Gelendzhik Dolphinarium - leading water attractions Black Sea coast

Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region, north of Novorossiisk, was in 1984, a place of pilgrimage for tourists.The increased interest among tourists and residents of nearby areas appeared in connection with the opening of a dolphinarium in the town of Gelendzhik.Dolphinarium, a photo of which were placed everywhere, in newspapers and magazines, was a new word in the field of water sports.The pool collected several marine species from different regions of Russia.

small enterprise

Gelendzhik Dolphinarium was a small business with the state status, created on the basis of water entertainment complex "Chernomorets".Initially, the dolphinarium, which was named Utrish not been spent speaking program of marine artists, dolphins and seals.Several bottlenose dolphins (Black Sea dolphins) showed simple rooms.But gradually the Dolphinarium in Gelendzhik became more and more spectacular.

summer 1992 Utrish Dolphinarium brought four dolphins that have the ability to learn quickly, and most importantly, all fou

r had a sense of interaction and intelligent animals could perform synchronous number of any complexity.A month later, the first performance of the Quartet, and it created a furor.Coordination of work of marine artists has created a comprehensive program of two branches, and since then the auditorium Utrish dolphinarium, designed for 400 seats, was always full.


Dolphinarium expanded, new artists from other water regions of Russia, it was the white whale, seals and walruses.All pinnipeds found a job, you know, like seals and seals are able to juggle with balls and hoops, especially talented balancing act performed miracles.For walruses like larger animals invented the whole theatrical scenes in which clumsy at first glance, the inhabitants of the maritime spaces, gracefully performed their role.Plots were a wide variety of productions, artists, walruses were together with their coaches and trainers.

Today Gelendzhik Dolphinarium - a well-known all over Russia and far beyond the complex water rides with marine animals.

Marine Artists

  • dolphin - Black Sea dolphins, smart animals with a friendly sociable.
  • Navy SEALs - jugglers and tightrope walkers unbeatable.
  • sea lions - big eared seals brought from the shores of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.
  • Walruses - capable gaming productions, like the theater, causing delight of spectators.
  • Sea Lion - delivered directly from the delta of the Amazon thrive in a dolphinarium.
  • Belugas - large dolphins from the family of cetaceans, funny and kind animals snow-white color, very fond of children.

program performances marine artists in Gelendzhik Dolphinarium is constantly changing, the numbers alternate so that in a single view on the "scene" went all the participants.The complexity of the circus directors maintained at the highest possible level, but at the same time take into account the potential of the artists, their health and, as a mandatory factor in mood.All rooms are built on the principle of rotation, ie the participants is replaced by another in a single release.This technique makes the performance varied.

The troupe has its own dolphin diva and leading actors who are viewing audience knows by name.Among these participants:

  • dolphin named Pasha - a recognized leader of the entire flock of dolphins, which has unquestioned authority among his tribesmen.
  • Vassa - young female, artistic and obedient, every time look forward to its release.
  • Diana - an actress with experience, serves more than a decade, he played a variety of roles with the same success.For it is very important kind word coach.
  • Mary - the daughter of Diana and Pasha, born in 2007, stands with his parents, family trio is a huge success.
  • Young walruses Muffin, Poof and Tosh - each weighs 200 kilograms.All morzhata love representations, and especially fish, which they give for each successful output.
  • Sema - fur seal from the Barents Sea, a shy, he loves to pose for the camera.

Touring prospects

Gelendzhik Dolphinarium will soon be able to go to the concert tour.Recently, experts have completed dolphin training program for tours, which involves leaving marine artists with coaches and administrators, as well as chefs and nutritionists to other cities and regions of Russia.The purpose of these visits is to familiarize the public with the art of aquatic acrobatic performances.Mobile Water Circus promises to be popular adult and child audiences.

In the meantime, Gelendzhiksom dolphins are daily performances of sea to the delight of many artists to the audience.

Gelendzhik Dolphinarium: address, opening hours, prices

Dolphinarium all year, every day except Monday.

Gelendzhik Dolphinarium is located at the address: 353460, Krasnodar Region, Gelendzhik, Lunacharskogo street, 130.

all the days, from Tuesday to Sunday, the beginning of representations: 10.00, 12.30, 15.30, 18.00 hours local time.

duration of presentation 50 minutes.Fully program is changed once a year, a partial update of the program takes place every day.

How much is a dolphin in Gelendzhik:

  • cost of the ticket at the presentation at 10.00 and 18.00 for adults 600 rubles, for children up to 10 years - 400 rubles.
  • cost of the ticket at the presentation at 12.30 and 15.30 hours for adults 700 rubles, for children up to 10 years - 450 rubles.
  • One ticket for children group excursion visits - 350 rubles.


get to the Dolphinarium by bus routes 3, 5, 7, 8, and by taxi 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 15, 22, 29 to the bus stop"Palace of Culture" or "Gelendzhik Dolphinarium".

Dolphinarium, Gelendzhik: reviews, opinions

come here every day thousands of visitors who leave your comments in a special book and in conversations with administrators.Everyone who visited the dolphinarium in Gelendzhik, say high mastery of dolphins and other marine animals involved in the presentation.Many viewers believe that for an audience of children the opportunity to socialize with good, talented artists who came to us from the depths of the sea - this experience of a lifetime.