Hotel La Vella Hotel 3 * (Alanya, Turkey): description, leisure and reviews

This resort region of Turkey, as Alan is very popular.Mostly tourists come here in search of a comfortable, fun-filled and varied, but the cost of rest.Thus, the bulk of the hotel base is represented by three- and four-star hotels with affordable pricing.At the same time for little money you can count on good service and comfortable accommodation.We offer today to get acquainted with one of the budget hotels in Alanya, called La Vella Hotel 3 *.We find out what awaits travelers here and will understand that the impression left living in this hotel with our compatriots.

Where is

This hotel has a very good location.Thus, the distance to the city center of Alanya is just two kilometers away.This can be overcome both on foot and by public transport or taxi.Thus, all the entertainment capital of the region for the holiday guests La Vella Hotel 3 * are within walking distance.In addition, you can take a fascinating trip to the main local attractions - Alanya Castle.Its distance is only three kilometers

away.Another well-known attractions of the region - Manavgat Waterfalls - located in 63 kilometers.As for the beach, then its distance from La Vella Hotel is just 300 meters away.Along the way, we need to cross the road (it can be done using an underground passage).The hotel has a private beach area where guests can make free use of sun beds and sun umbrellas.For an additional fee you can also use the facilities for water sports and activities.


As for the airport, the nearest international air harbor located in Antalya, 120 kilometers from Alanya.Thus, the road to the hotel after landing will take you about two hours.But do not worry much about this, because if the shuttle service is available to you a travel agency, then get to the hotel you will be in a comfortable bus and on the way the guide will entertain you with an entertaining story about Turkey in general and the Alanya region in particular.

Alanya La Vella Hotel 3 *: description and photos

Viewed hotel has been operating for a long time.In 2013, the same year there was a large-scale reconstruction, so today, travelers have the opportunity to stay in a renovated and fully equipped rooms.The hotel consists of one five-storey building comprising 80 rooms of standard type.At the hotel guests have the opportunity to have a swim in the pool, sunbathe on the sun terrace, a restaurant and bar.In general, "La Vella Hotel" (Turkey, Alanya) is perfect for young people who prefer to spend most of their time on the beach, exploring the city, on excursions and visits to various entertainment facilities.However, there will be a comfortable and family tourists, as well as older people who want to relax on a budget Turkish resort.

Placement Rules

Like other hotels in La Vella Hotel (Alanya) set checkout time.Thus, the population of arriving guests made after two o'clock.On the day of departure your room must be free till noon.If you arrive at the hotel before the set time, then, subject to availability you inhabit immediately.Otherwise you will have to wait until the previous guests did not leave the occupied rooms, but the hotel staff did not prepare them properly for the new tourist accommodation.With regard to the date of departure, then leave the room, shall be handed over at the reception keys from him, as well as pay for the entire stay (unless you have previously not paid for the entire tour with their travel agent).You can pay either in cash or plastic cards popular payment systems.


As mentioned above, the three-star La Vella Hotel offers travelers to stay in one of 80 rooms located in a five-storey building, equipped with an elevator.All of the rooms are standard.Despite the fact that they are small in size, there is everything here to stay: a private bathroom with shower, air conditioning, satellite TV.There is also a balcony or terrace.For an additional fee, you can use the safe as well as get wireless access to the Internet.The rooms are cleaned and linen is carried out regularly.


Dining at La Vella Hotel 3 * (Turkey, Alanya) organized on a long time favorite of tourists from around the system "all inclusive".So, at the restaurant three times a day is served "buffet".Here are both national Turkish dishes and international cuisine.In addition, the hotel's bars, guests can treat themselves free local alcoholic beverages (wine, beer).In addition, during the day, tourists can "stay one's stomach" is available tasty snacks.

sea and the beach

Although La Vella Hotel 3 * - a small hotel, it offers a private beach.It is located 300 meters from the hotel.On the way to it is necessary to cross the road.For the safety of pedestrians built underpass.On the beach you can comfortably stay in the sun loungers.For an additional fee it is possible to use equipment for sports and entertainment on the water.


As for entertainment, since the hotel La Vella Hotel 3 * is a small, special entertainment programs to its guests it does not provide.So if you want to in the morning to late at night you amused by the animation team, it makes sense to find another hotel to stay.In "La Vella" you can spend your time swimming in the pool and sunbathing on the sun deck equipped with comfortable chairs and sun umbrellas.The hotel also can play ping-pong and billiards.On the beach you can use for a fee implements for sports and fun on the water.

bulk of the entertainment is concentrated outside the hotel.So, at the reception you can book you are interested in a tour or rent a car to travel to any corner of Alan and the whole of Turkey alone.Also at the hotel you can rent a bike and ride with the wind in the surrounding area.As the hotel is removed from the center of Alanya, just a couple of kilometers, all the entertainment capital of the tourist infrastructure in the region is located within walking distance.Therefore, you can always visit the local shops, restaurants, bars, clubs and other places.


in La Vella Hotel every effort to create the conditions most conducive to comfortable living and interesting vacation.For the convenience of guests front desk is open 24 hours a day.So in the case of late arrival time to the hotel or the occurrence of an urgent issue any problems you will not have.You can also contact the reception in order to make the exchange of currency, book a tour, rent a bike or a car, and if necessary, call a doctor.In addition, the hotel provides a shuttle service (to be booked in advance).For guests who come on vacation by car or wanting to rent a car in Alanya is already here and has ample parking.

cost of accommodation

As the price of staying at this hotel, they are very attractive for tourists wishing to relax sparingly in the popular resort of Turkey.So, the day of placement in a standard single room will cost you a total of 1900 rubles, in a standard double - in the amount of 2700 rubles, Standard Triple - from 3300 rubles.

La Vella Hotel 3 *: reviews of Russian

To travelers formed a more complete impression of this hotel offer read the comments of our compatriots who have stayed here during their holiday in Alanya.

First of all tourists say excellent location of the hotel.Thus, the distance from the sea is only about three hundred meters.So in just a few minutes you can walk to the beach.Despite the fact that the path you need to cross the road with this problem does not arise, because here there is an underground passage.In addition, the advantage is the fact that La Vella Hotel is not in the center of Alanya.So here it is pretty quiet at night.If you crave noisy entertainment, the many restaurants, bars, clubs and discos are within walking distance.

As for hotel rooms, the overall tourists found them acceptable.So, the rooms are small, but clean and comfortable.They are equipped with only the most necessary.However, some guests confused very compact showers, but this "sin" many three- and two-star hotels both in Turkey and in other countries.The rooms are cleaned fairly regularly - every three to four days.

about the food at the hotel La Vella various opinions.For example, someone found the food is acceptable, but someone was unhappy.However, seasoned travelers are reminded that it is pointless to expect to see a sumptuous buffet with a mass of dishes from the hotel economy class.Therefore dissatisfaction expressed mainly travelers previously rested in more expensive hotels, but this time decided to save money, but expect the same level of service and food.

As for the staff, in general, no complaints there.The only drawback some tourists considered the fact that most of the staff, not only do not speak Russian, but also very poorly understood in English.However, you could always turn to an employee of the hotel, speaking in English.

As the hotel is a small, special entertainment are not provided.Thus, there is no animation.In the evenings, the bar plays music.Wishing staff bused to a disco and take from there.

As for the pool, the tourists found it clean and comfortable.However, the guests pay attention, because of the proximity of other buildings here falls not so much sun, so comfortable on the terrace the whole day will turn out.

In general we can say that the hotel La Vella Hotel 3 * is good for those people who do not plan to spend most of their time at the hotel and want a good idea to save on the cost of living.