Zodiac 4 * (Tunisia / Hammamet) - description, pictures, prices and reviews

Tunisia - a unique country, which harmoniously combines opposites: soft and sultry subtropical desert, African exoticism and modern service, and at very affordable prices, and regards it as a hotel-class "deluxe" and budget options.For example, in a hotel 4 * Zodiac (Tunisia / Hammamet) the minimum price for accommodation - 50 USD.For such a charge is difficult to find a room in hotels of the same class anywhere in Cyprus, the Greek islands and even in neighboring Egypt.

What attracts tourists in Tunisia?

In this African country, Europeans feel more than comfortable.It will be interesting to both beach lovers and fans of excursion programs and various sports, including extreme surfing, rafting, golf, snorkeling, diving, safaris and so on. D. Upscale Service also refers to the pluses of the countrybut the biggest attraction is still white beaches and the opportunity to do thalassotherapy - "treatment of the sea."Tunisia has recently been a French colony, and it was then that it began to develop this

sector, "the beauty industry."Russians are the same in this country attracts almost everything: the opportunity for a relatively low fee to get a good service in hotels and restaurants, and wonderful, and most importantly, effective procedures included in the thalassotherapy and a great excursion program, and freedom of manners, and a lot of noisy entertainment,are hard to find in other Muslim countries.The main resorts of the Tunisian coast are Monastir, Sousse, ost.Djerba, Mahdia and, in fact, Hammamet, where there is a 4 * Hotel Zodiac.Tunisia can be both noisy and quiet and measured.If you prefer a respectable holiday, the Hammamet - this is exactly what you are looking for.

How to get?

Prior to this African country is best reached by air.In high season, here are regular and charter flights from both Russian capitals, as well as some of the major cities of our country.Flight time is about 4 hours.The airport is in the capital, as well as in some cities, such as Enfidha, Monastir, and others. Before Hammamet, which is located at the Zodiac 4 * (Tunisia), can be reached by international bus, luazh (something like our taxis) and evenrailroad.The distance between the air terminal and the resort is about 50 km.By the way, one of the best options is considered to rent a car.Bookings can be made in advance, while in Russia, or when he was at the airport, referring to the "Car of rents."Rental price per night is about 80 TND.The machine will be given only to persons 21 years of age and above, and in the presence of a driver's license issued at least one year.

Yasmine Hammamet

6 kilometers south of the tourist area is located in Hammamet Yasmin - the most comfortable area on all the Tunisian coast.There are plenty of hotels in the category "deluxe" as the five- and four-star.Regarding the latter, it is one of the best 4 * Hotel Zodiac (Tunisia).Reviews about it on the pages of various information resources is quite positive.Although there are negative comments about, usually food.In addition, this hotel is represented in promotional materials like komples, located on the first beach line.But in order to get to the beach, tourists have to cross the road.And it is also one of the reasons for dissatisfaction with the hotel vacationers.But back to the description of the resort area of ​​Yasmine Hammamet.Here, vacationers will find the set of entertainment, and various wellness centers, spa services, including for thalassotherapy, and so on. D. It also traveling fans of the royal game - golf, because in this area there are smart field Citrus etYasmine.Fans of boat trips on yachts will also be happy to relax by the resort.

Tunisia.Hotel Hotel Zodiac * 4: general description and location

So, if you bought a ticket to this hotel, you'll have to fly to one of the international airports of Tunis.As has already been mentioned, it is the closest airport terminal near the city of Emfida.Arriving here, you are the most convenient way for you can go to the hotel.By the way, when buying a tourist package it will be possible to enable transfer."Zodiac" is located in the heart of the resort of Yasmine Hamammet.From here to the golf course just 10 minutes' walk away.Zodiac 4 * (Tunisia) is a snow-white four-storeyed building with balconies round shape.It is built in a colonial style.The hotel has a cozy gazebo, like open galleries with a colonnade, a courtyard, park.There is a pool - quite spacious and well maintained.Next to it are arranged chairs with umbrellas.This hotel is designed for a quiet and comfortable stay married couples with children.For younger guests there are all the amenities (more about this, read on in the article).


Just Zodiac 4 * (Tunisia / Hammamet) has 97 rooms.Of these, 81 standard, 12 are designed for families of 3 or more people, and 4 rooms are high-class "luxury".They are located on two levels (floors) and equipped with everything necessary for a respectable leisure travelers premium.In addition, there are facilities for the disabled and non-smokers.

Description and service

Standard rooms at the hotel "Zodiac" is no worse than suites.Just less than their area.All rooms have air conditioning and heating, as the hotel is open all year round, and in winter sometimes it is necessary to heat the room.There is also a satellite TV, telephone, internet, safe, mini-bar (charge), comfortable furniture.The bathroom has a shower or bath.They have all the necessary towels and toiletries, and hair dryers.Daily cleaning and linen - 2-3 times a week.Some vacationers reviews complain that, despite the advertised cleanliness of the hotel staff, linen and towel change happens very rarely.If you cleanliness - one of the most important determinants, several times, check the information declared, and only then go to the Hotel Zodiac 4 * (Tunisia).Prices are low, but unless it can justify dishonesty staff?As noted above, the rate at this hotel starts with a mark of US $ 50 (per day).


Guests can choose different types of food, "all-inclusive", "full board", "half-board" or breakfast only.The main restaurant at the Zodiac 4 * (Tunisia) three times a day, served buffet style with a huge selection of hot meals, drinks, salads, pastries and desserts.Although some reviews complain of former lodgers meager menu, however, the chefs at work and want to honor their culinary delight guests.Those vacationers who prefer to choose the system "all inclusive", may throughout the day use the bars (free of charge), located on site.At 3 pm in a special room served tea with pastries.In addition, a daily close to the swimming pool for guests in the cafe fried skewers barbecue, and for gourmets always have an ice cream stand.The hotel also has a pizzeria and an Oriental Café.


hotel complex has a well developed infrastructure.Since the "Zodiac" has a conference room, here from time to time there are various forums, symposia, conferences and seminars.It offers participants of these events has a business center with all the necessary devices (printer, copier, fax, and so on. D.).In addition, the operating currency exchange, elevator, parking, medical center, dry cleaning, ironing and laundry, beauty salon, spa, massage, sauna and so on. D.

Sports & Entertainment

For fans of an active lifestyle in theThe hotel offers spacious swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), a fitness center and gym, tennis courts with night lighting, pool table, mini-golf, volleyball and so on. d. There is also a games room.As already mentioned, a 10-minute walk from the golf club.For those who can not imagine life without noisy entertainment, a disco in the evening, show animations and so on. D.


It has its own swimming pool young holidaymakers.They can find plenty of interesting activities in the kids' club.For those who like to play in the open air, there is a playground with slides and swings.The restaurants offer special kids chairs and several children's meals.


Despite the fact that this hotel is located on the first line, a magnificent white beach is across the street, 250 meters from the hotel entrance.It is well equipped: there are toilets, changing rooms, sun loungers and parasols, a lot of possibilities of water sports.Instructors will help to tourists for the first time to dive into the waters of the Mediterranean sea and scuba diving, you can ride the waves, teaching windsurfing, water skiing, scooter and banana, flying with a parachute over the waves, and so on. D.

Zodiac 4 * (Tunisia): reviews andTraveler rating

Some vacationers choosing a hotel, pay attention on the reviews, not on the information posted on the official websites of hotels.On the other hand, they should be aware that these statements may be written or "well-wishers" of the competing hotels or paid agents who praised the hotel for promotional purposes.And do not forget about the subjective opinion, which does not always coincide with reality.For example, reviews about the hotel "Zodiac" can be found both positive and negative.To understand how things really need to see a lot of comments, and refer to different information sources.And only then draw conclusions.For example, some visitors wrote that during the relaxation, the hotel has lost a few kilos because the food was tasteless, while others, on the contrary, praised the skill of cooking.There are statements about the mistreatment of employees, Russophobes, others admire the friendly staff.So who to believe?To myself.Travel to Tunisia, of course, armed with some knowledge, and remember that the taste and color of comrades there.Enjoy your vacation!