Salou Attractions: Parks, fountains.

Attractions Salou have long been the object of attention of both the Spaniards and visitors from near and far abroad.What is the reason for this popularity?Which made this place really modest by world standards in the southern town world-famous tourist destination?

try to understand.However, this article is not just talk about what are the attractions of Salou.The reader will get valuable advice on where to go is in the first place, what to look for, and what the advice of seasoned travelers, it is desirable to listen.

general description of the city

on the Costa Dorada conveniently located one of the largest resorts in Spain - Salou attractions are known because of the numerous enthusiastic reviews vacationers far beyond its borders.

What attracts crowds of vacationers?As a rule, several factors, among which the most basic can be considered soft and comfortable Mediterranean climate, pristine beaches with golden sand, warm azure sea, a lot of youth entertainment and interesting places.

All attractions in Salou (Spain) are worthy of attention, which is why the city authorities have taken care to tourists could easily find the right place and get acquainted with its history and a brief description.This information is widely available on the type plate and is composed of 8 major languages ​​of the world.This

every tourist, even without the help of the guide can be found, for example, the Boulevard of King Jaime I, the famous tower, the world famous temple, or simply stroll along the main souvenir shops.

Why it is worth visiting the resort?

It should be noted that the city is famous for its climatic features and wide golden beaches 7 km long.The coastal zone is one of the cleanest in the world.This, incidentally, confirmed by the European Union's special award - the Blue Flag.

lovers of entertainment and inexpensive, but high-quality shopping can walk to shops, bars and cafes that the coast is literally strewn along its entire length.

the south side of the town of Salou, the sights which cause an increased interest has been for several years, is surrounded by small fishing villages, the largest of which is Cambrils.

But the north can be seen the Cape La Pineda - a place usually causes an increase in the interest not only curious tourists, but also for fans of underwater hunting.

However, above, of course, not limited to points of interest in Salou.This land is literally breathes history, and therefore the city invites visitors to plunge into the features of the heroic past of the southern country of Spain.

For example, in the center you can walk along the boulevard King Jaime First and meet with the architectural features of the XIII century.Many happy to go to the tower fortress Velya where nowadays a museum of contemporary ceramics.Why not visit Maziya Catalan, is an old building in the style of traditional houses of the peasants?A tour of the wine cellars of Torres and Benedictine monasteries are sure to enjoy everything, even the most seasoned travelers.

active travelers will love the water park "Aquapolis 'and' Aqualeon" and will long be remembered for the Knights tournaments in the ancient castle of Tordera and mysterious caves Benifayet.

Fountains Salou

Another feature of the resort are the local fountains.About them, as a rule, can talk endlessly.

First of all, we note that most unusual and is famous Fuente Lluminosa, which means "Luminous Fountain."It was opened a long time ago, in 1973, on an area of ​​Francesc Sans Germa.Illumination artificial source actually has the effect of interlacing jets.In purely technical terms, all this is done through a special program, which carries 210 different kinds of combinations.

Another miracle is Fuente Cibernética, who also wears and second name - "Singing Fountain".It is located near the port, on the beach of Playa de Levante.Extraordinary show with his participation can be observed on Friday and Saturday in the warm seasons around 9 pm local time.

sure is personally acquainted with Laberinto de agua, shaped maze.

these three fountains have a special place among visitors, but walking along the promenade, you can see and many others.Or maybe you just like anything else, what other tourists do not even hear that?

Architectural monuments

old tower is rightly considered the oldest building in the city.It was created in 1530 and was originally intended to protect the city from attacks by pirates and bandits, but over the years the need for this has disappeared, and the building was turned into a kind of cultural center.Currently, there are held the main cultural events of the city, art exhibitions.Having been inside, anyone can visit the museum free of enamel.

Church of Santa Maria del Mar, built in 1766 for the Guild of seafarers.Initially, the structure consisted of a chapel and bell tower.However, later it was rebuilt and received the globally familiar to today's travelers look.The main historical significance of the temple are considered to be hand-written work of Lewis and Mary Guell paintings Josep Grau Garriga.

Salou rightly called the pearl of modernism.Why is that?The fact that it is here for centuries to create the most unusual buildings with its own architecture and character.

famous beaches

Salou coastal zone stretches over a distance of 7 km.Today, along the coastal area are world-famous beaches.

central beach in a 1200-meter "East".The recreation area is well equipped and furnished.In addition to rental chairs and umbrellas, where you can take advantage of luggage, take a shower, opolosnuvshis after swimming in the sea, play mini-football, volleyball, badminton, table or tennis.

The second most popular is the "West" length of about 1 km.Then cover the entire coast soft golden sand.An amazing place to vacation with your family or a group of small children.Smoking is prohibited and coastal area extremely clean and well appointed.

Another popular holiday destination famous both local residents and visiting tourists is the beach "Kapelyanes", which, it should be noted, is not as great as the previous two.Its territory is about 200 meters, but the number of visitors from year to year is not reduced.What is the reason?Many vacationers believe that the case in an unusual park, surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs.There you can hide from the heat and enjoy the natural beauty.

Impressions vacationers

safe to say that everyone in Salou will find entertainment for the soul.Here I like and those who went to Spain with the purpose of a family vacation, and travelers wishing to experience new sensations, sporting amusement parks or participating in massively organize camping trips.

Many believe that in this town made the dream of the perfect pastime in the summer, while during the cold season shortage of travelers are not seen.