Mitsubishi l200: tuning off-road suspension

buying a car, the driver gets a machine with basic features and a unified design.To improve the options to make the appearance of a unique, memorable, car owners have resorted to tuning - finalization of the model's specific needs.

Mitsubishi l200: tuning

l200 pickup belongs to a class of vehicles that allow to carry a significant amount of load on the road.Passengers at the same time does not distressed, are in the comfort of an upscale car.

Mitsubishi l200 - an ideal model for travel, active pastime, trips to the country, farmers, hunters, fishermen.Gravel road, primer prolesok, holes and bumps are not a barrier to pickup terrain.But the factory specifications yet not allow confidence to overcome the area where there are no roads.To climb the icy or wet surfaces in the mountain pass across the meadow to the pond, to overcome the wetlands, it is recommended to do in the Mitsubishi l200 tuning off-road.

Unique appearance

pickup already off the assembly line has an attractive, slightly brut

al design.In sports streamlined shape, modern optics, fashion wheels are forced to pay attention to the powerful car.It felt strength, security, the ability to overcome any obstacles.Yet this car, like all his colleagues.Differing only in color and small items typical of the type of equipment.

Autocar Mitsubishi l200 tuning will become more vivid, stylish and memorable.How exactly, it depends solely on the fantasies and desires of the owner.Special Kung LED optics, shutters and covers, side skirts and bumpers, air vents and roof rails give the production model individual image.Make the car safer and more functional.Will further protect itself and passenger cars from the negative environmental factors.Fashion trend - wrapping carbon fiber body, airbrush and 3D-film.

What tune primarily

Definitely "two hundredth" pick-up is a good model.This is also repairers and owners.However, there are some units and mechanisms for improvement.For Mitsubishi l200 tuning is not only to finalize the interior and bodywork.Many annoying unwanted cabin noise, harsh suspension.Factory skid plate does not correspond to the requirements of this SUV.The frost pickup may experience problems with the launch of the famous "quality" of domestic fuel.Not enough ground clearance.These parameters can be corrected by means of improvements.

to l200 tuning - not just fun or a passing fad.For example, a military truck tarpaulins protect exposed part of the body pickup from rain, dust, frost (warmed kung), from intruders.They will not let lost luggage while shaking.Changing the silhouette of the car, improves aerodynamics.Bumpers installed in the body, can reliably fix the overall loads.Sparkling chrome, they give a certain charm rude pickup.

¬ękengooryatniki" previously used to protect the hood from collision with a kangaroo.Invented in Australia, now they are a popular element of the SUVs around the world.They protect not only on animals, but on the bush, overhanging branches, collisions with other objects during off-road driving.To help to "kenguryatnik" - reinforced bumpers.

If you need to move regularly waded small river and other water bodies, install snorkel.This device delivers the air to the engine through the conduit, even if the power unit below the water level.

Mitsubishi l200: suspension tuning

chassis is considered the most problematic part of the car.The bursting of the rear springs, strange crunch in shruzah, potekshie shock may unpleasantly surprise the driver.Tuning suspension requires advance replacement untrusted sites for new units from other manufacturers that are compatible with the model of l200.

Specialized lift kits allow Mitsubishi to increase the clearing, enhancing cross-utility vehicle.Included springs and dampers are durable, reliable staff.Also in l200 tuning of chassis involves the installation of wheel arch extensions.As a result, the driver can choose a wider wheels.The difficult road conditions it increases the permeability.

There are several ways to raise the car on the road.10, 20, 30 cm?It is possible and above!35-37-inch wheels will turn into a regular pick-up Monster Trucks.However, the price will be considerable modernization.Such a high lift is contrary to the rules of use on public roads.Surely, every traffic police inspector considers it his duty to brake miracle machine for trials.Besides, the tuning (parts and labor) can cost more than 5,000 euros.In addition, worsen handling and comfort, the guarantee will be lost.

underbody protection

Overcoming cross-country dirt roads with deep potholes, high hurdles, the car will inevitably bump up the bottom.Avoid breakdowns enhanced protection to help transfer case, gearbox, sump and other expensive components.An important element is also the enhancement tuning thresholds.On the roads they suffer no less than the lower part of the car.

Interior tuning

If an in-depth tuning l200, photos updated Mitsubishi amazing.But, in addition to improving appearance and performance, do not forget to increase the comfort of the passengers and the driver.From the noise in the cabin will save additional vibration and noise isolation.Cabin filters will absorb dust and odors.

New upholstery is not the most important thing, but a nice upgrade the car.Digital TV-tuner radio with navigation, powerful dynamics - the possibilities are endless for tuning.