Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 *: reviews

Boutique Hotel Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 * Phuket occupies the first place in popularity among tourists who are on holiday in Thailand.This is an excellent and famous resort of the "Land of Smiles", the rooms where nice to come back after the sea, shopping or sightseeing, the attentive service, professional staff, one of the best levels of service, which would be the envy even of "five", relaxing atmosphere and friendliness, comfort, entertainmentand meditation - as someone approaches.It is because the hotel combines all these features, the tourists find it remarkable.It gives an idea of ​​what the real Thailand.Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 * reviews about which we have tried to summarize in this article, is a real boon for travelers.Especially those that are not for the first time in Thailand and know some of the secrets of this country.


This popular, diverse and very contradictory place.Some believe it is quite respectable for families with children, the other - a depraved and obscene.Ther

efore, in order not to be trapped, seasoned travelers are advised to find a place on the island to taste.If you like to party, entertainment, take a walk at night and off in full - you fit Patong.It offers the typical budget hotels in Thailand, which are far from the sea, but close to restaurants, clubs and shows.Active water sports enthusiasts and scuba diving - welcome to Karon.And if you're a fan of nature, privacy and "island paradise", it is best to choose Kamal.But those who like the sea and the beautiful beaches, where there are so many people and you can freely find a place under the sun, go to the west of the island.In the south - boutique hotels for romantics and honeymooners.In the west and is Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 *.Map of the island shows us the place where the bay and beach.This is just the west coast, located in relation to the ocean in a great location - the sea is hardly retreating.

Accommodation on the island of Phuket

Hotels around like regular resort hotels in Thailand.Is that the local "five" an order of magnitude more expensive than others.On their territory are usually exclusive restaurants, entertainment centers, shopping - in short, everything that tourists need.Only here the prices are often exorbitant.These hotels are located in the suburbs, and to get them to the center, as a rule, is problematic.Some of the "fives" even practice the system "all inclusive", so that customers do not complain that far from restaurants.All of them are beach - that is, from the sea separates them only to a small road."Four" (applies to them and Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 *, you can see the photo as an illustration) are not much different from the "fives" except that the lower price and more democratic.They, too, are not in the center of the resort, and they are chosen people, not for the first time coming to Thailand and want to enjoy its beauty, nature and paradisiacal life without interference.Away from the bustle, in peace and tranquility.


hotel is located in the northwestern part of the island, near the airport, in the village of Knighton.If you are settled in Phuket Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 *, it means that you do not have to face many challenges awaiting tourists arriving on the island.Firstly, this hotel is right on the beach and you do not need to go to it through the holiday village or to go to a very expensive transportation.Secondly, it is located in a small bay Naytonburi, where in addition it has several hotels.Very close - five-star hotel "Pullman."Therefore, you will feel very comfortable here, and not in the city of Phuket hotels and crowded streets of the resort village.Of course, to go to Patong for about forty minutes, but to some extent it is even plus.Tourists believe that such a location of the hotel creates an atmosphere of relaxation is on the island.Also near the hotel (on either side of it) - minimarkets, cafés and restaurants, so you will not feel away from the holiday of a lifetime.From the airport to get close - just ten or fifteen minutes to transport.If you want nightlife, then Patong to Phuket Town, or take a taxi.However, it can be expensive.But a couple of times to go still recommend.


The hotel has six buildings - one older, the other new.The hotel Phuket Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 *, you can not only relax but also to come here at a conference, on business.The hotel has everything you need for seminars - a special meeting room and business center.The hotel itself is located in a beautiful tropical garden - birds sing, sweet smell of exotic flowers, butterflies perch on his shoulders.A lot of green trees and bushes.There are small ponds with fish and lotus.Around the hotel - conifers, so the air itself has healing properties.On site you can not only walk, but also to engage in sports - has treadmills.You can play golf, table tennis, billiards, darts.The area for the Thai hotel is huge, but also cozy and comfortable.Everywhere hammocks where you can lie down, bench-swing.For children - playground.There is a beautiful courtyard.

Rooms at Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 *: reviews of guests

What travelers say about its location?This hotel has two hundred and twenty rooms - standard, superior and suites.You can live in any case - they're all good.The rooms are decorated in Thai style.We met all the standards of the "quartet", and even higher.The furniture is very comfortable and elegant.It has everything you need, including coffee and tea.There is a refrigerator, which is important for your holiday in Thailand.What mostly tourists write their stay at Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 *?The rooms are cozy, good.There are spacious, bright.In a bathroom - the original box with Stavenko.Regularly put the shower gel, shampoo and balsam.Safe free.Minibar, too.In the evenings, near each room lit a lantern in the form of a small house.All very comfortable and nice.Rooms have views of the pool and the garden.Give bathrobes and slippers.The new building rooms with balconies and new furniture.In the closet hangs the umbrella, which is good if you come during the rainy season.Tourists are happy, no complaints.

Service in Naytonburi

Now let's see how to serve tourists in Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 *.Staff reviews are very positive.The hotel works round the clock, including lodges and takes guests departing numbers.When you arrive, you are met, the documents involved, serving drinks and refreshing wipes.Sami employees spread luggage.However, there are many paid services - such as parking, wi-fi, massage, and, of course, excursions and travel.There is a good fitness center.Towels and linen changed every day.Requests for tourists run for a few minutes.For example, if you need iron, and you ask him to go to the reception, then you will not have time to get to the room, as he will be there.Jazz in the lobby, Thai national dances and songs - all in the evening from six until midnight.All are very friendly, the staff tries to please.All the great organized.Employees know a lot of Russian words with them very well explained.

Food at Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 *: reviews

Guests pleased that this hotel made three power system.It is breakfast, "half-board" and FB.That is still possible to take lunch and dinner.But many Phuket hotels offer only breakfast included in the price.The main restaurant of the hotel - "Ze Jasmine Rice."There is excellent Thai food, but can be ordered and more familiar dishes.In the lobby - a nice bar with good cocktails.There's live music every day - you can just come here, sit down at the table, or even lie down on the sofa and listen.Bistro on the beach "Chaolay" as well as the cafe with snacks.A bakery product "Knighton Delhi" is simply top class.Some gourmets solely for food go to Thailand.Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 * - a place for them.Breakfasts here of excellent quality and variety.There are soup and Thai rice with shrimp or chicken and steamed vegetables, bacon and ham omelet or scrambled eggs, steamed vegetables, sausages, pancakes, salads, pastries, snacks, yogurt - everything your heart desires.In other Phuket "quartet" basically offer three types of dishes to choose from.You can order any dishes from nearby restaurants in the room.During the day at the bake pizzas at prices not higher than in outdoor cafes.You can always find something to eat children.By the way, tourists are advised to review their dinner at the hotel for those who prefer restaurant kitchen - the prices are about the same, or even lower, and the food quality is not inferior.

Beach Hotel Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 * has its own coast.This can not boast of any hotel in Phuket even higher category.The sea is about fifty meters from the rooms.It is a beach Knighton.Of course, it is across the street, but other options in Phuket virtually none.Deck chairs, umbrellas, deck chairs, boards for swimming and kayaking - all free for guests.Drinking water is available in any amount.The beach facilities are available for surfing, there is a diving school.By request you to arrange a luxury fishing - you'll see that you can catch in these waters.Rods and boats will be given.A catch fire in cafes.

The Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 * Beach is perfect for vacationers.It is long, about one kilometer.At sea it is very clean, the people very little.To understand what is a bonus, just take a ride on the famous beaches of Kata and Karon, packed with people, "to the eyeballs", with pay (and expensive) beds.On the beach, you can safely leave things and go to lunch without worrying that their someone steals.However, in recent beds with clean sea in Thailand, so basically a rest lying on towels.And most importantly, there are virtually no tides, which is very important.

left and right of the beach - rocks, where you can snorkel and watch the fish.In addition, the hotel has some good outdoor pools with decoration in the form of elephants, let the water jet from the trunk.One of them with a sandy bottom.He has an island in the middle.Around loungers, parasols, sun terrace.Go for a swim in the large pool can be much pleases, anytime.In addition, there is a jacuzzi.

Excursions and trips to Phuket

Travel and exotic sights - this is another reason why tourists go to Thailand.Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 * offers guests a lot of excursions.Sightseeing around Phuket often included in the tour package guests.With her usually start exploring the island.You will visit all significant places - the observation deck above the Phuket Town, Chalong Temple, the snake farm.Also popular are trips to the zoo, and orchid garden.There you can see a variety show featuring trained animals - crocodiles, monkeys, elephants.Animal feed.Transvestite show in Patong - one of the "MUST B" -Place.On it is written a lot of feedback, and to walk even with children.One of the most hyped excursions in Phuket - a trip to James Bond Island.On the way there usually call in the monkey cave temple, a canoe ride along the island and visit the sea village, where locals sell pearl products.The price includes drinks and lunch.From Phuket close to the islands of Phi Phi, so go there regularly boat trips for two days.But it's expensive.A similar trip is organized and at the Similan Islands.Well, if you rented a moped, you can see more neighborhood north of the island - Son Tay Falls, night market, cheap riding on elephants and so on.


How much is stay and residence Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 *?Prices for tour start at eighty-five thousand rubles for 12 days for two.If you want to travel by taxi to Patong, it's a pleasure will cost about six hundred baht.There is even the possibility to make way trips.For fifteen thousand baht tip can come to terms with the driver and ride around Phuket and the surrounding area.

Now tourist prices.Entrance to the Zoo - five hundred baht to the orchid garden - two hundred.How much are the most delicious and typical of Thai fruits in the local markets?Yellow mango - sixty to eighty baht per kilogram, pineapple - thirty or forty.Tour Price depends on the distance and duration.The cost of the trip to James Bond Island begins with two thousand baht.The prices for food depend on what type of institution you choose.If it is a good expensive restaurant, you eat together there can be for 600-700 baht.But this exclusive version.Well, if you're a fan of democratic cuisine, then "makashnits" you can enjoy excellent fresh food that is prepared right in front of you for a hundred and fifty baht portion.Wellness too, are different.Massage in the hotel - about seven hundred baht.And on the beach - starting with two or three hundred.If you want to rent a bike, the price per night starts from 250-300 baht.A liter of gasoline - fifty.In a word, and the location and price make Naithonburi Beach Resort 4 * (Phuket), an ideal place for tourists who stay in the sea alternate with excursions.It is elegant and quite cheap.Guests who have been there, put it on a par with hotels in Bali and the Dominican Republic, claiming that the level of prices there are much lower, and the service are the same, if not better.