Niriides Hotel 4 * (Greece / Rhodes) - photos, prices and reviews

Rhodes is the most popular Greek island.And it has plenty of reasons, the most significant of them: the magnificent beauty of the beaches on the southeast coast, magnificent castles, stunning scenery.In general, I must say, Greece attracts many people - both outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to visit the sites of ancient sites.Everyone will find themselves in this country for the soul.In addition, Rhodes - a great place for windsurfing, which many dream.Of course, there are plenty of different hotels.For example, a hotel complex, which offers affordable prices for their rooms is Niriides Hotel 4 *.


worth noting that the hotel is in a very good location.This small, charming seaside village named Kolymbia.Just five minutes' walk away, calm Niriides Hotel 4 * from the coast, spacious, clean beaches and the beautiful sea.The hotel is located in the heart of Kolymbia, there is everything: bus stop, shops, bars and cafes.Also nearby, only 10 kilometers from the village, lies the town of Fa

liraki, known in these parts as the capital of nightlife.There certainly enjoy Youngsters who came to the island to have fun and visit as many local night clubs and similar establishments.Actually from the center of Rhodes Niriides Hotel 4 * 25 kilometers separates.In general, an advantageous location near the hotel, and this is a significant plus.


The Niriides Hotel 4 * (Rhodes) offers several types of the guest rooms: family, twin, and superior apartments.In general, all options fully meet the requirements of the hotel 4-star class.The apartments are bright and spacious, decorated in soft pastel colors.The rooms offer scenic views.Depending on the option selected it can be a garden or pool.I must say that the conditions of the apartment and the corresponding new furniture, satellite TV, hairdryer, mini fridge and even a seating area.Here, like people who value comfort, accustomed to home comfort and do not like frills.

cost of living

I must say that in Niriides Hotel 4 * (Rhodes) is quite low room rates.Apparently, this can be explained by the fact that the hotel is never empty - it is always filled with guests.So, if you decided to stay at this location, should be dealt with long before the book is to be bought plane tickets.For example, a double room with two beds will cost 48 thousand rubles for two (for three - 50000) for seven nights.The apartments are all conditions for good rest and sound sleep with air conditioning, excellent sound insulation, full bathroom, free internet access.And the published rates still includes half board.The superior double room for two cost will be about 50 thousand rubles.The apartments are more spacious and even offers guests a plasma TV.Family Room (occupancy type 2 +2) will cost 61,000 rubles.When booking you can specify preferences about opening the window type or number of beds.In general, the price is really affordable, taking into account the high level of service, excellent service, free of charge half-board and a good environment.


Many potential travelers are concerned about what they will do while staying at the hotel.The fact that some travelers tired of constantly be on the sea, and want to take a "break".I must say that in Niriides Hotel 4 * everyone will find the employment that is worth your time.For example, you can swim in the outdoor pool, sit in a beautiful garden, sunbathe on the terrace, specifically for this purpose.And for those guests that want to relax physically, like a tennis court, billiards, table tennis.You can even rent a bike.This, I must say, very urgent service, as Kolymbia - the perfect place for this kind of walks.You can fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings while cycling across the expanses of the resort village.


the entire hotel guests have free access to Wi-Fi.Having access to the Internet is very important and complex administration made sure that their guests have been able to maintain this kind of relationship.By the way, it is possible to request wired Internet, but only for an additional fee.Guests at the resort can still rent a car.Here, on the hotel's private parking spaces that do not need to book in advance.Come and go register the clock that allows you to not be dependent on the time of arrival at the resort.That is, the tickets can be taken at least 4 in the morning, at least for midnight.For things offers luggage storage.And, of course, there is a laundry and dry cleaning.In general, if in some way and need arises, you need only refer to the hotel Niriides Hotel 4 * (Rhodes).


settled in apartments, everyone wants to know how well the system is arranged to supply a particular hotel.Regarding Niriides Hotel (Kolymbia) 4 * can confidently answer this question in the affirmative.Hotel with its own restaurant is located near the pool dining area served daily especially for guests enjoy international and Greek cuisine.In the lounge area, guests can enjoy some cocktails.Also at the pool snack bar.In general, the lack of public institutions of this kind in the hotel.All chefs - masters upscale culinary arts, and they always prepare only fresh food.By the way, definitely treats like gourmet lovers to try delicacies.Because Greek cuisine is known, is famous for dishes with a refined and very special taste.Breakfast in the hotel - from seven to ten in the morning, and lunch - from 12:30 to 14:30.Dinner is served in the period from 19 pm to 21:00.Drinks in bars can be ordered from 10:00, closing the institution of its kind in the midnight.

Additional information about placing

More hotel Niriides Hotel 4 * is remarkable that the conditions are created here for living and recreation, ideal for people of any kind of activity, sex and age.That is why love coming here as young families with children and older couples, as well as companies active young people.For younger guests, which is taken from the parents to rest, the hotel offers a cot, and completely free, just like the very residence of the child.Older people here will like.As the hotel is excellent soundproofing - nothing prevents restful sleep and relaxation.And young people this place attracts the fact that just a 15-minute drive from the city is just a huge number of night clubs and other establishments of this kind.


It is also important, as is well-developed service.This hotel in the plan succeeded.The staff though speaks only two languages ​​(Greek and English), always ready to help their guests, as if there were some issues.It should be noted attention and decent restaurant service.Guests a varied menu, meals are served quickly, no questions asked.Pleasant and the environment itself: the restaurant is decorated in a modern style, and features a Greek tavern to warm home togethers.Maids cleaned the room thoroughly - it can not be called a surface duster.At this point in the country's guests are treated with respect.And it really felt.By the way, because we know that Greece - a very friendly country and the vast majority of tourists visiting it, it's safe to confirm.So, Niriides Hotel 4 * reviews which left only good, is a prime example.

Relax on the beach

Many people come to Greece to enjoy a beach holiday.Seaside - that's what attracts most tourists.And I must say, for a good time on the beach in a country like Greece, hotel Niriides Hotel 4 * is the perfect option.First, the sea is very close.The hotel is separated from the coast road, from which you need to literally go 100 meters ahead, and eyes open, sandy and pebble beaches.The hotel offers guests a sun umbrellas and deck chairs and towels are available in the rooms.So, if you want to relax by the sea, you should go to Niriides Hotel 4 *.Crete (Greece's largest island), incidentally, a hotel with a similar name.Niriides Apartments 4 * - this is the name of it, and many decide to go to this place to rest.After Crete - a place where life never stops and boils at any time of the year.


Niriides Hotel 4 * reviews from guests received mostly positive.Because really, to find cons in this complex, you should try.Even the most experienced tourists are satisfied with the quality of services offered.Guests who visited this place, confidently say that this hotel - a great option for those who want a break from the boring routine and everyday worries.Comfort and convenience - these words could not be more accurately describe the Niriides Hotel 4 *.Good variety of food, friendly staff, incredibly comfortable beds, stylish interior, and even the sea, located in the immediate vicinity - all this attracts tourists who want to come to Greece on holiday.In fact, many tourists staying in this complex, noted that there are quite a lot of tourists from Russia.People who came with their children, and were satisfied: a playground, a variety of games, animation, so that young travelers will not be bored.In general, if you want to relax on a high level for a very affordable price, you should go to this hotel.Guaranteed positive emotions and vivid impressions of the holiday.