Seher Sun Palace Resort Spa Hotel 5 * (Turkey / Side): photos, prices and reviews

stunning sandy beaches, plenty of sights, the bright sun, warm sea - that is associated with this beautiful Turkish resort of Side.It has everything - fun for the fans of active lifestyle attractions for people interested in a variety of archaeological values, countless shops and shopping centers, which is shopaholics.In general - everything that can attract tourists.And Seher Sun Palace Resort Spa Hotel 5 * - this is a hotel that is in the top of the best in Side.


start talking about this place is its location.This is really important, because few people want to stay in this hotel, which is located on the outskirts of the city.Seher Sun Palace Resort Spa Hotel 5 * is located on the beachfront, next to the sandy beach, three minutes at a leisurely pace will be enough to reach the water.In addition, it should be noted that far from the hotel complex is the center of Side.Ten kilometers separates him from Manavgat, which is also a very popular place.The relative proximity and Antalya airpor

t is located.While on vacation in this hotel, we can not go to Antalya - a little more than an hour is required to reach this large and modern city.

variety of rooms

The Seher Sun Palace Resort Spa Hotel 5 * has 270 rooms.Among a variety of apartments each person can find just the option that is suitable for his vacation.For example, in hotel rooms standard 173 is proposed.The area of ​​the apartment of this type is 21 sq.m.In this apartment can accommodate three people.More has 47 family rooms the same area.The apartments are equipped with a bathroom and a bedroom with a double and 2 single or a bunk bed.In these rooms lives of four people.And finally, the 50 rooms type Family Suite.The area is 30 square meters and guests are offered two bedrooms, a differentiated interior doors, and bathroom.

situation in the apartment

All rooms Seher Sun Palace Resort Spa Hotel 5 * in modern style.Design and development of design highly engaged Turkish designers, so that fans certainly appreciate the aesthetic beauty of spending leisure time in the room, this stylish hotel.The apartment has everything you need for healthy living, self-care, as well as a comfortable stay.So, in all rooms Seher Sun Palace Resort Spa Hotel 5 * (Turkey) has a terrace or balcony.There is a shower, bath, hairdryer, air conditioning, plasma TV, telephone, safe, and even laminate floor.Each apartment features a minibar.By the way, the rooms in this hotel almost snapped up like hot cakes, they are never empty.So if you decide to stay here, you should book apartments at least one month.Prices must say, acceptable - for two weeks at this luxury hotel will cost a total of about 40 thousand rubles.It is worth noting that for a five-star hotel is a very loyal price.

Special conditions

From five-star hotels prospective guests are always waiting for something special.In particular, from Turkey, since the country is worldwide known for its excellent service and really worthy service.So, Seher Sun Palace Resort Spa Hotel 5 * (Side) as an exception is not acting.Daily room maids professional conduct a thorough cleaning, three times a week changing linen.If guests want to bring to the rest of the child - is the right decision.Younger guests who do not have two years living together with a cot will be provided free of charge.Also, do not have to pay for the placement of the child in the existing bedding.All these services make the hotel more attractive, and thus he became a popular rest options.

Beach service and entertainment

Many people go to resorts such as the Crimea, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, etc., in order to swim in the sea.Therefore, choosing a hotel, they sharpen their attention to those who are far away from the sea.This is another reason why many people choose Seher Sun Palace Resort Spa Hotel 5 *.It has been said that the hotel is located near the beach.It is necessary to mention that it belongs to the hotel complex.And, accordingly, all you need for a marine recreation - umbrellas, mattresses, chairs, tents, and of course, beach towels - everything is offered.It is worth noting also the presence of a convenient approach to the sea - this is very important, especially for people with disabilities and for guests with children.Bored at the hotel do not have too.There are fun for everyone - water skiing, billiards, canoeing, jacuzzi, SPA-center, hairdresser, massage, catamarans, surfing.And this is only a minimum list also features other sports (volleyball, basketball, tennis, water aerobics, fitness, etc.), a Turkish bath, steam room and even more.


We should not forget about one more nuance, saying about Seher Sun Palace Resort Spa Hotel 5 * (Side).Reviews - they are a very important aspect, as the comments of other guests who have stayed in the place, allow to present a more complete picture of what concerns the level of the hotel complex.It is worth noting that the hotel guests respond in a positive way.First of all, note the variety of food.Three restaurants, two a-la carte, several bars, a patisserie - it all leaves a pleasant impression, especially in discerning palate.People who came with children in Seher Sun Palace Resort Spa Hotel 5 * reviews and leave positive, saying that this place has everything for kids - two children's pools, playground, mini club, a separate menu in the restaurant, and even rolling carriages.In general, the guests say it - a full five-star Turkish hotel.Upscale unobtrusive service, comfortable rooms, a nice contingent of tourists.All you need for a relaxing holiday.Ideal for people who are tired of the gray routine of everyday life and want a change of scenery and a taste of real life.For something more active, are located close to night clubs and other establishments of a similar nature.In general - all for all.Perhaps that is why the hotel, despite its relative youth (the hotel opened in 2011), managed to gain popularity among many tourists and even regular customers.