2 hotel (probably belonging to the networkHilton).At the moment, almost the entire circumference of the stadium stands a metal fence enclosing the construction of these facilities, which are expected to be operational in 2017 year.

Monuments Complex "Arena Opening"

main decoration of the new stadium Spartak monuments are established on its territory.As you know, one of the symbols of FC "Spartak" (Moscow), the stadium which was inaugurated recently, is a legendary gladiator.So no one was surprised when it was reported that before the new arena is expected to install a bronze figure in Roman armor.Monument to a height of over 20 meters began to mount 21 August 2014.In the photo, which was published in all leading publications in our country, we can see that the bronze figure stands on a pedestal, is a huge soccer ball and decorated with the emblem of the club.The author of the sculpture is A. Rukavishnikov.Another monument to the work now Philip Rukavishnikov fans will see inside the complex "The opening of the Arena."He put in honor of Nicholas, Andrew, Alexander and Peter Starostin, who made an enormous contribution to the development of the football club "Spartak".In addition, the club told reporters that in the near future plan to install the stadium "Arena Opening of the" two sites - J. Netto and Nikita Simonyan.