Maldives hotels, which wants to stay

If there is a paradise on earth, then this is definitely the Maldives located in the Indian Ocean.The reasons are many and among them, perhaps, one of the most important is the mild tropical climate, due to which the average temperature is around 26 - 28C, which is the best indicator for the rest on the ocean.Probably, so to get here - the dream of almost every human being.

Interestingly, Maldives hotels do not have a clear classification, and are divided into three groups: standard, first class and luxury.Accordingly, they determine the 3 *, 4 * and 5 * hotels.Regardless of the hotel category, placing it almost always leaves a positive feedback.A traveler can choose 1 or 2-bedded rooms with private bath, TV, air conditioning, mini-bar, and in the suites, and many of the rooms the first class will still be able to use a safety deposit box, telephone, internet, and free parking, fitness - centers, restaurantsand a beauty salon.

Almost all hotels in the Maldives offer tourists to visit SPA - salons,

which are located on their territory.The effectiveness of Thalassotherapy held here for a long time is legendary.It is believed that the climate and natural resources of the cores can give beauty to any woman, and restore health.From entertainment especially popular diving, feeding the fish and turtles, a variety of animation programs, themed evenings and a variety of activities for children.These are a special approach, since the islanders are very fond of children.Generally, the Maldives hotels have a very friendly and professional staff, and a tip here is quite conventional.

Some hotels provide three meals a day.It is worth noting that the kitchen ostrovityanskaya several specific and unusual for the Russian stomach.So there is no well-known Russian soups, but there their vegetable counterparts, who often have the consistency of mashed potatoes.Fruits are usually plentiful.When cooking meat and fish Maldivian cooks use a minimum of spices, preferring the natural taste of the product.But the ice cream is beyond praise, none of Baskin-Robbins with him does not compare!From desserts impossible to put down.

Usually Maldives hotels maids cleaned at least twice a week, and an extra dollar for a tip they also figured refuel bed.The frequency of cleaning depends on the class housing, but for every room comes with everyday change of towels.To solve the problem of sand on the floor at the entrance of usually are small containers with water to rinse their feet.

In most cases, the Maldives hotels have positive feedback about themselves.This is due to the high level of service, technical equipment and attention to every tourist.So a large and loyal love traveler earned ADAARAN SELECT MEEDHUPPARU Hotel 4 *, where small houses are made in the colonial style.Bath room there, but there is an outdoor shower, views out over the ocean, the room has a TV with Russian channels.2 times a day the maid comes to clean rooms, an on-site spa, although its presence Maldives - this is a common practice.The hotel's restaurant kitchen, as well as on the island, a few specific, but still a good performance.Overall, the impression of this place can stay in the majority of tourists are positive as possible shortcomings in the economic part of the more than compensated a warm welcome and an excellent level of service personnel.

A certain proportion of negatives remains of those who placed in affordable rooms.These options include ADAARAN CLUB RANNALHI 4 *, for example, which is located in a densely built-up area.Failure to locate it greatly affects the quality of the leisure guests.So affordable bungalows may be in an awkward spot for swimming, for example, near the dam.It is very often found some small bugs in the room as a dripping shower, for example, which are rapidly eliminated by the hotel staff.The cost of housing depends on its location relative to the ocean.

Many tourists visited Maldives hotels were very pleased.The amazing beauty of nature, boundless ocean, almost year-round sun, perhaps very few people leave indifferent.A trip to the island, it is necessary to get acquainted with the local culture, visit the shops, sample national dishes and sink to the ocean floor.Maldives do not disappoint your guests, but rather attract forever remain in the heart of every guest.