Montenegro, Herceg Novi.

dream of summer vacation, many begin with the arrival of cold autumn rain.Almost a year has to wait for it and live in anticipation of pleasure.To summer holiday was not broken, it must be proven to hold in place.

Where to go for a vacation?

Elegant spend their vacation offers to Montenegro.Relax on its resorts meet the highest European standards.Montenegro is located in the most beautiful spot in the Balkan Peninsula.Along the coast stretched beaches with convenient bay, protected from waves and wind.Admire the breathtaking scenery of the country will never get tired.They hit the fabulous play of colors and varied landscape.

Numerous excursions allow tourists to learn the history of freedom-loving people.For active and young its many clubs and bars with pleasure opens Montenegro.Activities for fans drive will also be bright and memorable.Tourists get they need a shot of adrenaline, a climbing mountains or going on a voyage on the raging rivers.Relax in this wonderful country just unique.European

comfort is combined with a harmonious atmosphere created by nature itself.Time spent in Montenegro will be so memorable that the question of the venue of annual leave anybody just will not.

Choice resort

Numerous tourists are attracted by the amazing and welcoming Montenegro.Herceg Novi - is one of the most frequently visited cities in the country.

Often, this place is called the Botanical Garden of Montenegro.Nature Herceg Novi impresses with its beauty anyone.

city almost surrounded by greenery.On the streets you can see a variety of plants.The history of the Botanical Garden of Montenegro has its roots in the distant past.The convenient location of Herceg Novi at the entrance to the bay called Kotor made it a favorite port for the rest of foreign ships.Sailors went ashore, brought from distant lands and mimosa trees, subtropical and tropical trees and bushes.Many of these plants have taken root on the sunny side.They are so far pleased with the magnificence of nature lovers.

Location resort

Montenegro, Herceg Novi ... This small town is located in the western part of the country.Not far away is the border with Croatia.At a distance of thirty kilometers from Herceg Novi is located two airports.Are they in the Croatian city of Dubrovnik and Tivat.It is said that between the resort town and the airport is the bay.However, it is not necessary to go around.Holidays can start with a walk on the ferry at the end of which opens to tourists traveling their ultimate goal - Montenegro.

Herceg Novi give its guests not just a beach holiday.Not far away, seven kilometers, built the largest medical center in the Mediterranean coast.It is situated in Igalo, which is for Herceg Novi satellite city.


Numerous archaeological excavations confirm the fact that the human settlement at the location of Herceg Novi were still in the ancient period.According to one version, there was sung in the legends of Troy.

Herceg Novi was founded in 1382 by King Bosnia Tarko I. Initially the town was called Sveti Stefan.Now it is the other name of the resort city of Montenegro.The current name of Herceg Novi was a little later in honor of Duke Stjepan Vukchicha - another ruler.

history of the town as a whole is dramatic.However, like almost all the Balkan countries and cities.In Herceg Novi was ruled by the Spaniards, Turks, Venetians and French, Russian and Austro-Hungarians.In the twentieth century, the city became part of the Republic of Yugoslavia, and after it broke up, began to be in an independent Montenegro.


Every year many tourists visit the glorious history of their country of Montenegro.Herceg Novi attracts visitors with its forts and interesting old town.Going on a trip, have patience.In the old town, situated on a hill, is a high staircase.Only the promenade is on the flat part.That is why Herceg Novi called the city of stages.

In that case, if you decide to go on a tour of their own, need a map.Herceg Novi surprise and delight you with a Spanish fort, and the idyllic monastery Savina, which offers a magnificent panorama of the city and the Bay of Kotor.It is worth a stroll along the seafront and.Its name is "Peter shetalishte tributary" translated from Serbian means "promenade Pet tributary."It is the longest promenade in all of Montenegro.Its length is seven kilometers away.Walk takes a real pleasure, because the waterfront is a huge number of restaurants, gonobov (restaurants) and souvenir shops.

history of the town of Herceg Novi was influenced by frequent changes of government, each of which carried over a different religion, and customs.However, this course of events was typical of the entire Balkan coast.I do not avoid it and Montenegro.Herceg Novi, reviews of which testify to the amazing architecture of its buildings, attracts tourists from all over the world.Of particular interest is the old town.His examination should begin with a square named after Nikola Dzhurkovicha.It rises Sahat Kula - majestic clock tower, built in 1850, it was erected in the times when the rules of the Turkish Sultan Mahmud.Today it is the most prominent symbol of Herceg Novi.Main Square, located in the old city, is named after Herceg Stjepan.At its center is still in 1900, it was built the Church of St. Michael the Archangel, near which there is an exquisite fountain with drinking water - Karachi.

surrounded by old city are the extant walls and towers, one of which is called "Kanli Kula" ("Bloody Tower").It was built in the sixteenth century.During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, it was a prison.Now it is a place designed for city celebrations, as well as theater and film screenings.In his spare time, the tower takes tourists who can make great photos of the old city, the peninsula Lustica and Kotor Bay.

will attract holidaymakers and the City Museum (ul. Mirka Komnenovicha, 9), which houses a collection of ancient wooden icons, as well as a variety of subjects relating to the town's maritime past.

Beaches and treatment

Many tourists visited Montenegro in the summer season.They tend to swim in the beautiful sea and bring home a beautiful Mediterranean tan.Most good beaches are located outside of Herceg Novi.And can be reached only by boat or yacht.The most popular beach is pebbly Zhanits.It is located on the island of Mamula.

known Herceg Novi and its wellness center, located within walking distance (in Igalo).It attracts vacationers for treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of many diseases of the musculoskeletal system.Facilitate the heart condition of patients in the cardiac, gynecological, neurological and dermatological diseases.The Institute of physical therapy are appointed following procedures:

- massage;
- soil and water treatment;
- thalassotherapy;
- inhalation;
- photographic and electrotherapy;
- gymnastics;
- acupuncture.


So the venue for your vacation is Montenegro, Herceg Novi.Reviews of holiday in this resort town show quite mild Mediterranean climate.Numerous tourists meets the mild winters and hot summers.The region, located in the Bay of Kotor, has a special microclimate.In the formation of the weather here participates Sea, as well as a wall of mountain peaks, which prevents the penetration of cold air masses.

The highest average annual temperature is 16.2 degrees in the index.Weather in Herceg Novi quite comfortable.The average air temperature from May to September, up twenty-six degrees or more.The year has seen two hundred and fifty days of sunshine.In the summer months the sea water is heated up to twenty-three, twenty-seven degrees.

Weather in Herceg Novi winter

December, January and February are comfortable enough for excursions and walks.In the afternoon the air has time to warm up to eight to fourteen degrees.It is possible whiff of breeze.At night, the air cools down to zero to three degrees.Often in this period of southerly winds.They cause rain.In winter, in Herceg Novi frequent fogs.But snow and freezing - a phenomenon often.


With the departure of winter temperature readings of water and air gradually begin to grow.The amount of rain is thus reduced.During the day the air in March and April is warming up to fifteen-nineteen degrees.The water is a little cooler.Its temperature is fourteen, sixteen degrees.Nights in the first two months of spring is cold (4-8 degrees).Since May, officially opens beach tourist season.In the second half of the month the water warms up to twenty degrees and above.Swim until cool, and here you can sunbathe wonderfully.In the shadow of the temperature already reaches twenty-three to twenty-five degrees.Sunny with a very gentle.It warms and burns.


In June, the air temperature rises to twenty-five, thirty-three degrees.Pleasant becomes the sea.It is heated up to twenty five degrees.Driest and hottest months are July and August.In the afternoon in the shade the thermometer can reach the mark of forty degrees, and at night - fall to twenty-four.The most pleasant time for the Sun are in this period of the morning, when the air is warmed up to 25 degrees.


September is considered the ideal time for rest.The swimming season lasts sometimes until the end of the month.Porto weather begins in October.Water cools down to 20, and the air is warm during the day only to 20-23.Increasingly starts to rain.Frequent morning mists.During this period, Herceg Novi beaches are empty.They can be found only those who enjoy windsurfing and diving.In November, water and air temperature is not more than seventeen or nineteen degrees.However, this season is characterized by frequent rains.


If selected for a summer vacation Montenegro, Herceg Novi, hotels in this resort town are able to satisfy all your requests.For stays of tourists offers luxury villas and apartments belonging to the middle class.There are in Herceg Novi and budget hotels.As the property, guests will be able to choose for Montenegro itself cozy apartment.It is said that the location of the hotel is very convenient for tourists.In addition, the European standard of service makes the stay particularly comfortable.

Find in Herceg Novi (Montenegro), an apartment or any other suitable for your family or property is easy.This can be done in advance through the Internet, reserve a hotel accommodation.It does not make much effort to look for a option to stay and on arrival.